How do you trigger Leliana quest?

You have to ask her about “What is someone like you doing in a Chantry?” Talk to her again and say “I heard that in Orlais minstrels are spies” or something like that. After that, the next random encounter you have with her in your party will be a group of assassins. This will trigger her personal quest.

How do you unlock Leliana in Dragon Age?

You can only get her when you’re in Lothering. There are two buildings you can enter, the Chantry and the tavern. Leliana can be found within the tavern. Once you leave Lothering, the darkspawn will overrun it shortly there-after and you won’t be able to return there.

How do you get Leliana as a companion in Dragon Age Origins?

There’s a tavern in Lothering called the Dane’s Refuge, as soon as you enter the tavern you’ll be challenged by some of Loghain’s soldiers. Leliana intervenes when this happens and helps you fight off the soldiers. Once the fight is over, she speaks to you and you can then recruit her as a companion.

How do you trigger Zevran’s quest?

Note that in order to trigger the encounter with Zevran, the Warden must have passed through Lothering and completed one of the major story lines: The Arl of Redcliffe up to reaching Arl Eamon, A Paragon of Her Kind, Nature of the Beast, Broken Circle or The Urn of Sacred Ashes.

How do you harden Leliana in Dragon Age Origins?

You can make Leliana a more stronger, tougher person by encouraging her to stay an assassin when the dialogue opportunity arises. If you tell Leliana that she is a natural killer and shouldn’t fight it she will ‘change’ her demeanor and become more accepting of events such as you sleeping with Isabela.

Dragon Age Inquisition Start Leliana Quest the Left Hand of the Divine

Is it better to harden or soften Leliana?

If you harden Leliana she’ll be more accepting of some of your “evil” decisions like Alistair. If you defile the Sacred Ashes with Leliana in your party and she is unhardened she will turn on you instantly. If she is hardened you’ll be able to talk her down.

What happens if you soften Leliana?

After The Left Hand of the Divine, when the Inquisitor speaks to Leliana, she will express that she feels like a changed person. If the player successfully softened her, she will commit to being more than what the Divine made her.

Who is better Zevran or Leliana?

In short – depends on your playstyle. Try both! I keep both of them in my party, Zevran for the duelist rogue backstabing and quickness when duelist and momentum are activated and leliana for her range and lockpicking, with either a mage, warrior or rogue warden.

How old is Morrigan Dragon Age?

Morrigan: A templar hunting mages once spotted Morrigan at “no more than twelve years of age.” She then didn’t reappear until “a number of years later” in 9:20 as a young woman. This leads me to estimate she was probably around 16-17 in 9:20. This means she was born around 9:03-9:04, making her around 26-27 years old.

Will Zevran be in Dragon Age 4?

i just realized that, as much as we may wish it, it’s very unlikely that zev will reappear in da4 as a companion or major character beyond a simple cameo.

Can you sleep with Leliana?

Successfully Romancing Leliana

Once her quest is complete and her approval is close to its maximum, around 91 or more, talk to Leliana at camp to eventually begin the love scene.

Does killing Marjolaine harden Leliana?

Depends on if you want to harden Leliana or not. If you do kill her, you can harden Leliana afterwards 🙂 How do I harden her?

Why can t we romance Leliana?

Leliana requires high approval ratings to begin a romance, so you’ll need to give her a lot of appropriate gift items.

Should I stop Leliana from killing the traitor agent?

The second time is when Leliana is talking about executing a traitor. To soften her, choose the option “Do you have to kill him?” and convince her not to do it however you prefer. She’ll resist the Herald at first, but eventually admit that killing the man isn’t entirely necessary.

What happened to Morrigan Dragon Age?

If Morrigan drank from the Well, she gains the ability to shapeshift into a dragon and battles Corypheus’ dragon. After the battle, Morrigan, and Kieran if he was born, leave the Inquisition for parts unknown. She also serves as the narrator of the epilogue for Inquisition.

Can you still get Leliana after Lothering is destroyed?

Accepted Answer. She is gone, as well as Sten and any uncompleted Quests. However, if you get the Return to Ostagar DLC, you have another chance to recruit the Dog if you missed it.

Is Morrigan really Flemeth’s daughter?

Morrigan is the daughter of Flemeth, a witch who was raised in the Kocari Wilds by her mother.

How old is the warden Dao?

Warden (Amell and Cousland, at least): 18-19 years in DA:O, 28-29 in DA:I. This is based on the fact that the Cousland Warden is the youngest in the family. For Amell, it’s because they have to go through the Harrowing, which is a very ‘coming-of-age’ deal, like a final test before adulthood for mages.

How old is Hawke in Dai?

Gamlen mentions that Leandra left Kirkwall 25 years ago in Act 1. So you are sort of correct, that would make Hawke 23 or 24 during the prologue and 33 or 34 by 9:40. And remember Leandra was said to be pregnant with Hawke before she left Kirkwall during the Legacy DLC.

Is Cassandra or Leliana a better divine?

She is skilled at the Game of Orlais as well. Cassandra is far less passionate and is known to be not good at socializing with people. In fact, Cassandra hates the politics of Thedas and prefers solving problems with a blade. Due to Leliana’s social prowess and actual desire to be Divine, she may do a much better job.

Is it better to romance Leliana or Morrigan?

It takes more work to get Leliana’s romance started, while it’s fairly easy to start a romance with Morrigan; what takes work is keeping the relationship with Morrigan. My characters usually end up with Morrigan. Partly because it’s easier, and partly because I think it adds drama to the ending.

Is Leliana a spy?

Three years later, Leliana received a summons from her old friend Dorothea—now known as Divine Justinia V—and returned to Orlais to become the Left Hand of the Divine and oversaw Justinia’s spy network, where she assumes the alias “Sister Nightingale” to conceal her true identity.

Who saved Leliana?

[SC]: Yes—Justinia was formerly known as Revered Mother Dorothea, the woman who saved Leliana when Leliana was betrayed and almost killed by her old mistress, Marjolaine.

Can you get Leliana a nug?

If you speak to Leliana while in Orzammar it will trigger a discussion in which she tells you how cute she thinks nugs are (at approval 80+ approximately). This enables a dialogue option with the Idle Dwarf in Dust Town in which you can ask him to catch you a nug.

How not to harden Leliana?

To soften Leliana, you must convince her to spare the traitor and Natalie, must not tell her that soldiers are expendable, and must tell her to stop torturing herself after sparing Natalie.

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