Is Battlefield 5 a failure?

The failure of bfv didn’t lie at its gameplay or the focus on teamplay. It lied mostly on its development, how they handled feedback and its live service. The content(for the main modes) it did deliver was well received, but far too late and far too sparse.

Is Battlefield 5 a flop?

The game sold 7.3 million copies by the end of 2018, but was a commercial disappointment for Electronic Arts. On April 23, 2020, it was announced that support for the game would continue until the summer of 2020, when it would receive its last major update.

Why did the battlefield 5 fail?

The game sold a massive 7.3 million units in the time between launch in November and the end of the year, but this was 1 million short of what EA had projected. As for why the game struggled, EA CEO Andrew Wilson said the marketing campaign failed to capture the attention of players.

Is battlefield 5 worth it 2023?

All in all, BFV is definitely worth buying in 2023, as you not only get to be emerged in one of the most scenic and atmospheric representations of the second World War and get to play a handfull of War Hero Stories in the story mode.

Is Battlefield 5 still active 2023?

How many people play Battlefield 5 2023? While this has dropped slightly compared to April’s numbers which were estimated at 1,415,204, Battlefield 5 has had a rather steady player count of between 1,300,000 – 1,400,000 players each month for the entirety of 2023 so far.

Why Are Gamers Upset With Battlefield 5?

Is Battlefield 5 better than 2042?

Both 2042 and BF5 had rough launches. The difference is, BF5 actually had the potential of being a good Battlefield game. 2042 is VERY far from that potential. Players are going back to BF5 now, because they miss their Battlefield dose- since 2042 does not give you that.

Is Battlefield 5 good yet?

Latest Critic Reviews

In Battlefield V we got back to WW2, but with refined gunplay and death system which works great. There are also little problems such as low number of maps and stability issues, that are taking the fun away, but nothing that can’t be fixed.

Is Battlefield 5 the best game?

This is a amazing game. The graphics, sound design, maps, gunplay, everything is amazing. It’s not without it’s flaws though. It has it’s fair share of bugs and Glitch’s but all will get better with time.

What is better Battlefield 1 or 5?

Battlefield 1 is known for its immersive atmosphere and realistic gameplay, while Battlefield 5 is known for its more modern graphics and gameplay. In terms of active players, Battlefield 5 has a larger player base than Battlefield 1. This is likely due to the fact that Battlefield 5 is a newer game.

Why is Battlefield 5 not liked?

It doesn’t feel like you’re in a story, and none of the characters are memorable. It’s also unacceptable that we’re constantly left alone in open maps and forced to explore these areas in stealth. Battlefield V feels more like a terrible Far Cry rip-off than a classic WWII FPS.

Is Battlefield 5 campaign bad?

Battlefield V’s single-player campaign is pretty good, although also very short. Just like in Battlefield 1, it has been chopped into disparate War Stories which benefit from not having to conform to an overall storyline.

Why does Battlefield 5 look worse than Battlefield 1?

The theory behind why this is, is quite simple. BF1 has a ton of amazing effects that make image look “cool”. In BFV they removed a lot of those to increase visibility. Anyone who plays hardcore in BF1 will knows that visiblity problems do exist in that game too.

Which battlefield flopped?

However, for some, the series reached its pinnacle with the two Bad Company entries which were released in 2008 and 2010, respectively. So it saddens fans to see the release of the most recent game, Battlefield 2042 flop on a massive scale.

Is Battlefield 5 still worth it reddit?

If you enjoyed it before, you’ll still enjoy it now. If you’ve never played before then no one is going to have a definitive answer to if you’ll enjoy it or not. But regardless servers are up and full.

What is the controversy with Battlefield 5?

For those who are unfamiliar, the trailer for the game was met with generally negative community feedback criticizing the game for its unrealistic depiction of a female British soldier in combat during World War II. The game itself features playable female characters for all factions.

Is Battlefield V better than cod?

CoD or Battlefield – which is better? Considering all the differences, gameplay details, and realistic graphics quality, we must admit that Battlefield is better. It’s a solid title delivering high-quality graphics, giant maps, thrilling multiplayer, and accurate weapons.

Why is Battlefield 5 called 5?

It’s also why we chose to use the Roman numeral V instead of the number 5 for the title. Yes, as many had theorised the name Battlefield V is a reference to, “V is for Victory,” the phrase and symbol popularised by the Allies in WW2. At its simplest, V for Victory was a sign for the people.

Is Battlefield 4 better than 5?

Multiplayer maps of BF V are better than BF 4. But if you are talking about the Campaign then BF 4 is much much better than BF V. Battlefield V is not a actual war game it’s more stealth shooter. Its storyline is weak and won’t give you the chills normally which you get while playing COD and BF 3 or BF 4.

Is Battlefield 5 realistic?

Battlefield V is a fan fiction of WWII. it has some general references to the history of WWII (nations in conflict, place, time ) but other than that, not much of historical accuracy. It’s a pure entertainment flick. If you are expecting historically accurate combat, you are looking at wrong game.

How many hours is Battlefield 5?

When focusing on the main objectives, Battlefield V is about 6 Hours in length. If you’re a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 32 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

Is Battlefield V still active 2023 reddit?

Still an active player base and a load of fun! Yeah, very active.

Do more people play battlefield v or 2042?

What is currently the most played Battlefield game? Steam charts say that bfV is first followed by bf, 2042, and 4 in that order. However 2042 has cross platform play, so the effective player base is roughly 3x larger than listed (assuming Xbox and ps5 have exactly the same players as steam).

Is Battlefield 2042 a success or failure?

EA admits Battlefield 2042 flopped, but would have been less than 10% of annual revenue anyway. “Some of the design choices did not resonate with everyone in our community.”

Is Battlefield 2042 gaining popularity?

EA and DICE’s shooter is riding high after a free weekend. Battlefield 2042 has more players now on Steam than it did when it first released almost two years ago, a major about-face for a game heavily criticized at launch as being buggy and unfinished.

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