How to play PUBG Mobile?

How do I play PUBG Mobile?

  1. Run PUBG Mobile app.
  2. Select your account.
  3. Enter lobby.
  4. Select your mode(solo, duo, squad) then begin match making.

How do you play PUBG Mobile for beginners?

PUBG Mobile Beginner’s Guide: 10 Tips To Help You When You Drop Into The Fray

  1. Practice the controls…or use a Bluetooth controller. …
  2. Auto settings to start. …
  3. Know your inventory limits. …
  4. The mini-map is your friend. …
  5. Land near the center of the map. …
  6. Always have health. …
  7. Check for nearby vehicles. …
  8. Have a headset handy.

How do you play PUBG Mobile well?

9 PUBG tips to stay alive and win a grand victory

  1. Don’t be afraid to hide out in the blue early on. …
  2. Terrain can be just as good cover as any building or wall. …
  3. ALWAYS take a level three helmet… …
  4. 4. …but sometimes leave a level three vest. …
  5. Play the edge of the circle. …
  6. Keep yourself boosted up late game.

What is the main objective of PUBG?

Gamers need to survive the longest while eliminating other players or squads by using weapons collected during the game. Different modes and maps will have different weapons and gameplays, but the objective of PUBG remains the same – shoot, survive, win.

Can you play PUBG Mobile alone?

PUBG Mobile has 3 choices for playing classic mode. You can play alone or solo, duo or both, and a squad of three or even four. These three choices will definitely make a difference in game play. But do you know if there are players who are experts to play duo vs squad, or even solo vs squad?


Is PUBG easy for beginners?

Unlike other games the same genre,PUBG is grounded and a little harder to play because of how much it leans into realism. Weapons have recoil, things are a lot slower, aim matters, and a lot of things are simply harder. However, it’s quite easy to learn.

Does anyone play PUBG Mobile?

PUBG Mobile users

PUBG Mobile has 30 million daily active players. India’s ban of PUBG Mobile sunk the games daily active users by more than half.

Why people play PUBG Mobile?

Originally Answered: Why do people prefer playing PUBG Mobile instead of any other game? Pubg is like a realistic game play. When you are playing it you think that you yourself is playing in the game and not the game character. It has high graphics quality, and easy to play and understand.

Is there any benefit of playing PUBG?

1: Improvement in multitasking. In this game, you have to manage many controls at the same time as run, jump, shoot, hide etc and these things sharpen your mind to do multitasking, so can manage many things in the real world too. This is one of the advantages of playing a pubg.

Why should people play PUBG?

The rush makes me a better player and makes the game more enjoyable. If you’re like me, and enjoy an experience that will get your blood pumping — think horror movies or roller coasters — you’ll probably also like PUBG better than Fortnite.

How do I shoot better in PUBG Mobile?

Improving Your Aim in PUBG

  1. Step One: Identify your Playstyle. …
  2. Step Two: Understanding Thumbstick Shape and Length. …
  3. Step Three: Choosing Thumbsticks. …
  4. Step Four: Aim Acceleration. …
  5. Step Five: Turn Off Vibration. …
  6. Step Six: Take Advantage of Leaning.

What is the best PUBG strategy?

PUBG: Top Tips to Survive First Games

  • It’s All About Survival. …
  • Pick Your Battles. …
  • Understand Healing Items. …
  • Play Close to the Edge. …
  • Make Smart Gear Choices. …
  • Choose Low-Risk Drop Zones. …
  • Play Team Deathmatch (TDM) …
  • Manage Your Expectations.

What is the best gun for beginners in PUBG?

If you want what I would consider a great beginners load out, go for the M4 and a 5.56 DMR of your choice (Mini14 or MK12). It’ll give you the best coverage and forgiveness in the average gun fights. Best of luck! Thumb grip does have general recoil reduction now, which makes it a great choice.

How do you explain PUBG game?

PUBG is a player versus player shooter game in which up to one hundred players fight in a battle royale, a type of large-scale last man standing deathmatch where players fight to remain the last alive. Players can choose to enter the match solo, duo, or with a small team of up to four people.

What are the disadvantages of PUBG game?

  • Advantages of playing PUBG are:-
  • .
  • Disadvantages of playing PUBG:-
  • 1: Highly Addictive.
  • 2: Stress on Eyes.
  • 3: Time Killing.
  • 4: Not able to concentrate on your work.
  • 5: Nightmare about the game.

Why is PUBG mobile better than PUBG?

Customization. In comparison to the original game, PUBG Mobile New State gives players significantly more detailed customization options for their cars and weaponry. Gamers can alter the appearance of their vehicles as well as the attachments and skins on their weapons.

Is PUBG mobile good or bad?

No PUBG is not a dangerous game but some time leads to addictive . It has more than 400 million players players in worldwide. Make sure that you play PUBG in your free time than spending your full time by playing it.

Which country plays PUBG the most?

USA is the country with most PUBG Players. About 24% of the players are in USA.

Is PUBG Mobile still popular 2023?

PUBG’s player counts have dropped in North America in favour for games like Fortnite and COD Mobile. However, the game still retains its popularity in countries like India and China, where people can afford a phone to play with but not a console.

How much money does PUBG Mobile make a day?

PUBG Mobile has consistently picked up more than $700 million per quarter this year, hitting a record $771 million in 3Q21. The title has generated $8.1 million per day on average so far in 2021.

Is PUBG losing popularity?

Is PUBG losing popularity? The game’s peak concurrent player count was 3.2 million in January 2018, but it has declined steadily ever since. As of August 2022, the game only had around 395,000 concurrent players, a far cry from its peak. One reason for PUBG’s decline is the oversaturation of the battle royale genre.

Is PUBG better than fortnite?

So if you want fun, colorful, joyful competition – play Fortnite. It’s a lighter approach to the battle royale genre, enabling more casual gameplay and providing a lot of silly humor. But if your goal is realistic combat, accurate weapons, and the omnipresent atmosphere of military competition – choose PUBG.

Who is the number one PUBG player in the world?

1. Paraboy – China. Paraboy is straight-up dominant in PUBG Mobile. Hailing from China, he’s widely considered the undisputed king of the game.

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