Is Rei related to Dawn?

Rei & Akari May Be Dawn & Lucas’ Ancestors It’s possible that, rather than being their ancestors in Arceus, Akari and Rei actually are the very same Dawn and Lucas from the modern era, but like most time travel theories this proposition raises more questions than it answers.

Is Rei and Akari Dawn and Lucas?

In all likelihood, Rei is simply Lucas’ Hisuian ancestor. There are plenty of characters in Pokémon Legends: Arceus who closely resemble characters from the modern games and are, thus, presumed to be their ancestors. Likewise, Rei and Akari are probably meant to be ancestors of Lucas and Dawn, respectively.

Is Akari an ancestor of Dawn?

She could possibly be an ancestor of Dawn or Dawn herself (as the player character), but there is no official word on either.

Are Dawn and Lucas in Legends arceus?

Dawn/Lucas are the first two protagonists outside the Kanto ones to also reappear in an older form, being 15 as opposed to 12-ish. The fact they have a shirt from Kalos or Alola respectively implies Arceus snatched them from a journey or while they were on vacation.

Who is Arceus favorite child?

Mew: Mew is the youngest child of Arceus, and his most favored child. Usually, Arceus will allow Mew to get away with anything he wants, simply because Mew is the prodigy of the family.

Rei & Akari Meet Lucas & Dawn – Timeline DESTROYED?

Who is the daughter of Arceus?

Arciella, The Daughter of Arceus – Chapter 1: He’s Gone… Pokemon, Pokemon lugia, Pokemon gijinka.

Is Rei the ancestor of Lucas?

Rei & Akari May Be Dawn & Lucas’ Ancestors

It’s possible that, rather than being their ancestors in Arceus, Akari and Rei actually are the very same Dawn and Lucas from the modern era, but like most time travel theories this proposition raises more questions than it answers.

Did Dawn have a Cyndaquil?

Dawn received her Cyndaquil as an egg after she defeated Kotone in a battle during the Johto Festa in Suiren Town. Team Rocket noticed the egg while they were flying away and Meowth used his extender arm to capture the egg.

Does Dawn own a Cyndaquil?

In the Diamond & Pearl series of the anime, Dawn followed in Ash’s footsteps in terms of raising a Cyndaquil and evolving it into a Quilava. Dawn received the Pokémon as an Egg and cared for it until it hatched.

Is Selene Dawn’s Sister?

Also known as Mene, she is traditionally the daughter of the Titans Hyperion and Theia, and sister of the sun god Helios and the dawn goddess Eos.

Is Beni related to Wally?

Beni the beloved Potato Mochi chef is Wally’s ancestor, but since he’s a chef with green hair could also be related to the Striaton gym brothers.

Is Lian related to Clay?

Lian (Japanese: キクイ Kikui) is a warden tasked with watching over the noble Kleavor, Lord of the Woods, in the Obsidian Fieldlands of Hisui. He is a member of the Pearl Clan. He bears some resemblance to Clay, sporting a similar hat and similar hair styles, but the relationship between the two, if any, is unknown.

How old is Rei and Akari?

Who is Akari related to?

Tristan Thompson has become the temporary guardian of his younger brother Amari. On Wednesday morning, the Superior Court of California, County of Los Angeles granted Thompson temporary guardianship of his 17-year-old brother.

Who is arceus rival?

Purely because she hates our guts. Pokemon rivals have gotten a lot friendlier over the years.

Why did Dawn release Pachirisu?

Catching it turns out to be the easy part, because Dawn’s new Pachirisu turns out to be so hyperactive that it wears everyone out before she can even start to train it! Is Pachirisu really too much for Dawn to handle? Before long, Dawn is convinced that she’s not up to the job and she releases it back into the wild.

Did Dawn have a Togekiss?

Ash and his friends arrive in Arrowroot Town and meet Princess Salvia, a doppelganger of Dawn. Dawn receives a Togekiss as a gift from Salvia.

What hatches from Dawn’s egg?

After winning in the battle contest, Dawn received an egg as a prize. In the same episode, the egg hatched, revealing a young Cyndaquil. Even though it was still young, it wielded powerful moves like Swift and Flame Wheel.

Who is Rei in love with?

During the clash with the Angel Armisael, Rei becomes increasingly aware of her feelings of sadness and affection towards Shinji, towards whom she demonstrates a certain romantic interest. Sadamoto himself described Shinji and Rei’s feelings as mutual love.

Is Rei non Binary?

rei just came out as non-binary via twitter.

Is Rei half angel?

And while Rei is technically a Angel, she’s also technically not. Half and half. Because she is a mix of Yui Ikari and Lilith’s DNA but has the soul of Lilith.

Is mew the daughter of Arceus?

Mew was created by Arceus. Arceus is the first Pokémon. All Pokémon are made in Arceus’s image. Mew may have been the first (doubtedly) Pokémon on Earth, but Arceus was the first being in existence in that universe.

Is palkia Arceus child?

Palkia is one of the four principle gods, usually identified as the god of matter, space, and the cosmos. Historic texts usually depict Palkia as a bipedal winged dragon of white and magenta and studded with pearls. He is one of Arceus’ children, brother of the god Giratina and twin brother of the god Dialga.

What is Arceus real name?

As the deity tells players in the intro to Pokémon Legends: Arceus, the name “Arceus” is simply what humans have chosen to call it. According to Arceus itself, its true name has no equivalent in human language.

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