How do you get to the raft on Balboa Island?

You will need to use the engine to go against the water current in order to reach Balboa island. The area resembles a National Park, having features such as trails and Ranger Outposts. It is also heavily covered in flora with few man made structures.

How do you find the island Raft?

Islands are spawned based on their relative distance to the raft. Islands will spawn outside the player’s visible range and then come into sight as the raft moves closer.

How do I get to Station 4 Raft?

The Draw Bridge is the only access point to Relay Station 4. In order to cross the bridge, the player must activate the lever lowering the bridge. This can only be done from far away by hitting the lever with a Stone, arrow, or Hook.

How do I get to Ranger Station Raft?

The Ranger Station can be found on Balboa Island after crossing the Acid Pool. It contains the Blueprint: Biofuel Refiner as well as a note, a Loot Box with some Food items inside, and a tool rack with a few missing tools the player must find.

Where is Bruno’s saw Raft?

Bruno’s Saw is one of three items needed to overencumbered and break the tool rack found inside the Ranger Station revealing a hidden note behind it. It can be found on Balboa Island inside a locker slightly north of Mama Bear’s Cave, near a different, smaller cave.

Balboa Island 100% Guide All Notes Blueprints And Secrets – Raft – Ver 1.0 (2022)

Where is the secret room in Raft?

9 The Secret Basement

In the top left corner of the elevator door is an unlabeled button that can be pushed. This will result in the elevator taking players 20 floors down to a secret security room. This unlocks an achievement, as well as grants players a few safes, a briefcase, and a unique cassette.

Where is the entrance to Tangaroa Raft?

The first problem players need to solve is finding a way into Tangaroa. Fortunately, several yellow arrows along the base of the dome point the way to a sea-level entrance on one side of the structure. The player’s raft will likely be too big to go inside, so players will need to swim up to the door.

How do you unlock Johnny Raft?

How to unlock Johnny in Raft. You can unlock Johnny in the game’s first chapter. Head to the island of Balboa and seek out Relay Station #6 in the northern part of the island. Note that two other relay stations are on Balboa, so be sure you’ve arrived at the right one.

How do you break the vines in Balboa?

Head back down to the original signpost and start following the direction it gives for Relay Station Six. Some way along the path you’ll notice a cave that’s covered with vines. With your new machete in hand, you’re now able to cut away the vines and proceed through the opening.

How do you get to the first location in Raft?

How to get to the Radio Tower and start the story in Raft

  1. Step 1: Build a Research Table and do some research. Using 14 plank and 2 scrap, you’ll want to build a Research Table. …
  2. Step 2: Build three Antenna, one Receiver, and a battery. …
  3. Step 3: Use the Receiver to find the Radio Tower and set sail.

Where is the mama bear in the Raft?

Mama Bear is a large, brown bear that can be found on Balboa Island. In order to progress in the story, the player must loot a crate containing a Machete and the Blueprint: Machete found in the cave guarded by Mama Bear.

What is the station code in the Raft?

If players are still having trouble, the safe code is 5964. Inside is the Selene key, three tokens, and the blueprint for an advanced stationary anchor.

Where is Mama Bear’s cave in the Raft?

Mama Bear’s Cave is found on Balboa Island and contains the Blueprint: Machete along with a single Machete. It’s protected by Mama Bear herself, who will attack any player that comes too close to the cave. The cave also contains a number of Dirt piles and Cave Mushrooms.

Is utopia the end of Raft?

Everything in Raft’s story has been leading up to Utopia, the final location in the game. However, players must ready themselves for a fight.

What happens if you miss an island in Raft?

If the player misses a Story-related Island before obtaining an Engine, they can simply continue past the destination until it moves in front of the Raft again.

How many islands does Raft have?

there are a total of 33 islands in raft, but not all of them are created equal. aside from the 10 typical. small islands you’ll encounter, there are 4 tropical large islands and 9. other large islands that we’ll talk about in the future.

Can you cut down trees on Balboa Island?

Players should note that only small pines and birch trees with green leaves can be cut. The net tool allows players to capture bees, and Balboa is the first time players can encounter them.

Do you need a car on Balboa Island?

The best way to experience Balboa Island is by foot. You can walk across the main bridge and onto the main street, Marine Avenue, for shopping and dining.

How do you catch bees in a Raft?

To capture bees, players will need to build and equip a net. They then need to get close to a swarm and swipe the net, and if they succeed the swarm will disappear and players will get 4-5 jars of bees in their inventory. This may seem like a lot, but players will need 15 jars to build a beehive.

Are there cheat codes in Raft?

New and returning Raft players are in for a shock then, as the full release of Raft patched out all commands and cheats. This means that, without the use of mods or hacking, it is now impossible to use any of the cheat codes that players may have been familiar with.

Is Maya from Raft a girl?

Maya is an adult woman with short brown hair and brown eyes. She wears shorts, a blue shirt, and a salmon-pink sports jersey that says “1”. Like Rouhi, she wears a satchel and rope on her waist.

Who is the female character in the Raft?

The main character of Raft is a Player. Player can choose between the female, Maya, and the male, Rouhi.

Is Tangaroa the end of Raft?

Tangaroa is an Environment location in Raft. It is the second and final location introduced in the Second Chapter.

How do you disrupt the butler bot in the Raft?

Melee fights can be easily won by sidestepping its taser, backing up in time, or circle strafing. Using a Bow is trivial because the Butler Bot is slower than the player, approaches in a straight line, and cannot move during its attack animation. The player cannot be hit as long as they are sprinting away.

How do you get into the Raft yacht?

You can enter the ship through the rear; there is a platform that leads to a door with an ‘Authorized Personnel Only’ sign. Head through there and into the bowels of the vessel. This area is riddled with lurkers, so make sure you always have your weapon equipped.

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