Is Faruzan a niche?

Despite all of her pros, Faruzan is still an incredibly niche character that sees almost no use outside of Anemo.

What is Faruzan good for?

Not only does Faruzan provide Anemo resistance-shred, but she also provides and Anemo damage boost, some mild enemy-grouping, and with constellations, CRIT DMG and additional energy generation for Anemo characters.

Should I invest in Faruzan?

Faruzan is the single best Genshin Impact support for Anemo DPS units like Wanderer or Xiao. Even characters that typically fill a more supportive role (like Venti or Jean) can become formidable DPS units with Faruzan on the team.

Is Faruzan worth building before C6?

Yes, Faruzan’s Constellations in Genshin Impact are 100% worth it. In fact, Faruzan shouldn’t be used as a support unless players have unlocked her C6, or at the very least, C4. C0 Faruzan comes with a lot of issues like poor crowd control, Energy problem, and an underwhelming buff.

Is Sucrose better than Faruzan?

However, Faruzan will outdo Sucrose when it comes to supporting Anemo DPS characters. If you have dreams of a mono Anemo team or an Anemo DPS, choose Faruzan.

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Does faruzan work with Xiao?

Faruzan is indisputably Xiao’s best support regardless of Constellation as her base kit single-handedly provides a buff far more meaningful than multiple buffs combined.

What is the best 4 * for sucrose?

Here are the best weapons for Sucrose in Genshin Impact:

  • Sacrificial Fragments (4-star catalyst)
  • A Thousand Floating Dreams (5-star catalyst)
  • Mappa Mare (4-star catalyst)
  • Wandering Evenstar (4-star catalyst)
  • Favonius Codex (4-star catalyst)
  • Thrilling Tales of Dragon Slayers (3-star catalyst)

Should you level Faruzan to 90?

Lv. 90 helps to maximize her Ascension 4 Passive bonus damage (and some collateral Swirl damage). At C6, Faruzan’s Burst periodically applies Pressurized Collapse, which deals Skill DMG — thus, leveling Faruzan’s Skill should be given equal priority to her Burst.

How long does Faruzan’s buff last?

Okay, so when her ult hits enemies it applies the shred for 4 second. At the same time, if it hits enemies it also applies a buff to all nearby characters (the Anemo % buff and Atk scaling buff) for 4 seconds. Each time it hits it resets the timer of 4 seconds, so it can last 16 seconds at c0.

How old is Faruzan?

10 Faruzan, Over 100 Years Old

Faruzan is an Akademiya Scholar hailing from Sumeru.

Is it worth leveling Faruzan?

We only suggest leveling her Burst to 6 to get most of her Anemo DMG Buffs. At C6, it becomes worthwhile to level her Elemental Skill as her Burst procs it and will deal damage alongside Xiao. Her Normal Attack Talent is generally not worth investing into.

Can Faruzan be a battery?

Faruzan’s C6 permits her to be a battery and an off-field DPS, on top of her significant buffing capabilities; this is her best and strongest Constellation.

Is Faruzan good with Wanderer?

C6 Faruzan significantly helps Wanderer’s high energy needs. 3. Faruzan’s minor grouping helps Wanderer’s Normal Attacks to hit multiple enemies in mobs.

Why is Faruzan 100 years old?

Due to technically living longer than others in part due to the King Deshret ruins she had been trapped in, she self-identifies as a senior despite her youthful appearance and demands respect from them.

Which weapon is best for Faruzan?

The best weapons for Faruzan are Energy Recharge weapons. It is not advised to use any non-Energy Recharge weapons unless your Faruzan has C6.

What does Faruzan scale with?

Because the bonus scales with Base ATK, players can’t increase the bonus by using artifacts or ATK buffs. The only way to increase Base ATK is to maximize Faruzan’s level and equip a Bow with a high primary stat.

Does Faruzan need C6?

In fact, Faruzan shouldn’t be used as a support unless players have unlocked her C6, or at the very least, C4.

Does Faruzan have crowd control?

After Faruzan casts her Elemental Skill, she will enter the Manifest Gale state. Faruzan’s next Charged Attack will release a Hurricane Arrow and creates a Pressurized Collapse. This Anemo explosion is important for several reasons: It pulls nearby enemies to the center, crowd-controlling them.

Can Faruzan use Viridescent?

3 Overthinking Faruzan’s Artifact

She can’t properly use Viridescent Venerer since she barely deals Anemo DMG (unless players have her at C6).

Is Faruzan talent important?

Faruzan Has High Resource Requirement

If you’re planning to build Faruzan, you’ll be committing a lot of resources to this character. This is because of a few reasons: Firstly, the Anemo RES shred and Anemo DMG increase from Faruzan’s Elemental Burst scales based on her talent level.

Is Faruzan good at C1?

Faruzan’s C1 is greatly important if players are using Elegy for the End. With this effect, it’d be trivial for her to trigger the Bow’s passive in Genshin Impact.

Does Faruzan C6 generate particles?

Rather, Faruzan generates 2 Anemo Particles only after Pressurized Collapse vortices hit enemies. Faruzan’s Energy production is further hampered by her 5.5s particle generation cooldown, which nullifies any potential of creating extra particles within that window from C1, C6, or Sacrificial Bow.

Who is better Sucrose or Kazuha?

Beyond the damage boost, Kazuha’s so much better at the gathering game, which makes him work with a lot of comps that Sucrose doesn’t. For dendro specifically, Venti looks like he’ll be a great choice, but I didn’t get Venti…

What does Xiangling’s damage scale off of?

The vast majority of her damage comes from her elemental burst. This elemental burst is an excellent way of triggering vaporize and melt, making Elemental Mastery an important stat for Xiangling.

Is Mappa Mare good on Sucrose?

While Mappa Mare is a 4-star Catalyst, it has a balanced kit that can help Sucrose shine in many areas. With Mappa Mare, Sucrose can: Deal mediocre DMG through the weapon’s high Base ATK. Have higher numbers on her Swirl reactions.

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