How many dead links are there on the Internet?

At Least 66.5% of Links to Sites in the Last 9 Years Are Dead (Ahrefs Study on Link Rot) Patrick Stox is a Product Advisor, Technical SEO, & Brand Ambassador at Ahrefs. He was the lead author for the SEO chapter of the 2021 Web Almanac and a reviewer for the 2022 SEO chapter.

How many links exist on the Internet?

Originally Answered: How many links are on the Internet? There are about 1.7 billion links. There was about 900 million in in 2016.

What happens when you click a dead link?

Broken links, also known as dead links, lead to a page that no longer exists. Instead of seeing the content they want, the user who clicks on the link is typically redirected to an error page, such as 404 (Not Found) or 500 (Internal Server Error), creating an annoying UX.

How do I know if a website has dead links?

This article describes two methods for checking a website for broken links:

  1. Google Search Console enables you to review any broken links and errors that Google’s crawlers discover. This information is automatically updated every time Google crawls your site.
  2. W3C Link Checker scans your site for broken links on demand.

Are dead links bad for SEO?

Google Rankings

Google uses its crawlers to explore, analyze and rank websites. The more difficult is for Google to understand your website, the worse it will be for your rankings. Therefore, you will want to remove dead links from Google if you want to protect your rankings.

What are BROKEN LINKS? | & How do You Find & Fix Them? – SEO Tutorial

Do 404 links hurt SEO?

404 pages can hurt SEO if they impact important pages with traffic or backlinks, or if they result from poor website management. However, 404 errors are a perfectly normal part of the web ecosystem, and these do not necessarily harm your site’s ranking.

Does fixing old broken links still matter to SEO?

Impact on SEO

Broken links can impact the ability of search engines to index a site properly. Pages that are not correctly linked or are unreachable might not get indexed at all, leading to lost opportunities in search visibility.

Do dead links matter?

Broken Internal Links

These broken links make it hard for Google and other search engines to crawl your pages, and when links are broken, Google can’t move on to other pages in the crawl. As a result, Google might think that your website isn’t optimized or is unfinished, which will damage your rankings.

What causes a dead link?

Links may be broken for a variety of reasons, including the URL being mistyped, the webpage no longer being online, the page’s URL having changed, or the linked page having restricted access (such as by being behind a password or firewall).

How long does it take for Google to remove dead links?

The URL you requested will be listed, with “Pending” status. Google will take a few days to do the work for you. After removal the status will change to “Removed”. Once “Removed”, you can do a site search again to confirm if the dead link was indeed removed from Google SERP.

What is Internet rot?

Link rot, the deterioration of hyperlinks over time, leads to broken links on the internet, data loss and other issues. Prevent and fix link rot with proper mitigation techniques.

What is the difference between 404 and dead link?

When you enter a broken link, a web page will appear and show an error message, which is typically known as a 404 error. In some cases, people also call a broken link a “dead link”.

What is the difference between a broken link and a dead link?

The terms broken link and dead link are both correct, but some would argue that a broken link has a target that was moved, while a dead link has a target that no longer exists.

What is the oldest link on the internet?

The oldest website on the internet is [](, which was launched on August 6, 1991. It was dedicated to the World Wide Web project and was hosted on a NeXT computer by Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau, who invented the web at CERN.

What is the world’s longest Internet link?

“” The website is really part of a tourism campaign for a Welsh village. The Village’s long name translates to “Saint Mary’s Church in the hollow of the white hazel near a rapid whirlpool and the Church of Saint Tysilio of the red cave in English”.

What is a ghost link?

A link echo, also known as a link ghost, is the residual search engine optimization ranking power that an off page backlink has on a targeted web page even after the backlink has been deleted from the web page. Sometimes, a link will be removed from a site.

What is a permanent dead link?

A link that no longer points to its target, often called a broken, dead, or orphaned link, is a specific form of dangling pointer. A rotten link usually leads to an error message.

What is a dead link?

A hyperlink on a website that points to a Web page that has been deleted or moved. Also called an “orphan link,” it may also be a temporary condition if the Web server is down. Contrast with live link.

What is broken page?

A broken link is a hyperlink that points to a page or resource that does not exist. Most often, these linked pages were deleted or moved without a redirection set up. When the user or crawler follows a broken link, the server returns a 404 (Not found) or 410 (Gone) status code.

How do I access a broken link?

Simply put your site URL into Ahrefs Site Explorer, go to the “Backlinks” report, and click “Broken” to see the strongest broken backlinks of your website. Alternatively, you can also go to “Best by links” report, and apply the “404 not found” filter in “HTTP codes.”

Should a link look like a button?

Don’t confuse your users. A link should look like a link and not like some other element, in this case like a button. Links and buttons may “feel” the same for average users. They will use their mouse to hover over the link or the button and click on them with their mouse.

Will SEO become obsolete?

In 2023, SEO has changed but is still alive. SEO continues to drive organic traffic, improve online exposure, and boost SERP rankings, according to multiple sources. Technology, search engine algorithm modifications, and user behavior must be considered while developing SEO tactics.

Do broken links affect Google ranking?

This affects your bounce rate which in turn will affect your ranking. Broken links signal to Google that your website isn’t properly optimized or kept up to date. These broken links make it harder for Google to crawl and index your website.

Can backlinks hurt SEO?

Building a well-rounded catalog of backlinks is an essential part of any SEO campaign, but don’t make the mistake of thinking one backlink is just as good as another. Toxic backlinks can actually damage your SEO efforts, so it’s essential to know how to spot them.

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