How do you unlock the other side of City of Tears?

The west main gate can be opened from the Fungal Wastes by using the City Crest on the statue of the Great Knight Hegemol. The east part of the city can be accessed by using the Tram Pass to get to Ancient Basin and then going up.

How do I get into Soul Sanctum?

Take the elevator up and swing your Nail at the damaged wall on the left side of the elevator shaft as you pass. Keep riding the elevator and slashing at the middle section of the wall and it will soon break, unlocking a shortcut between the Bench and the Soul Sanctum.

How do you progress in City of Tears?

Once you enter the City of Tears, proceed right. Dodge the dive-bombing Belfly, then take the exit at the end of the corridor and descend until you reach the first area Bench. Rest up, then continue down until you reach the elevator to the base level of the City.

How do you get into the pleasure house?

To open the door you need to obtain the Love Key which is somewhat hidden in the Queen’s Garden. If you do not know what the Queen’s garden is continue playing until you find it, then look around until you find a dead corpse with the key beside it.

What does the lever after dung defender do?

It removes some acid somewhere else in the area.

Hollow Knight- How to Open City Of Tears Door and Reach King’s Station

When should you fight the Dung Defender?

The Dung Defender can be found right before the entrance to Isma’s Grove where the Isma’s Tear item can be found. He must be defeated in order to gain access to Isma’s Grove, as well as to obtain the Defender’s Crest Charm.

How do I get to sleeping Dung Defender?

He notices when the Knight has acquired Isma’s Tear and explains that he is unable to visit his fellow knight’s grove due to his oath and duties. Using the Desolate Dive/Descending Dark Spell on the ground below the pump’s lever reveals a hidden cave where the Dung Defender rests.

Is there a real bank in Hollow Knight?

Millibelle the Banker is a Merchant in Hollow Knight. She provides banking services for a single fee.

How do you open the door in City of Tears?

The City of Tears can be first accessed from several other areas of Hallownest. The west main gate can be opened from the Fungal Wastes by using the City Crest on the statue of the Great Knight Hegemol.

Can you get your money back from the banker Hollow Knight?

Everything I see is “whoops I invested all my money in the bank”, but if you go to city of tears there’s a locked door. Go through it and at the top you’ll find a jacuzzi with Millibelle (banker) in it. If you hit her and keep hitting her then you’ll get all your money back, plus extra.

Where do I go after beating the City of Tears?

You’ve basically got three options:

  • Crystal Peak (buy lantern or explore Soul Sanctum)
  • Royal Waterways (buy simple key or find the one hidden in City)
  • Deepnest (go back to Mantis Village or find secret entrance in Fungal Wastes)

Where is Cornifer after City of Tears?

City Of Tears

When using the City Crest acquired from the False Knight to make your way through the gate, head right, and then up a small opening. From here, you will progress right through a room filled with platforms and continue until you reach a bench, with Cornifer sitting right by it.

Where is the soul master in City of Tears?

Soul Master can be found at the top of the Soul Sanctum section of the City Of Tears.

How do I get to City of Tears without City Crest?

While the intended entrance to the City of Tears is to use the City Crest, there are additional ways to enter the City of Tears, such as dropping down from the Resting Grounds or coming from the Royal Waterways.

How do I get to Mantis Lords?

Players must first fight their way through the Mantis Village to reach the boss arena, descending further into their territory before finding the throne room. The three Mantis Lords will be sitting on their thrones, but they are not immediately hostile and will only engage in battle when the player challenges them.

Where is love key?

Found on a corpse in the southeast of the Queen’s Gardens above the path to the Fungal Wastes. Retrieving the key requires Isma’s Tear.

How long is hollow Knight?

Here’s a look at how long it usually takes players to complete Hollow Knight according to HowLongToBeat: Main Story: 25 Hours. Average Player Completion Time: 39 Hours. Completionists: 54 Hours.

Should I give geo to Millibelle?

Totally. If you give her more than 2500 geo she’ll find it a PLEASURE to keep your geo. Maybe eventually you’ll have enough geo to buy a HOUSE.

Do you lose all money in Hollow Knight?

In Hollow Knight, if you die, you lose all of your in-game currency (geo) and cracks your soul metre, a system used so you can heal and cast magic. You do have a chance to get your geo back, by going back to where you die and defeating your shadow but if you die on the way there, you will lose your geo forever.

Is the hollow Knight alive?

Upon defeat, the Hollow Knight dies and the Knight absorbs the Infection into themself. The Knight is then sealed inside the Black Egg and the game ends.

Which dream boss is the easiest?

Most people seem to agree that lost kin is the easiest though, from what I’ve read. I found Failed Champion to be the easiest. Just move as far away from him as you can and he’ll jump towards you, dash under him so he lands behind you, hit him a couple times, then move away from him and repeat.

How many times can you fight the White defender?

Players will receive 300 Essence after defeating the White Defender. However, he can be challenged up to five more times, dealing an extra mask of damage for every defeat that he suffers.

What triggers white defender?

Here the player will find the Defender sleeping in the room on the left. Use the Dream Nail on him to enter the dream and initiate combat.

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