Is Vi a bad guy Arcane?

Vi is the protagonist of the Netflix Series, Arcane, where she is portrayed as the hero.

Is Vi a villain in Arcane?

7 Vi Is Given The Protagonist Treatment

While she might not be quite as dynamic of a character as her sister, Arcane makes it very easy to root for Vi. Her heroic nature is hidden beneath her gruff and tough exterior, but overall she still remains an able successor to Vander’s legacy.

Is Vi a good person Arcane?

Is Vi in Arcane good? Vi is a sassy and direct person that greatly values family and things being fair, which caused her to hate Piltover during her teenage years and, later, hates Silco even more. She is forgiving as shown with how quick she goes to save Powder after she killed Mylo and Claggor.

Who is the villain Arcane?

Of course, one can’t talk about villains in Arcane without bringing up Jinx’s employer and father figure, Silco. The sinister, scar-faced schemer is introduced as a vicious crime lord with ambitions of ruling the Undercity.

Does Jinx hate Vi?

Not Silco. Now Silco, becoming her new #1 supporter isn’t nothing, but Vi…. Even though Jinx has so many complicated and negative feelings towards her sister, including a bit of hatred, Vi so important and fundamental to Jinx.

Is Jinx a HERO or a VILLAIN? (Arcane THEORY)

What is Jinx’s mental illness?

The Animated Netflix series, Arcane (TV series) presents the story of two sisters suffering from extreme trauma. Fans trust Jinx suffers from borderline personality disorder, PTSD and Schizophrenia, while Vi has extreme childhood trauma.

Is Jinx obsessed with VI?

Jinx’s ultimate endgame, and her obvious obsession with Vi, both remain a mystery, but one thing is certain: her crimes are continuing and growing in sheer audacity.

Did Silco groom Jinx?

Silco has always pushed Jinx to violence and used her to do his dirty work, whether that meant stealing or killing. She was his very own soldier of death. Something no loving father should groom their child into.

Is vi older than caitlyn?

Both Overton and Silco himself believe Caitlyn and Vi to be around the same age, with maybe a year between them.

What was Jinx’s motive?

Jinx is a common criminal, albeit a particularly trigger-happy one. There isn’t much motivation behind her crimes. She just likes to mess with Piltover because she thinks it is super stuck-up.

What is Vi’s goal in Arcane?

Basic: She has one mission

Vi’s journey throughout the first season can be summed up in a mantra: ‘Find Powder, Save her from Silco’. And that is what fuels her for 10 years in prison, almost becoming an innate need.

Who is Vi dating in Arcane?

Vi and Caitlyn’s romance becomes official in Arcane’s final act – and it’s adorable. Vi and Caitlyn sit at the centre of Arcane, their relationship helping give the world of Runeterra a level of humanity that few others in the show have managed.

Who is Vi’s love interest Arcane?

Furthermore, in the final Act of Arcane, we saw both Caitlyn and Vi implying their feelings for each other multiple times. When captured by Vi, Jinx refers to Caitlyn as Vi’s girlfriend, and it was out of love for Vi that Caitlyn doesn’t shoot Vi’s sister.

Is Caitlyn in love with Vi?

Furthermore, in the final Act of Arcane, we saw both Caitlyn and Vi implying their feelings for each other multiple times.

What does Vi’s face tattoo mean?

When she was asked what her name was, she didn’t know, so she was known by the letters tattooed on her face: Vi, which is the Roman numeral for 6. When Vi was an inmate she was known as Inmate 516 which was a reference to her name in Roman numerals VIVI.

Does Vi like caitlyn in Arcane?

One relationship that caught viewers’ interest in particular was between Caitlyn, an enforcer in Piltover, and the undercity rebel, Vi. Vi affectionately named Caitlyn ‘Cupcake’, and there was clearly chemistry between the two, though nothing romantic was officially made clear.

Do Caitlyn and Vi break up?

Caitlyn then caresses Vi’s face and Vi holds her hand. After the Council decides not to help them, Vi breaks her relation with Caitlyn, quoting they are not compatible to each other, them being “Oil and Water”.

Is Vi’s hair pink or red?

Vi is tall, athletic, and light-skinned. She wears common punk street fashion typical for Zaunite and Piltovan youth. Her most noticeable features are her mechanical augment- inspired tattoos across her entire back and arms (including a VI tattoo on her left cheek), as well as her natural pink hair.

Does Vi lose her memory?

THE ORIGINS OF VI, THE PILTOVER ENFORCER. Vi know nothing of where she came from or who even her parents are, her amnesia robbed her of these memories. However she is glad she doesn’t, gives you less reasons to be sad about your lost childhood.

Why does Silco inject his eye?

Despite this, he couldn’t bring himself to forgive Vander for his actions and began to plot his revenge against his former friend. His injures also never fully healed and as a result, he was forced to periodically inject medicine into his left eye in order to keep his illness from going out of control.

Did Silco truly love Jinx?

The artists behind the show *meant* for the viewers to understand that Silco loves Jinx and comes to realise she’s as good as a “daughter” to him and that she matters more than his dreams of Zaun.

Is Silco actually Vanders brother?

It’s revealed in the first few episodes that the two opposing characters has a history together, being as close to one another as brothers. They may not be biologically; rather, they’re chosen brothers — two people who likely grew up alone on the streets and looked out for one another.

Who had a crush on Jinx?

League of Legends

Ekko has a voice line when taunting Jinx saying that he had a crush on her, until she started talking to the gun.

Who has crush on Jinx?

While Cyborg was undercover at the H.I.V.E Academy, Jinx falls in love and went to the dance with him. It turns out they both had crushes on each other when Bumble Bee admits she read a little more on his disc about the huge crush on Jinx.

When did Jinx come out?

Jinx is a character in Riot Games’ League of Legends media franchise. She was introduced as a playable champion in the October 2013 update for the 2009 video game of the same name, which was complemented by the animated music video “Get Jinxed” to commemorate her official debut.

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