Is Agent 47 a killer?

A monotone contract killer without empathy, the player controls 47 as he travels around the world to execute hits on various criminals that are assigned to him by Diana Burnwood, his handler within the fictional International Contract Agency (ICA).

Is Agent 47 a villain or a hero?

Agent 47 is depicted as an anti-Hero. The fact that he murders people in the first place, and does so with very little hesitation, marks him out as villainous. But his targets are almost exclusively evil tyrants, murderous criminals, and mean jerks.

Is Agent 47 a Hitman or an assassin?

47 works as a hitman for the ICA (International Contracts Agency) and has spent the last few years tracking down Litvenko’s daughter, Katia; he gets a lead from mercenaries led by Delriego, who have been trying to find Litvenko in order to recreate the Agent program for their own means.

Has Agent 47 killed innocents?

47 appears to adhere to religious faith and believes he can be redeemed because he only murders criminals and corrupt officials, and canonically avoids the deaths of innocents whenever possible when fulfilling a contract (though he’s not above killing innocents in Blood money).

Why Agent 47 kills?

Agent 47 kills who he is paid to kill, by the people who hire him. What’s there name? (Diana works for them) So if he is killing people who do bad things its cause his paid to. 47 is a great character, one people tend to get upset over if they feel something has come up that seems out of character.

Agent 47 Hitman Origin – From Cloned Killer to Elite Hitman, Evolution Of World’s Greatest Assassin

What happens if Agent 47 injects himself?

Lucas Grey was haunted by his humanity.” Instead of killing The Constant, players now have the choice to pick up the serum and inject themselves with it instead, erasing 47’s memory of the past three games and turning him back into a tool for other people to use.

Does Agent 47 eat or sleep?

Weaknesses: Despite being the perfect assassin, he still has the typical biological needs to eat, drink and sleep like any other normal human, although he can go on for weeks without supplies or rest and still operate at full power.

Who is the most evil Hitman target?

A target from Hitman: Contracts, Lord Winston Beldingford is a rich aristocrat and easily one of the most villainous targets in the franchise. His main hobby is human hunting with the series’ take on the novel The Most Dangerous Game and inappropriately harassing his female staff.

What is Agent 47s IQ?

As he is a genetically modified man and he is able to seamlessly blend into any situation with an acute knowledge of said situations he has to have at least a 175 iq. He can also scale walls and launch his whole body up with just his arms regardless of his armor or inventory.

Can Agent 47 beat John Wick?

No contest. However if you drop them both in a crowded area and give them each other as the sole target, 47 would win hands down; he would even make it look like an accident. His skillset as an assassin far outshines John Wick’s skillset as a cleaner.

Why does Agent 47 not age?

A medical report on 47 in-game states that although 47 is in his 50s, his body is still in peak condition as if he is in his 20s, and he is completely immune to disease.

Why is 47 bald?

“It was just too difficult for the engineers to do hair on the main character back then,” he said. “I have seen — and it doesn’t look good — but I have seen the original concepts back then of Agent 47 with hair. They chose to make him bald and it kind of worked out well for us.

Why does Agent 47 have a barcode on his head?

Agent 47 received this barcode tattoo to allow him to access certain areas in the facility where he was cloned and trained. The barcode tattoo, like all real barcodes, can be scanned for information. Agent 47’s tattoo is scanned and lets him through security checkpoints inside the facility where he was made.

Can Agent 47 beat Batman?

5 Can’t Beat: Batman

Technically speaking, Batman has no powers either and his gadgets are basically the same as 47’s vast arsenal of weapons. 47 might be genetically enhanced, but there’s no contending with Batman’s gifted abilities that have seen him become the peak of human perfection.

Is Agent 47 brainwashed?

Prior to Hitman: Absolution, he was briefly addicted to painkillers. As a result of being brainwashed as a child, the majority of his prior memories of Providence have been erased, though he has been gradually regaining them, and they do not actually impair his abilities.

Does Agent 47 feel love?

He does feel, just not in the conventional ways. He is trained and genetically engineered to not care about the things he does, with respect to assassinations & general killing. But when he was younger (teens or lower), he was shown to be very emotional. This was very surprising to the creator & unintended.

Does Agent 47 believe in God?

Whether or not he could be considered a Catholic is a matter for debate, with 47 himself acutely aware that his actions are at odds with religious teachings more often than not. His need to feel as though he belongs continues to see him exploring religion though, suggesting that at the very least, he is agnostic.

Does Agent 47 drink alcohol?

Drug and Alcohol Content

Mr. 47 injects a debilitating drug into two people’s necks. He drinks whiskey on a few occasions.

What does Agent 47 eat?

From what I’ve gathered, Agent 47’s most favorite type of food is American breakfast (Bacon, eggs, pancakes) American breakfast is certainly his favorite, as he was willing to pay a great sum of cash for a hotel chef in France to cook it for him in the afternoon, and to almost break his cover for it.

Who is the number 1 Hitman?

Julio Santana, a notorious Brazilian hitman; he is considered by the Brazilian and international media as “the deadliest hitman in history”, for having killed 492 people officially (more than 500 unofficially), considered the highest number of fatal victims killed by a single hitman.

Who betrays Agent 47?

In Hitman: Blood Money, Diana was a double agent and faked Agent 47’s death, saving the Agency from liquidation, and dodging death herself. In the end, her efforts paid off when the Agency was brought back online.

Who is the good guy in Hitman?

Agent 47, also known as the Hitman, is the titular main protagonist of the Hitman video game series.

Can Agent 47 feel pain?

Granted, it’s possible this was added to make Agent 47 seem more human. But I see his character as being impervious to pain, both physical and emotional, so this felt like it was added strictly to make him seem less than invincible.

Does Agent 47 age slowly?

One clear difference between them, distinguishing 47 as “perfect” and Grey as imperfect, is that 47 stopped aging (read “started to age very, very slowly after 25”).

How does Agent 47 not get caught?

This is sort-of explained in a novel that serves as a prequel to the story of Absolution as well as some of the earlier games – Agent 47 is a boogeyman of sorts, only rumored to exist by federal agencies who aren’t aware of him (the CIA knows since they’ve hired him before).

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