Is Joshua Dead in FF16?

Not even the power of the Phoenix could protect Joshua from the blaze. That’s how Final Fantasy 16 wants players to think but this is a false narrative. Joshua is actually alive which is one of the game’s bigger early reveals. So, since young Joshua doesn’t bite it, fans may be wondering who does die in the game.

What happens at the end of FF16?

After a long battle, Clive defeats Ultima, using the power of the Eikons. In defeating Ultima, Clive absorbs the god’s power, then uses it in his final act to destroy Origin and cleanse the world of magic and its curse.

How old is Joshua in Final Fantasy 16?

Their first post revealed that Clive’s brother, Joshua Rosfield, Dion Lesage, and Terence were all 23 before the time skip and 28 after. Moving on to older Final Fantasy 16 characters, Lamsam reported that Benedikta Harman is 28, Hugo Kupka is 38, and Cidolfus “Cid” Telamon is 44 years old.

Is Benedikta dead?

While not a great narrative purpose, Benedikta’s death serves a very clear narrative purpose: To solidify how we should feel about Cid and progress Hugo’s story. Cid saves a young Benedikta from two men. Through Benedikta’s death, we see that Cid is not just the Bearers’ savior but a personal savior as well.

Does FF16 have multiple endings?

Final Fantasy 16 Does Not Have Multiple Endings

Square Enix opted to go for a linear narrative for FF16, focusing on a single story arc with a predetermined outcome. This means the storyline remains unaffected regardless of the choices players make during the game, and there are no multiple endings in FF16.

Final Fantasy 16 – Joshua’s Death Scene Will Make You Cry

What is the saddest ending of Final Fantasy?

According to the writer, the moment when Tidus disappears was the saddest moment of all the Final Fantasy series. The love story between Tidus and Yuna in Final Fantasy X has a devastating ending since, as it turns out, Tidus is not a real figure, and he has to disappear at the end of the story.

Who is the hardest boss in FF16?

The 8 Hardest Bosses In Final Fantasy 16

  • 8 Morbol.
  • 7 Imperial Cannonier.
  • 6 Iron Giant.
  • 5 Barnabas.
  • 4 Kupka.
  • 3 Garuda.
  • 2 Behemoth.
  • 1 Ultima.

How did Joshua survive in FF16?

The young Joshua survived the brutal attacks at Phoenix Gate and started hiding after the incident. Joshua survived his fight with Ifrit because, as the Dominant of Phoenix, he was almost immediately healed by his own Eikon, which is known for its regenerative powers.

Were Benedikta and Cid lovers?

Benedikta Harman

She and Cid had an implied relationship after he saved her from slavers in the past, before his desertion embittered her against him. She also conducts an affair with Hugo.

Who kills Joshua Final Fantasy 16?

At the end of FF16’s demo, it seems that Clive kills Joshua when they lose control of their respective Eikons, Ifrit and Phoenix.

How old is Jill in FF16?

After the first jump forward in time, Jill is roughly 25 years old and Torgal is estimated to be 13. The final transition of five more years brings them to around 30 years old for Jill and 18 for Torgal.

Who is the hooded figure in FF16?

The First Hooded Man/The Man Named “Margrace”

Joshua, Dominant of the Phoenix, survived his “death” at the hands of Ifrit and has been traveling Valisthea in search of information on Dominants, Bearers, and the mysterious entity known as “Ultima.”

Is FF16 a prequel to 15?

No. They aren’t gonna suddenly break tradition and make two separate titles have anything to do with each other. No FF is related unless a 2 or subtitle appears after the entry.

Why is Leviathan not in FF16?

Its absence could be due to the potential eradication of its Dominant and the destruction of its crystal. The absence of Leviathan and the lost civilization of The Fallen leave room for potential DLC expansions that explore their stories and provide answers to fans’ questions.

What happens to Jill in FF16?

She runs out of the room and toward a balcony, and Torgal follows her. There, she cries freely for Clive’s passing, and Torgal howls at the moon. Despite the fate of their beloved one, Jill is alive and well at the end of Final Fantasy 16.

Is Noctis alive at the end?

However, the crystal is protected, the light is returned to the world, and the daemons are vanquished. Noctis is given his peace in death, and his friends awaken to a new dawn.

Did Clive revive Joshua?

I think I’m Team “Clive tried to revive Joshua, but sadly was unable to. Clive did survive, in the end, and then went by Joshua’s name after that (like he had Cid’s before) to honor him and wrote the ‘Final Fantasy’ book under the name ‘Joshua Rosfield’ (with his quill from Hapocrates).

Does FF16 have a love story?

Although Final Fantasy 16 promises a darker, mature experience, there will be themes of love and romance evident throughout the story.

Why does cid avoid his sister?

Cid has a tense relationship with his sister, Claire. While she always makes every attempt to inject herself into his life, Cid was annoyed by this and tried desperately to ignore her, even running away from her. Despite everything, Cid genuinely cares for Claire and helps her whenever she gets into trouble.

How is Jill a dominant?

Jill is either born the Dominant, or becomes the Dominant after the Northern Territories are destroyed by the Blight due to not having the protection of a Mothercrystal. The Empire realizes this and invades Rosaria so they can kidnap both Joshua and Jill as children, in order to control both Phoenix and Shiva.

Who are the kids at the end of FF16?

-The after credits scene. We see two kids looking like clive and joshua. Those are clearly clive’s descendents waaaay into the future and the book is most likely written by clive himself.

Are ff14 and FF16 connected?

If anything from Final Fantasy 16 shows up in 14 then players should consider themselves incredibly lucky. Despite being a part of the same series, developers at Square recently confirmed the games do not take place in a shared universe. There are elements that tie the games together though, of course.

Who is the weakest Final Fantasy character?

Final Fantasy: All 21 Main Characters From Weakest To Strongest, Officially Ranked

  • 8 Vaan (Final Fantasy 12)
  • 7 Tidus (Final Fantasy 10)
  • 6 Lightning (Final Fantasy 13)
  • 5 Cecil Harvey (Final Fantasy 4)
  • 4 Yuna (Final Fantasy 10-2)
  • 3 Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy 7)
  • 2 Ramza Beoulve (Final Fantasy Tactics)

Could Noctis beat Sephiroth?

2 Noctis Lucis Caelum From Final Fantasy 15

His physical power and warping abilities is more than enough to take on Sephiroth. He can phase through attacks and warp around the battlefield to put distance between him and his enemies, or build up power for a warp-strike.

What is max level FF16?

Levels are capped at 50

However, reaching this maximum level is no simple task, as the experience points required to ascend are exceedingly high.

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