How do you unlock blueprints in Division 2?

You can obtain blueprints by completing various in-game activities, or by purchasing them from vendors. You can customise and upgrade your gear and weapons by: Optimising them at the Optimisation Station. Recalibrating them at the Recalibration Station to better match your playstyle.

What are blueprints Division 2?

Blueprints are collectible items that allow for the crafting of high-end or powerful gear and weapons.

How do you get exotic blueprints in Division 2?

You can purchase blueprints for any Exotic that is in your inventory or stash from Inaya, once you have recruited her. She is located near the Crafting Station in the Base of Operations. To upgrade a weapon: You need to own the Exotic you want to upgrade.

How do you unlock optimization crafting in Division 2?

You can unlock the find the Optimisation Station menu in the Recalibration Station after completing the third mission of the Campus settlement. Please note, once you have optimised an item, it cannot be recalibrated. To optimise an item: Approach the Recalibration Station.

How do you unlock new specializations in Division 2?

Specialisations offer a unique spin on The Division 2 gameplay and are available once you reach level 30 and World Tier 1, and with the Year 1 Pass. You can choose between multiple specialisations, each with its own Signature Weapon and a Signature Weapon slot, added to your existing loadout.

How To Unlock Every Blueprint In The Division 2

Can you unlock every skill in Division 2?

There is no way to speed up the process of unlocking skill points; players just have to play through the main story and eventually they will have enough skill points to unlock all eight skills in the game.

What is the best exotic in Division 2 2023?

The Division 2: The Best Exotic Weapons, Ranked

  • 6 Chatterbox. The Chatterbox is an exotic P90 SMG in The Division 2. …
  • 5 Sweet Dreams. Sweet Dreams does precisely what its name implies, putting even the largest of enemies to sleep very quickly. …
  • 4 Liberty. …
  • 3 Pestilence. …
  • 2 Lady Death. …
  • 1 Eagle Bearer.

What’s the best exotic weapon in Division 2?

BEST EXOTIC ITEMS IN DIVISION 2? The best exotic weapons and armors in Division 2 are: Eagle Bearer & The Regulus, raid-exclusive exotic weapons that can drop only in the raids. Scorpio, the exotic shotgun that can be obtained by farming shotgun targeted areas.

How do I get blueprints?

Here are some places to start:

  1. Search your local building department or archives. …
  2. Contact the original architect or builder. …
  3. Find the original owner. …
  4. Ask your neighbors. …
  5. Pay for a new blueprint.

How do you use blueprints in Division 2?

Once you’ve got a blueprint, you’ll need to visit the crafting station to make it. If you have all the materials on your person, you’ll be able to just make it on the fly. Since mods in The Division 2 are shared across all weapons, you will only need to craft them once.

How do you get good blueprints?

Items with improved quality can be obtained from beacons, loot crates, and other forms of loot drops (such as from killing predators), while blueprints of higher quality items are obtainable only from beacons and loot crates. Items with higher quality can cost substantially more than primitive versions.

What is the max crafting level Division 2?

Upgrade Crafting Bench

With this you can upgrade the Crafting Bench to the next level, which also allows you to craft better quality weapons and items. You can keep the same blueprints but you can craft it in higher quality. You can upgrade the Crafting Bench up to GS 500 and also use it in the endgame progression.

What is the best high end AR in The Division 2?

The Division 2: 7 Best Assault Rifles, Ranked

  • 7 Carbine 7.
  • 6 Police M4.
  • 5 P416.
  • 4 CTAR-21.
  • 3 MK16.
  • 2 F2000.
  • 1 FAMAS 2010.

How do you get max level in Division 2?

Once you reach Level 40 and complete the Warlords of New York campaign, you will gain access to Keener’s Watch and with it, infinite SHD Level progression. SHD Levels will replace your Gear Score and allow you to continuously improve your Agent’s attributes and resource rewards, and gain cosmetic unlocks.

What is the easiest exotic gun to get in Division 2?

First and *easiest* is the Kendra’s Liberty. This is really easy if you have already acquired a high end D50 and held onto it, as the parts needed to craft it are guaranteed drops. However, the high end D50 itself is incredibly rare, so if you don’t have one already move on to option two. Second is the Chatterbox.

What is the best weapon farm in d2?

Shuro-Chi is by far the best method for earning weapon experience. This is a boss in the Last Wish Raid. Fortunately, players do not need to clear any priory parts of the activity. Instead, Guardians can access a wall in the Raid and enter a specific code to teleport to Shuro-Chi.

Can you optimize exotic Division 2?

There are limitations to what can be optimized: Only level 40 High-end, Gear Set, and Exotic gear and weapons can be optimized. (Gear Mods and Skills mods however cannot be optimized. ) Optimized attributes cannot be recalibrated after beginning the process, so make sure you’re working with what you want to keep.

What’s the best gear in Division 2?

The Gear

  • Heartbreaker Set: best for assault rifle and LMG DPS builds.
  • Hunter’s Fury Set: best for SMG builds.
  • Foundry Bulwark Set: best for tank builds.
  • Future Initiative Set: exclusively for healer builds.
  • Eclipse Protocol Set: best for status effect builds.
  • Rigger Set: the perfect choice for skill builds.

Can I play Division 2 solo?

It seems overwhelmingly that most of the game is fun solo. I know for Raids or the endgame higher level missions I will need to matchmake with randoms which is perfectly acceptable to me!

What skill should I unlock first in Division 2?

1. Turret (Assault) We recommend The Division 2 players, especially those playing solo, unlock the Turret skill fairly early on. The Turret can be deployed on top of cover, and can protect players whenever enemies try to charge or flank them.

Can you skip to level 30 in The Division 2?

The character boost allows you to speed up the progression of any new or existing character you have, straight to Level 30. Boosting your character will complete all campaign and World Tier Invasion missions, maximise your Gear Score and automatically unlock all progress achievements up to that Level.

Why is my Division 2 character locked?

To regain access to a locked character, you will need to purchase the Expansion on your account or resubscribe to Ubisoft+. Let us know if you have any other questions.

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