Is Ada Wong a double agent?

Although her mission was to retrieve a sample of the dominant species Plaga, Ada’s primary objective was to get in good favor with the mysterious organization she worked for as a double-agent and was also conspiring against The 3rd Organization and Wesker.

Is Ada a double agent?

Another is that Ada Wong is one badass lady. Originally part of the Resident Evil 2 cast, this double agent returned in the fourth game and played a key role in the story.

Who is Ada Wong working for in re2?

Resident Evil 2

In RE 2, Ada works as a spy for Umbrella’s rival company and is sent on a mission coordinated by Albert Wesker to procure a sample of the Golgotha(G)-Virus. Occasionally helping Leon along the way, Ada makes her way to the NEST laboratory and confronts scientist Dr. Annette Berkin, wife of Dr.

What’s the deal with Ada Wong?

Ada is an spy for an unnamed rival company who is sent to recover a sample of a deadly virus from Umbrella’s lab in zombie-infested Raccoon City. Her secret agenda is exposed and Annette Birkin seriously wounds her in an attempt to save Leon. She reprises her role in the 2019 remake of Resident Evil 2.

Why did Ada betray Wesker?

Rather than her being an active participant in Wesker’s evil plans, she’s more of a victim who’s been used by him. Once she realizes why she’s been asked to obtain the sample, she betrays Wesker without hesitation, staying true to her promise to keep the sample safe.

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Is Ada Wong good or bad?

While often working in the employ of villains, notably Albert Wesker, Ada holds no allegiance to her employers and often betrays them for her own agenda. This makes her at times an anti-hero who sometimes aids Leon S. Kennedy, though other times the two find themselves at odds.

Is Ada In love With Leon?

ada deeply cares for leon, but she doesn’t love him.

she doesn’t love anybody. maybe it’s a defense mechanism. leon, on the other hand, seems to love her and follow her around like a puppy.

Who is Ada Wong in love with?

Ada’s relationship with Leon Kennedy has been noted as a memorable video-game romance.

What is Ada Wong’s gender?

Ada Wong is an American woman of Chinese descent.

How old is Ada in Resident Evil 6?

Ada is playable in both RE2 and RE4 but doesn’t become a true protagonist until Resident Evil 6. As a result, she’s one of the oldest protagonists in the series history at 39-years-old.

What is Ada’s motive?

While her motives in the games vary, there is one uniting thread: she primarily puts her own safety first, trying to make her money and get out with no interest in the ramifications of biological warfare. In the original Resident Evil games, Ada is willing to play the seductress role to complete her mission.

Is Ada older than Leon?

Ada is only three years older than Leon and Jill is a year younger than Chris. There aren’t any other official “pairings”, unless Sherry and Jake became an item – she’s six years older than him. Their relationship isn’t exactly a subtle one.

Who does Leon Kennedy end up with?

Kennedy is a former police officer of the late Raccoon City, agent for D.S.O and is a current member of Division Delta Codenamed:Anti-Virus. His wife is Claire Redfield.

Did Ada Wong betray Leon?

How did Ada Wong betray Leon? In the original game, Ada Wong essentially double-crosses Leon by taking the sample from him at gunpoint.

Why does Leon strangles Ada?

She encountered Leon once again, who under the influence of the Plaga he had been implanted with attempted to strangle Ada to death. Ada stabbed Leon in the leg and freed herself, declaring that they needed to get the parasite out of his body.

What happens to Ada Wong after RE4?

While it’s difficult to know what a character like Ashley’s future is after Resident Evil 4, quite a bit is known about Ada’s role after her mission involving Las Plagas. Although future remakes could change this, Ada’s actions lead into RE5 and then into her role as one of the protagonists of RE6.

How old is Ada in RE4?

Ada is playable in both RE2 and RE4 but doesn’t become a true protagonist until Resident Evil 6. As a result, she’s one of the oldest protagonists in the series history at 39-years-old.

Is Leon and Ada canon?

Leon and Ada are one of the very few ships that are canon, or in this case semi-canon. Fans of the ship often explore the pair’s relationship that you don’t see on-screen, such as when Ada strongly implies she and Leon hooked up off-screen in Damnation.

What does Ada say to Leon in DBD?

“Be prepared, Leon!” “Leon, I’m counting on you.” “Leon! So, you’ve been caught up in this too.

Why does Ada kiss Leon?

During the ride, they talk about trust and after Ada calls herself a liability, Leon starts going on how what if she is attacked, or if she is in need of help, to which Ada kisses him to stop him from talking. Once she pulls back, she tells him not to worry about her, and then reassures him she wants to see him again.

Did Leon and Ada sleep together?

Did Leon and Ada slept together? Ah, that one, actually, even this not shown in the game, but between RE4 and RE Damnation, they have slept together as Ada mentioned in Damnation as “that night together” and the RE scriptwriters have confirmed they have slept together “that night”.

When did Ada Wong come out?

Ada was introduced as a supporting character in Resident Evil 2 (1998) and became a playable character in Resident Evil 4 (2005). She is a mysterious, ambiguous spy who works for villains but frequently rescues the series’ protagonist Leon S.

Did Léon and Ada actually kiss?

In RE2 (1998), she kisses him before she “dies”. It’s an emotional scene and the context for the scene is powerful.

Who did Léon kiss?

In Resident Evil: Degeneration, Leon kisses Angela in the pool of water to breath air into her.

Who is Claire Redfield’s love interest?

Steve Burnside

After the two being separated, Claire is found and rescued by Chris Redfield, her brother. Claire refuses to leave and insists they rescue Steve. He is found, though mutates into a bio-organic weapon, aiming to kill Claire. Steve fights against the mutation and tells Claire he loves her, before dying.

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