Is BF2042 good now?

The hit reg issues have been completely fixed to the point that it often feels better then COD. Vehicles have been balanced (there is still some word to do in this aspect). Attachments actually affect weapon stat like they should. Performance is (in my case) a thousand times better it now feels buttery smooth.

Is Battlefield 2042 worth it today?

This is not a game that you should pay a full price on. But it is fine if steam is offering it to you for a good discount. The game is a lot better now and the crashes etc stopped long ago for me. It is just that it does not yet have all the features a good BF series game has like platoon support.

Is BF2042 finally good?

It’s alright, but there still couple issues and lack of content. One of the major bugs is a black screen that pops up after quitting a match and it never loads the game. But a quick restart should fix it. Yeah, buy it at a discount though.

Has BF 2042 improved?

Battlefield 2042 is a live game and there are always new bits of content coming down the pike – find out more here. Battlefield 2042 had a sketchy launch but the time since then has brought a lot of fixes and improved polish, as well as (at long last) some new content to sink your teeth into.

Why did BF2042 flop?

Original story: EA has reportedly admitted that Battlefield 2042 “failed to meet the expectations of our players” in an internal meeting, and blamed the failure of the game on factors such as Halo Infinite’s launch and the ongoing COVID pandemic.

Battlefield 2042 is SURPRISINGLY good now…

Why people dislike Battlefield 2042?

This game doesn’t have a scoreboard, no server list for all out warfare, no persistent lobbies, less game modes in comparison past games, no meaningful customization, no enjoyable progression, you can’t select what squad you will join, you can’t diving while swimming, no “medic nearby” indicator when you are downed, no …

Why is BF 2042 getting hate?

Because the game is rushed, lacks of content, very poorly balanced, has bad optimisation and still buggy. Originally posted by Phantom Limb: Because the game is rushed, lacks of content, very poorly balanced, has bad optimisation and still buggy. its mostly ok.

What classes are coming back in bf2042?

Battlefield’s four returning classes are Assault, Recon, Support, and Engineer. Unlikeat launch where you could play any Specialist and use any equipment you liked, the classes will now assign you gear to use in these specific classes.

Is battlefield 2042 a success or failure?

EA admits Battlefield 2042 flopped, but would have been less than 10% of annual revenue anyway. “Some of the design choices did not resonate with everyone in our community.”

Is bf5 better than BF2042?

Battlefield 5 definitely, it has a great multiplayer and so much visual demanding than BF2042 especially if you are on last gen consoles. BF2042 does have destruction mechanism but not as good as BF 5, the game overall has the worst presentation in the history of Battlefield. If you want some chaos and action go for 5.

Is BF2042 worth playing reddit?

You can def have fun in 2042 but it doesn’t feel like any other battlefield game, and it’s pretty noticeable. I’d grab it if it’s dirt cheap and you’re really really interested but otherwise I’d check something else out.

How active is BF2042?

Far from it! With a monthly peak concurrent players count of 107,055, Battlefield 2042 is very much alive. The game’s developers are continually updating the game, adding new content, and engaging with the community. You can join the active player community on their Discord server.

What battlefield games are worth playing 2023?

What is the most fun or top 3 in your opinion to play in 2023? BF4, BF1, BFV, and BF2042 are well populated on all platforms. If you are considering purchasing one, I would recommend subscribing to a month of EA Play as it will allow you to try all of them and decide for yourself which you prefer.

How much money did Battlefield 2042 lose?

EA said it expected it would take a $100m hit to revenue as a result of Battlefield 2042’s poor performance.

Are they abandoning bf2042?

EA claims reports of ‘Battlefield 2042’ being abandoned are “untrue” EA has refuted claims that Battlefield 2042 is being abandoned with only a skeleton crew remaining on the project, stating that it’s “untrue”.

Has bf2042 been abandoned?

2042 unfortunately had a lot of issues but most are gone. Dice has been told by the fans to give up but they won’t give up, and legal obligations aren’t the main reason. It’s gonna be like the “golden age” of Battlefield but at least Dice is fixing the game up to be more Battlefield like.

Is bf2042 dead 2022?

The game is not dead.

Why don’t people like the new battlefield?

Battlefield 2042 received mixed reviews from critics and a negative reception from players for its technical issues, lack of features, and certain changes to the gameplay.

What is the controversy with Battlefield 2042?

Although Battlefield games have always been known for coming in hot at launch, Battlefield 2042 inarguably had the roughest launch of them all. Battlefield 2042 was slated at launch for bugs, missing content, disappointing implementation of new features like the tornado, and annoyance at a lack of “legacy features”.

Is Battlefield 2042 a flop?

So it saddens fans to see the release of the most recent game, Battlefield 2042 flop on a massive scale. At launch there were server issues, missing features, bugs, glitches, you name it.

Is BF 2042 worth it 2023?

Will Battlefield 2042 be worth it? This is not a game that you should pay a full price on. But it is fine if steam is offering it to you for a good discount. The game is a lot better now and the crashes etc stopped long ago for me.

Which Battlefield game is still popular?

Battlefield V was the first time the series returned to World War Two since the online-only Battlefield 1943, and a flashback in Bad Company 2. Battlefield V remains one of the best Battlefield games you can play right now.

Are people still playing battlefield?

The Battlefield franchise is one that’s been around for decades, setting a precedent for larger FPS games and battling the likes of Call of Duty for reign over the genre. Even after the release of two new Battlefield games, classics like Battlefield 4 continue to pull in thousands of players daily.

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