How do you make a Chao plant from seed?

To plant a seed, simply buy one from the Black Market and then give it to your Chao (the one with the Shovel). It will walk around for a while, and then plant the seed in the ground. If he drops the seed, then just give it to him again; it just depends on him walking over the correct spot.

Why won’t my Chao take the seed?

Accepted Answer

You have to keep trying when you visit the garden and at one point the chao will take it to a random spot and plant it in the ground. After spending time in the garden (time passes only when you are present in the garden) you will see the tree grow.” Also, your Chao may not be old enough.

How do you grow a Chao Garden tree?

If you want new tress in your garden, you must have a chao that has won a shovel and watering can (beginner races). Then you give them your seed that you purchased, and they’ll pick out a spot, plant the tree, and make it sprout. Just make sure to keep that chao in the garden, so it can keep watering the tree.

How do you evolve Chao in Sonic Adventure 2?

A Chao evolves into a ‘Normal’ type if it has recently interacted with animals/drives in a balanced way. This includes when it has been given nothing at all! Here are two examples to help explain this: You give your Chao 100 Run animals, then 100 Power animals, then 100 Fly animals, and then 100 Swim animals.

How do you get a Chao shovel?

Accepted Answer. If your chao has won said items from the races then that chao will be holding onto them, however for the most part the prizes won’t be visible unless the chao has decided to use them. ie: you won’t see the shovel or wateing can unless you give your chao a tree seed and they decide to plant it.

Sonic Adventure 2 Chao Seed Planting Tutorial

How do you make Chao hatch?

Shaking or rocking the egg is the most common way of hatching an egg. Pick up the egg using the action button, and while still holding the button down, move the analogue stick or directional keys to shake it. After about 5-10 seconds of shaking the egg, place it back down on the ground.

How do you breed a Chao?

To specifically breed two Chao together, just pick one of them up and place it next to the other. If only one of the Chao has flowers blooming around it, then you must pick the other one up and place it in the ring of flowers. If both Chao are willing, they will then mate. A small ritual takes place when two Chao mate.

Can Hero and Dark Chao mate?

It doesn’t matter whether your Chao is aligned Hero, Dark, or Neutral – there are no restrictions with them mating with different alignments!

How to age a Chao?

Technical Info. The “Age” at the Chao Doctor is Clock Rollovers divided by 60, where a Chao will become age 1 when it has experienced 60 Clock Rollovers, and age 2 when it has gone through 120 Clock Rollovers. Clock Rollovers increment every time the Chao “Grows” (magnitude increases, lifespan changes, etc).

Why does my Chao have no personality?

A Chao will have a certain personality if it has a slider value magnitude greater than 54. For example, if a Chao’s value for the Crybaby-Energetic personality slider is <-54 it will display a Cry baby personality, while if it is >54 it will display an Energetic personality.

How do you grow a cocktail tree?

Planting & Care

  1. Planting: First, select a spot that gets full or partial sun (at least a half-day or 4 to 8 hours of sun per day at minimum). …
  2. Watering: Water your tree weekly. …
  3. Fertilization: Fertilize your Fruit Cocktail three times each year with applications in the late winter, early summer and early autumn.

How many trees can you plant in a Chao Garden?

Each of the three gardens has a total of four fixed spots where seeds can be planted. Seeds cannot be planted anywhere else. If there are already four planted trees, then you will not be able to plant any more trees in that garden until some of them die.

How long do Chao lessons take?

Each lesson will be available for 60 minutes. Once you place a Chao in the classroom, it will take 30 minutes to complete the lesson. Unlike the Chao Garden, the classroom time will only pass while you are playing the game outside of Chao World – and not the time spent in the Chao Gardens!

Why is my Chao sobbing?

If you take food away from your Chao while it is eating, it will start crying.

How do you evolve Chao fast?

Top Voted Answer. If it’s the first evolution, give a lot (AND A LOT) fruit to your chao. It will speed up the evolution time to 15 – 30 minutes.

How do you unlock Chao?

To gain access to your Chao in Sonic Adventure 2, you must first venture into Chao World. To get to Chao World, you must find a Chao Container in one of the levels. When you break open the Chao Container, you will find a key inside. If you collect this key, you will be warped to Chao World after completing the level.

How do you tell if a Chao is an adult?

Animal Parts on an adult Chao take on new appearances, such as most wings becoming larger, or Dragon wings changing from pink on child Chao to purple on adult Chao. As an adult Chao ages it will go through similar gradual evolution changes that it did as a child Chao, this instance also being known as Second Evolution.

How long does it take for Chao to cocoon?

After a while of raising your newly hatched Chao, it will eventually go into a cocoon after a few hours.

Why is my Chao turning green?

A baby chao that would be a Dark type will turn green if you pet it with Sonic obsessively. It depends on the colour of the egg, and if it is Hero, Neutral or Dark.

Is Hero Chao a boy or girl?

Chao are fictional characters that appear in the Sonic the Hedgehog series of video games. They are small, childlike creatures that do not have a gender. They have a pudding-like body and act like human babies.

Why does my Chao have flowers around it?

You will be able to tell when your Chao is in its mating season, as it will sit down on the ground with a heart over it’s head and a ring of beautiful flowers will bloom around it. This means that it is ready and willing to mate.

Can Chao reincarnate?

Chao generally live to about age 5 or so, then they die. When that happens, if the Chao was happy and well-loved during it’s life, then it will form a pink cocoon and will reincarnate as an Egg. But, if the Chao was abused during its life and was miserable, then it will form a gray cocoon and dies permanently.

Why won’t Chaos breed?

At least one of the Chao must be in its mating season, with flowers blooming around it. The other one must at least be close to a mating season; if it isn’t in the mood, then it will refuse to mate with the other Chao. If both Chao are in their mating seasons, then they will definitely be willing to mate.

How big is a Chao?

Anatomy. The Chao are small, light blue creatures with pudding-like bodies. While their exact height and weight is not pinpointed, they are generally about 40 centimeters tall.

How do I get my Chao to reincarnate?

Reincarnation occurs at the end of Chao’s life if their happiness is greater than 30 for SADX and 50 for SA2B/SA2HD. When this happens, chao will enter a pink cocoon (or a grey cocoon on Dreamcast), followed by the changes below: The Stat Levels of the Chao get set to 1.

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