How old is Hiachi?

Hiachi is biologically and mentally 8 years old. She was cursed by Sama for about 358 years when the events of Control’s Book take place. Hiachi’s name and design is partly inspired by a known Yokai, Hachishakusama.

What happened to Hiachi in mimic?

Hiachi, suffered miserably whole being under the “care” of Kintoru, as a puppet. Thankfully she had her mother to comfort her. 320 years later after the events of the girl and the witch, Hiachi was sent by Kintoru to follow and kill her descendant, Yasu Masashige. From the school to the maze in the city.

Who is Kaito’s wife in mimic?

Kaito Masashige ( 正 まさ 成 しげ 海 かい 斗 と : Masashige Kaito), was a puppet of Kintoru. He is the husband of Niko Masashige and the father of Biwaki Masashige and Mihari Masashige who made his debut in the first part of Control’s Book: Chapter III, serving as a minor antagonist.

What is Shaku’s real name?

Shaku ( 尺 しゃく ), also known as Hirosa Masashige ( 正 まさ 成 しげ 恕 ひろ 瑳 さ : Masashige Hirosa) is a minor antagonist in Control’s Book: Chapter II. She is the doll that belongs to Hiachi Masashige, a former puppet of Kintoru and the daughter of Kusonoki Masashige.

How tall is shaku the mimic?

Shaku is a porcelain doll standing around 6 feet tall or over. She has a tubby face, a pure white skin tone with visible cracks on her arms and face and a hollow black pair of eyes with black mucus oozing out of it as if she was crying.

The Mimic Explained | Hiachi

Who is Hiachi based on?

Hiachi’s name and design is partly inspired by a known Yokai, Hachishakusama.

How old is Yuma in mimic?

Age. Mental: ? Accursed/Chronological: 3000+ y.o.

What does shaku mean in japanese?

Shaku (Japanese: 尺) or Japanese foot is a Japanese unit of length derived (but varying) from the Chinese chi, originally based upon the distance measured by a human hand from the tip of the thumb to the tip of the forefinger (compare span).

What happened to Mihari in the mimic?

One day, Kaito came home with a biwa and started playing it, to which Mihari felt better and tried to stand up, however she collapsed again before presumably dying and turning into a Butterfly Spirit. She was presumably cursed by The Witch after the incident.

Is Enzukai a boy or a girl?

However, it was confirmed that Enzukai is now genderless by MUCDICH on Discord, supported by Enzukai being shirtless.

Is Biwaki KAITO’s daughter?

She is the daughter of Kaito Masashige and Niko Masashige, and the younger sister of Mihari Masashige. Biwaki is the third monster to be introduced to Yasu Masashige. She makes her first appearance in the Arari Village, and is seen later on the second floor of the hotel.

Where are the 3 rats in mimic?

Rats can be found inside cabinets, near shelves, behind byōbu (屏風), etc. The rats need to be poisoned before using it to trick Rin.

Is Biwaki a child?

Biwaki was a young girl who lived with her father, Kaito. Often, her father would go out on fishing trips to get food for him and Biwaki.

How do I get Hiachi’s request 2023?

The badge shares the same mechanics of obtaining as its predecessor; 2021 Hiachi’s Request Completed. The player(s) must talk to Aka Manto in the school’s bathroom in order to be teleported to Jigoku, and then talk to the normal Shiniachi at the spawn room if she spawns before activating the Death’s Challange.

How do I get Hiachi’s request?

You need to complete the Jigoku event in normal (collect 35 orbs). After you collected these, a screen will pop up saying “HIACHI’S REQUEST “. At this point, if you haven’t completed Jigoku’s Event, you will get his lantern too.

How did kuriko get cursed?

Kuriko’s Curse

Kuriko turned her head and saw a lady in black. They chatted for a while about life. After awhile, Kuriko and the woman went to a river. Kuriko felt the lady push her into the river.

Who is the red girl in the mimic?

Rin appears to be a beautiful yet starved Japanese lady with fair skin, long black hair, and a red kimono. In her monster form, she appears as a terrifying lady with pale skin and bony build. She has a wide mouth, showing her dark red lipstick and yellow teeth.

What happened to Keiko in Roblox the mimic?

After the sudden disappearance of her husband, Daku, Keiko crossed paths with Kintoru at Yasu’s school. Shortly thereafter, she was imprisoned in her own house’s basement for at least 30 days and was under Kintoru’s curse.

Who is the little girl in the mimic?

Hiachi (The Little Girl) Shaku (The Doll) Sama (The Accursed Witch)

How long is a sun Japanese?

“Sun” is a traditional Japanese unit of measure to denote length. The translation of Sun to a length that we can relate is that 1 Sun is about 30.3 mm or about 1.22 inches.

How does Japan measure weight?

The monme, equivalent to 3.75 grams, is the most commonly used traditional Japanese weight. For example, a ¥5 coin weighs exactly one monme.

What is a Shaku on a katana?

The blade length is measured in a Japanese traditional unit called Shaku. One Shaku equals 30.3 cm, or roughly 1 feet (0.994 Ft.). Its subunit is the “Sun”. There are ten “Sun” in one “Shaku”, so 5 Sun can also be written 0.5 Shaku.

Is mimic OK for kids?

Parents need to know that Mimic is a science fiction action horror, directed by by Oscar-winning director Guillermo del Toro, with distressing scenes, jump scares, gore, and strong language.

Who killed Kintoru?

Yasu Masashige was under a curse that Kintoru created through his ancestral bloodline that is why Kintoru targets him throughout the chapters. Eventually, he defeats Kintoru using the blessed blade, given by Kusonoki after freeing him by burning the cursed samurai armor pieces and puzzles.

Who is the tallest mimic character?

Sama is by far one of the most tallest mimic monsters along with Daku Masashige, Kusonoki Masashige, Mariachi and some others.

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