How long was Ellie infected when she met Joel?

The time between the comics and the first meeting with Joel is about 3 weeks (evidence: Ellie is bitten in the comic (13 years), later (now 14), when she meets Joel, she pretends she was bitten 3 weeks ago).

How long was Ellie mad at Joel?

For the next four years, Ellie came to resent Joel for saving her life.

What is the timeline of The Last of Us outbreak?

HBO’s The Last of Us flips the game’s timeline, which begins in 2013 and then jumps to 2033 for the main story. The show moved the outbreak to 2003 so that the 20-year time jump would put the story right in the modern era, 2023.

When did Joel meet Ellie?

Early August 2033 Day 1: Ellie Is Introduced to Joel and Tess and Part I’s Primary Timeline Begins. Joel and Tess agree to work with Marlene, the leader of the Fireflies. They are tasked with smuggling Ellie to the Massachusetts State House just outside the QZ, where more Fireflies will meet them.

What is the time gap between The Last of Us 1 and 2?

What is the time jump between the seasons? The second game makes a significant leap forward in time. It starts five years after the end of the first game, and we see Joel and Ellie settled down in Jackson, Wyoming with Joel’s brother, Tommy, and the rest of its inhabitants.

The Last of Us | Joel and Tess Find Out That Ellie Is Infected

Why does The Last of Us skip 20 years?

In both iterations, the timeline jumps 20 years after Sarah’s tragic death. This places the game’s latter sections in 2033, while HBO’s The Last of Us takes place in 2023 after the time jump. The main reason for this is likely technology.

Why is last of us set in 2003?

The game’s outbreak takes place in 2013 with its post-apocalyptic narrative in 2033; this was changed to 2003 and 2023 as the writers felt the events taking place simultaneously with broadcast was more interesting and did not fundamentally change the story.

Did Joel love Ellie as a daughter?

He genuinely began to see her as his daughter, and for the same reason, kept her out of harm’s way. Joel’s affection for Ellie was born out of grief, and parental loss. He gradually began to accept her as his own and that’s why he called her by the same term of endearment, “baby girl,” that he’d use on Sarah.

Did Joel fall in love with Ellie?

The road leading to the climax of HBO’s The Last of Us has been built around the relationship formed by Ellie (Bella Ramsey) and Joel (Pedro Pascal). Initially antagonistic, it soon becomes a relationship of convenience, necessity, and eventually, love.

Did Joel get attached to Ellie?

Ellie establishes herself as more than a simple replacement, and one who has wants and needs of her own. It makes her a person in Joel’s eyes, and it’s the reason he came to love her as a new daughter, not a replacement for his first.

How many years pass in The Last of Us?

The events of the main timeline in The Last of Us start 20 years after the opening sequence in Episode 1, although a precise date isn’t provided at first.

Could the virus in The Last of Us start?

There are some species that can cause disease in humans, not the Cordyceps, but there are others.” Most of the science community is saying that a Cordyceps-related apocalypse is extremely unlikely for a multitude of reasons.

What started the virus in The Last of Us?

The origin of the Cordyceps infection is revealed in-game through a newspaper clipping in The Last of Us. Found at Joel and Sarah’s house, the clipping from the local paper The Texas Herald reveals the Cordyceps infection and the Clickers that result from it began spreading after crops became infected in South America.

Did Ellie knew Joel saved her?

There was never an option of her believing it. She will simply choose to believe it, and the why will come later.” Druckmann: “Ellie didn’t know beforehand what would happen to her at the hospital, but when she knows Joel has lied, she’s able to figure out what would have happened to her. She’s a smart girl.

Did Ellie ever forgive Joel?

As far as we know at this point, Ellie never forgave Joel for his actions in the first game, which explains why she’s so consumed by a need to exact revenge on Abby. Deep down, she’s really angry at herself for not patching things up with the only father figure in her life before it was too late.

What did Ellie not forgive Joel for?

Ellie’s search for justice, rather than bringing her peace, often brings her pain and suffering. This is seen when she bears a grudge against Joel for lying to her, and for preventing her from sacrificing her life to save humanity. She gives him the cold shoulder, causing a massive rift in their relationship.

Was Joel lying to Ellie at the end?

Joel lies to Ellie in order to prevent her going back to the hospital and sacrificing herself for the good of humanity. Even if she does not want to give her life, Joel’s lie still protects Ellie from the mental burden she would have to carry if she knew what really happened.

Who did Joel love more Ellie or sarah?

He will never forget Sarah, but he has obviously moved on, and he made it pretty clear in several instances. Ellie is alive and well, clearly he cares more about her by the end of the game.

Why do Joel and Ellie split up?

It is revealed that Ellie’s distrust of Joel’s lie at the end of The Last of Us led to her discovering the truth. Due to Joel taking Ellie’s choice of making a cure away from her, Ellie begins to resent Joel, only worsened by her survivor’s guilt.

What did Joel lied about Ellie?

Joel Lied About The Cure To Protect Ellie In The Last Of Us

However, Joel discovers that the surgery requires removing parts of Ellie’s brain, causing him to go on a rampage. Stopping at nothing to save Ellie, Joel kills almost everyone in the hospital and takes a still-unconscious Ellie away.

What does Ellie do after Joel dies?

In 2038, Abby Anderson, a former Firefly and the surgeon’s daughter, found and killed Joel. Ellie vowed revenge and pursued Abby to Seattle. Her efforts were fruitless, leading her to retire on a farm with her girlfriend Dina and her son JJ.

Did Joel ever call Ellie his daughter?

Fans were moved to see Joel finally coming out of his hardened shell and calling Ellie what he used to call his daughter Sarah. In a new featurette Troy Baker, who voiced Joel in the original series and played James in the episode tells, “Baby girl” is a very important thing in the story of The Last of Us.

Why is Ellie immune?

Anna also realizes that she was bitten during the fight, before swiftly cutting the umbilical cord connecting her and Ellie. This is the cause of Ellie’s Last of Us immunity. Given that the umbilical cord provides babies with oxygen and nutrients, the Cordyceps present in Anna’s system is transferred into Ellie.

What caused the zombies in The Last of Us?

Based on a 2013 PlayStation game of the same name, the series is a dystopian drama set in a world where a fungus infection has turned humans into zombie-like entities, and those who have yet to be infected live in quarantine zones run by a strict military.

Why did they change The Last of Us?

Change: Time period

HBO’s TV adaptation changed things up a little bit. Now the pandemic starts in 2003, with Joel meeting Ellie in 2023. This change wasn’t arbitrary. As Neil Druckmann and Craig Mazin told TechRadar, the time shift was a part of an effort to make the show feel a bit more near to our timeline.

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