Is Seele in Star Rail the same as Honkai impact?

Well, not really, since this is a different universe. You already know about Luocha like Otto, or Bronya and Seele themselves being characters in Honkai Impact 3rd. Except, they’re not the same person, just counterparts of the person you knew from the Honkai Impact 3rd universe.

Is Seele from Honkai the same in Star Rail?

Seele of Honkai: Star Rail is the same, even getting her appearance as a result of a mix of the battlesuits Starchasm Nyx (which belongs to Veliona) and Swallowtail Phantasm (Seele’s introductory suit).

Are honkai impact and Star Rail characters the same?

Honkai: Star Rail is a sequel to Honkai Impact 3rd with returning characters and new versions from the franchise and other HoYoVerse games.

Is Star Rail connected to Honkai impact?

It’s been confirmed that the worlds within Honkai: Star Rail, Genshin Impact, and Honkai Impact 3rd are all a part of something called the Imaginary Tree, which was first featured in Honkai Impact 3rd.

Is Honkai: Star Rail the same story as honkai impact?

As many HoYoverse fans know, Honkai: Star Rail shares a name with action RPG Honkai Impact 3rd. While this is the case, the developer has established that the former isn’t a direct sequel, despite featuring similar characters such as Bronya, Seele, and Himeko.

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Should I play Honkai impact before Star Rail?

Absolutely not necessary. Star Rail takes place in a different universe, though they are part of a larger multi-verse.

Is Star Rail canon to Honkai?

The HoYoverse Multiverse is Canon It’s been confirmed that the worlds within Honkai: Star Rail, Genshin Impact, and Honkai Impact 3rd are all a part of something called the Imaginary Tree, which was first featured in Honkai Impact 3rd.

Who is Seele Honkai?

Seele Vollerei is a secondary character of Honkai Impact 3rd. She is the best friend of Bronya Zaychik, and bearer of the 6th Herrscher’s Stigma.

What is the difference between Honkai and Honkai: Star Rail?

Combat-wise, Honkai: Star Rail is turn-based, which is a completely different mechanic from Honkai Impact 3rd’s slasher fighting style. So, players have more freedom to experiment with team compositions as they acquire more characters in Star Rail.

Why is Bronya in Honkai: Star Rail?

In Honkai: Star Rail, Bronya Rand is the commander of the Silvermane Guards and the current Supreme Guardian. She originally came from an orphanage in Rivet Town, which is located in Belobog’s Underworld, where she was adopted by the former Supreme Guardian Cocolia Rand.

Are Bronya and Seele canon?

Bronya/Seele is a canon couple from honkai impact who grew up tgt in the same orphanage and was raised by the director of the orphanage!!

What is the difference between honkai impact and Bronya Star Rail?

The only difference is that both Bronya and Seele were raised in Cocolia Orphanage in the other game, making Cocolia their adoptive mother. The only difference in Honkai: Star Rail is that Cocolia is the Supreme Guardian of Belobog, who only adopted Bronya.

Is Himeko from Honkai the same from Star Rail?

Himeko is undeniably the new version of Murata Himeko in Honkai: Star Rail, but there appear to be some initial differences in her role and personality. However, as players delve deeper into the story of Honkai: Star Rail, they may discover more similarities than initially thought.

How old is Seele in Honkai: Star Rail?

A member of Wildfire in Honkai: Star Rail, Seele is currently available through the banner event. She’s a Quantum character on the Hunt path. For age, she’s between 23 and 25 years old and stands at 5’4″ tall.

Did Seele and Bronya kiss?

Before leaving, Seele gifted Bronya with the robot Project Bunny 19c, who became Bronya’s main weapon, and kissed her. “I gave you my first kiss, Bronya!

Does Bronya love Seele?

Seele is a fellow member of the orphanage. She is Bronya’s closest friend and love interest. When Bronya was taken into the orphanage, she became roommates with Seele, and they grew close.

Who is the strongest character in Honkai: Star Rail?

Dan Heng’s dragon form Imbibitor Lunae is in Honkai: Star Rail. This is the strongest character yet, topping the charts in both single-target damage and multi-target damage. He’s very skill point hungry, though, needing up to three skill points per turn to reach his maximum damage output.

Is Honkai: Star Rail story finished?

The main story for the first two planets is already finished, but you’ll not have any more main quests after Trailblaze Level 34 in The Xianzhou Luofu.

Is Honkai: Star Rail a sequel to Honkai?

“We’d like to emphasize that Honkai Star Rail is not a direct sequel to Honkai Impact 3rd but a new game for everyone. Except for Welt, every previous character in the series will show up with brand-new identities in Star Rail, so players do not need to worry about its connection with other games.”

Why do Seele’s eyes turn red?

Seela’s eyes turn red during her ultimate, which could be a nod to her Honkai impact. Their counterpart. who add 2 personalities, the kind and sweet Seela. and the ruthless red eyed Villiona.

Why does Seele have 7 eyes?

SEELE’s logo is a reference to biblical descriptions of God having seven eyes (Zechariah 3:9, the “stone with seven eyes”, and Revelation 5:6, where the Lamb of God has seven eyes). Broderick writes, “Anno’s project is a postmodernist retelling of the Genesis myth, as his series title implies—Neon Genesis Evangelion.

Who is Seele in love with?

Seele’s heart is full of gratitude and love for Bronya, taking this opportunity as an opportunity to form a friendship with Bronya and become close friends.

Which main character is canon Honkai: Star Rail?

There is no “canon mc” in starrail, and both MCs have been used relatively equally in promo material.

Which twin to choose in Star Rail?

The thing is, there isn’t any difference between them. They both have the same stats, and it only comes down to which gender you want to use, and which you like the look of better. Personally I think the design on the boy was better made, but it is all your choice.

What is the female name in Honkai: Star Rail Trailblazer?

The player gets to choose either Stelle (female) or Caelus (male), along with their Receptacle Codename.

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