How does EA Play discount work?

As an EA Play member, you’ll score an automatic 10% discount on EA digital purchases from Steam, including new releases and pre-orders. Ditto for expansions, game packs, points, you name it. Please note: while EA Play is available on multiple platforms your discount only applies to the platform you joined on.

What is EA Play discount offer?

Unlock the world of EA

Get unlimited access to a collection of EA’s best titles, select new EA games, a 10% discount on EA purchases and more!

Do you get 10% off with EA Play?

Get more to play with unlimited access to a collection of Electronic Arts’ fan-favorite series and top titles. Save 10%* on purchases of EA digital content on Xbox including game downloads, Season Passes, points packs, and DLC.

How do you get 99 cents on EA Play?

New members can join EA Play today for only 99 cents the first month on Xbox and PlayStation to get on the pitch now in the #FIFA22 Early Access Trial. Members receive a 10% discount on in-game purchases and exclusive FIFA 22 benefits! Find out more on

Does EA Play discount stack?

I don’t think it will this year. On the EA Play website it says that “offer may not be combined with other discounts”. It looks like you have to pick between loyalty or EA play for your discounts, not both.

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How to buy eafc cheaper?

The PS5 Standard Edition is £69.99, while the Ultimate Edition is £99.99 or £89.99 if you have an EA Play subscription. The cheapest and best way to get a PlayStation digital download code is to buy PlayStation Store wallet top-up cards, as this works out cheaper than buying directly from PSN.

Can you get 20% of EA FC 24?

EA controversially removed the ability to earn a 20% discount on EA FC 24. Previously, players could stack 10% discounts from purchasing the previous game and being an EA Play member. The devs announced that players can no longer combine both discounts and only have the option of choosing one to put towards a purchase.

Is EA Play 99 cents?

EA Play is just $4.99 a month or $29.99 for a full year.

Why did EA take $1 dollar from me?

Thea $1.00 is to verify that EA’s system is actually able to charge your card, so you need to let that clear so that EA’s system knows it works. You should be fine after that. If not please Contact An Advisor.

Does PlayStation Store have EA Play discount?

* Members receive a 10% discount on all EA digital purchases on PlayStation®4 and PlayStation®5 including full games, Season Passes, points packs, and DLC. Ready to play the best of EA?

What is the EA Play 10 hour rule?

@soloman2008 When you buy the regular version of EA Play, you get access to newly released games even if you don’t buy them, but you can only play each one for (up to) 10 hours. So you can try almost anything new for free, but if you want to keep playing it past 10 hours, you’ll need to buy a copy of the game.

Does EA Play worth it?

If you’re short on time, here’s a quick answer: EA Play can definitely be worth it for hardcore fans of EA games who want to access a vast library and extras. More casual gamers may be better off purchasing titles individually or trying a subscription with more variety like Xbox Game Pass.

Do you lose a game bought with EA Play?

If your membership expires, any purchases you made with your member discount are yours to keep.

Do EA employees get free games?

Our work is play, so we offer game credits and console reimbursement, letting you get in on the games we create.

How do I use an EA promo code?

The EA app

  1. Select Browse to find the game you want to buy.
  2. Click Buy the game. …
  3. Choose to pay with a saved payment method, enter in a new payment method, or use your EA Wallet.
  4. Click Proceed to Review Order.
  5. On the Review Order page, click Enter Promo Code >.
  6. Enter your code and click Apply code.

What do I get if I buy EA Play?

EA Play* is the ultimate game membership for anyone who loves Electronic Arts games. Don’t just get the game. Get more from your game – more rewards, more member-only content, and unlimited access to more top titles for just $4.99 a month.

Why did Apple take $5 dollars from me?

This may be a preauthorization hold by the bank. If you tried to make a transaction apple requests to see if the account has funds avalible so the bank holds aside $5, but when Apple when to make the transaction the bank declined them for some reason. Usually the something in the billing info isn’t matching up.

Will EA give me a refund?

You may return eligible EA full game downloads (PC or Mac) and participating third-party titles purchased on the EA app or Origin for Mac for a full refund. You can make a refund request: within 24 hours after you first launch the game.

Does EA Play offer refunds?

Are EA Play memberships refundable? EA Play memberships are not refundable. There are some exceptions to this that allow us to offer refunds under certain circumstances.

Why are EA games $70 dollars?

Inflation: The simple reality is, your money is worth less than it used to be. Using this inflation calculator you can see that even looking at inflation from 2018 to now, $70 is a reasonable price to pay for something that was $60 in 2018. $60 in 2018 = $70.88 now. This isn’t the first time games have been $70.

Is FIFA 23 free with EA Play?

As long as you are a member of EA Play Pro subscription, you will have access to the game via the subscription without having to buy the game separately.

Is FC 24 free with EA Play?

Unfortunately, you won’t be able to get the full version of EA FC 24 on release via EA Play on Game Pass. You’ll be able to try it out for up to 10 hours, but that’s the extent of it. If you upgrade to EA Play Pro for an additional $10 per month, however, that’s a different story.

Is there a limit to EA Play?

EA Play has a time limit of 10 hours unless you go to the EA Play Pro tier (which is a whole other level of BS). I think Anobix might have a good point, and you’re playing the limited EA Play version, and not the one you bought.

Does EA Play give 10% discount on EA FC 24?

Subscribers to EA Play can access a 10-hour early access trial of EA FC 24, as well as a bunch of other rewards and monthly bonuses including exclusive benefits for EA-published games whilst also getting a 10% discount on all EA digital purchases.

Is EA FC 24 worth buying?

Thanks to the pressure of losing the FIFA license, EA Sports have delivered a better experience than they otherwise might, but it still focuses far too heavily on Ultimate Team, whilst Player Career remains a mess.

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