How do you wake up the drummer in Hitman 2?

Turn on the faucet to wake him up. This is the final band member that you need to find. Head back to the town plaza where the statue is and blend in on stage as the drummer. Wait for the rest of the band to arrive and begin playing when you are prompted to do so.

Where are the 3 missing band members in Hitman 2?

Location. The first three members can be found sleeping around town – outside the fruit market, on the road leading to the bar, and near the Delgado’s lockup. However, the fourth member is found dead in his bedroom, presumably having suffered a heart attack.

Is there a band member at the bar Hitman 2?

There is no band member at the bar. One is on that bench close to the stage. One is behind a building closer to the water, and one is next to the generator in the area near the bar. And the last one is the drummer whom you replace.

Where is the love letter in Hitman 2?

Go around to the back side of the house and walk right towards the red wall. If you face the red wall, you’ll see some stairs on your right. Go down the steps and into the room. There will be a man in the room with a limp (if he isn’t in there yet, he will be) who has the love letter.

How do you infiltrate the smuggling cave in Hitman 2?

Go through the cinderblock house and across the road. Keep going straight through the bushes until you see a cave on your left. Drop your weapon in the bushes and speak to the guards. Allow them to frisk you and then follow the guard to the smuggling cave.

These bullies were completely unaware that the new transfer student was a brutal fighter

How do you get the secret tunnel in Hitman 2?


  1. Subdue the shopkeeper and take the key.
  2. Unlock the door and take the Gold Idol (if lockpicked, the idol will disappear).
  3. Acquire the Shaman disguise.
  4. Make your way to the construction site, before going in, take a right and follow the stream. …
  5. Follow the path until you reach the tunnel area.

Where is the secret tunnel in HITMAN?

– Use the Golden Idol to gain access to Secret Tunnel: With the golden idol, go down the hill, past the bar, to the construction area, and find a secret path that leads out of the back.

What is the assassin in love letter game?

0: Assassin

If another player chooses you when playing a Guard, then regardless of what number that player named (even 0!), when you reveal the Assassin (to all players), the Guard’s player is eliminated from the round, while you are not.

Where is the last missing band member Hitman 2?

Just past the house, you will be able to take a right, and then a left around the other house. You will see a man passed out on the ground next to a faucet. Turn on the faucet to wake him up. This is the final band member that you need to find.

Where is Otto’s love letter?

To find Otto Dibble’s Love Letter, turn toward the southeast and walk up the stairs lined by wooden crates. Mantle up to the following platform and you’ll find the Love Letter in a chest.

Can you smoke the joint in Hitman 2?

It can be placed inside a pack of cigarettes, and will eventually pacify whoever smokes from it. The result is mostly intended for comedic effect and not particularly useful towards the success of the mission, though it sometimes unlocks mission challenges.

What is Hitman 2 real name?

Agent 47 (also known as “The Hitman” and “Mr. 47”, or simply by his birth name “47”, as well as many aliases) is the titular protagonist of the Hitman series.

Is there blood in Hitman 2?

However blood is minimal in game and only appears if someone is killed in a bloody manner (shot or stabbed), there are plenty of ways to kill your target that will not cause blood (poison, drowning, explosion, electrocution, garroting, neck snapping and more) and these methods are actually preferable and you are …

What happened to Hitman 3?

Alongside Freelancer’s release, IO Interactive announced that they were rebranding Hitman 3 into Hitman: World of Assassination, which packaged both Hitman Game of the Year Edition and Hitman 2 Standard Access Pass into Hitman 3. The two older Hitman games would then be removed from storefronts.

How many NPCs are in Miami Hitman 2?

Miami has exactly 1,970 NPCs.

Where is Robert Knox in Hitman 2?

Miami targets: Robert Knox, Sierra Knox

Robert Knox is usually holed up in the Kronstadt building, though there are a few things you can do to draw him from his hideout. One of the most sadistic is to pose as General Ted Mendez and sabotage the demo of his latest technical breakthrough: android soldiers.

Where is the lawsuit in Hitman 2?

Lawsuit papers – Turns out that Janus and a local resident James Batty are engaged in a dispute about the former using an area containing endangered wildlife as a helipad on a suspiciously regular basis. You’ll find the documents in Batty’s shed in his back garden.

Where is the missing script Hitman 2?

Go into the building to your left and through the doors to your left. As soon as you enter, you’ll see an elevator shaft. The script is hanging on the ledge to your left. Shoot it and knock it down, then climb down the elevator shaft and pick it up.

How do you identify Sinclair in Hitman 2?

Walk around and listen for Sinclair’s phone to ring so that you can identify him. Once you have found him, follow him around until he stops by the big-headed statue.

Is assassin a real game?

Assassin, also known as Assassins or Gotcha, is a social roleplaying game where players attempt to “kill” other players by touching them with a pretend weapon. Weapons can be Nerf guns and plastic swords, or simply symbolic weapons, like sticks or clothespins.

Who is the assassin in the first game?

Assassin’s Creed – 2007

It had a unique storyline based on the medieval era of the Middle East, which was the origin of the character Altair Ibn La-Ahad who was the assassin. Unfortunately, players who had the privilege of playing the game then commented on how repetitive the game was.

Who owns Love Letter?

As of May 1, 2018, ownership of Love Letter and Lovecraft Letter has passed to Asmodee. If you have any questions or concerns please email [email protected].

How do you get the Kraken in Hitman?

Unleash the Kraken

You need a sniper rifle for this. There is a ship with 2 masts and white sails on the water (to the right of the ruins). There are also 4 bells on this ship. Hitting all 4 bells with the sniper in the right order summons a Kraken to destroy the ship.

Where are the 6 locations in Hitman?

In addition to the ICA Facility level, which serves as the prologue and a tutorial to the game, Hitman features six locations, including Paris, France; the fictional town of Sapienza, Italy; Marrakesh, Morocco; Bangkok, Thailand; Colorado, United States; and Hokkaido, Japan.

How do you get the secret ending in Hitman 3?

To unlock Hitman 3’s secret ending, you should:

  1. Take the serum from the case on the desk, and keep it equipped.
  2. Wait around a minute for Edwards to speak.
  3. Press the button prompt to use the serum on yourself.

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