Should Astarion become a vampire?

At the same time, after the ritual is interrupted, there is an option to let Astarion become Vampire Ascendant in Baldur’s Gate 3 or stop him. On the one hand, he will gain enormous power that he could never dream of. But on the other hand, this will lead to the death of many innocent spawns.

What happens if you let Astarion complete the ritual?

If you let him ascend he’s basically the next Cazador. Maybe he’s not as sadistic, not as obviously evil at first… But he’ll get there. That’s what the ritual does.

Why is Astarion not a true vampire?

About vampire spawn

They may only regain their free-will through the death of their creator, or reciprocally drinking their masters blood to become a true vampire. Astarion is a notable exception to this rule, regaining his free will through being infected by a tadpole.

Can Astarion turn good?

Astarion’s Good Ending Comes With A Cost In Baldur’s Gate 3

The morally good ending for Astarion is not letting him take Cazador’s place in the ritual to become an Ascendant Vampire.

Does Astarion become evil if he ascends?

Astarion gains more raw combat power, and it’s implied that his powers will continue to grow exponentially after the game’s ending. However, Vampire Ascendant Astarion also permanently changes, becoming more arrogant, cruel, and power-hungry.

Astarion becomes Ascendant Vampire after beating Cazador | Baldur’s Gate 3

Will Astarion break up with you?

If you tell his siblings ‘You can take him’ when they come to camp at night, and then choose ‘I wish they had’, ‘I panicked in the moment!’, or fail the check for ‘I was only teasing you.’, Astarion will break up with you.

What happens if Astarion becomes vampire ascendant?

If Astarion ascends and becomes a Vampire Lord he has control over an army of the undead, who he can use as he wishes to smite anyone who threatens his rule. It’s full, unchecked power.

Can Astarion have a happy ending?

Despite gaining freedom from Cazador’s control and stopping a deadly ritual, the morally good ending for Astarion doesn’t give him true freedom. The only difference in his life is not being controlled, but he mentions that being able to stand in the sun was nice while it lasted, giving his ending a melancholic feeling.

Can you convince Astarion not to ascend?

You can simply tell him no, and he’ll slump off into the woods to find something he can eat. If you decide you can no longer trust him, you can tell him to leave the party for good.

Can you keep Astarion without ascending him?

Option 3: Refuse To Help Astarion Ascend Exasperated, Astarion will kill Cazador in the same way as above. However, after this, regardless of your approval rating and relationship status with Astarion, he will permanently leave your party.

Should I let Astarion ascend reddit?

Hot Take: the only reason letting Astarion ascend is considered immoral is bc of the evil person he becomes afterward, but without knowledge of that, the choice to go through with the ritual can very easily be justified, and that’s honestly why I think it is such an interesting story.

Can you get Astarion back?

Astarion is not a hero of any kind. If you decide to raid the Grove willingly, he’ll actually approve of your actions. If you ever choose, you can come back to recruit him, granted you didn’t do anything that would cause him to flee the premises.

Is Astarion good or bad?

Asterion is basically evil the entire time and I don’t see much hope of him changing his ways(though you can kind of aim him into being more productive). Shadowheart is basically good at the start and you can definitely make her good and probably get her to turn more evil if you want.

What is the good ending for Astarion?

Despite gaining freedom from Cazador’s control and stopping a deadly ritual, the morally good ending for Astarion doesn’t give him true freedom. The only difference in his life is not being controlled, but he mentions that being able to stand in the sun was nice while it lasted, giving his ending a melancholic feeling.

What is the best ending for Astarion?

You can convince Astarion not to go through with the ritual with a Persuasion check, leading him to simply kill Cazador. This route results in a more benevolent and “good” Astarion.

How do you get Astarion to reveal he’s a vampire?

Traveling with Astarion

After a couple of long rests, you’ll wake to find Astarion attempting to drink your blood, revealing himself as a vampire. Allowing him to drink improves his approval and performance (+1 to ability rolls until a long rest) and he gains the ability to drink blood, in or out of combat.

Why can Astarion be in the sun?

Because Astarion is a vampire whose depiction matches that of many popular vampires, he would burn if exposed to sunlight. Due to the Mind Flayer tadpole’s effects on his body, this is no longer the case as he can safely travel alongside the party during the daylight hours.

Should I bring Astarion to Cazador?

If you’re travelling with Astarion, unlink him and leave him there. Then relink the rest of your party, and head to where Cazador lurks. As long as Astarion is outside the conversation bubble, Cazador won’t be able to start a ritual that grants him extra healing every turn – thus making him vulnerable to attack.

How many endings does Astarion have?

Ultimately, if Astarion does not leave your party permanently or get killed during the progress of his story quest, his storyline can be broken down into two endings: one where he becomes the Vampire Ascendant, and one where he remains a Vampire Spawn.

Should you ask Astarion about his scars?

Apparently, you should always ask Astarion about his scar for the scar-reading scene to appear.

How to seduce Astarion?

How to romance Astarion in Baldur’s Gate 3

  1. Supporting his whims.
  2. Showing support for him concerning his condition.
  3. Aligning with characters typically referred to as monsters, such as devils and goblins.
  4. Being ruthless.
  5. Displaying dramatics.
  6. Presenting displays of power.
  7. Appreciating fine things.
  8. Demonstrating cruelty.

How do you get Astarion to like you?

Astarion Approval List

  1. Supporting his desires.
  2. Being supportive of his nature and condition.
  3. Aligning yourself with creatures of evil nature, such as goblins or devils.
  4. Being ruthless to people he views as weak.
  5. Demonstrating your power over others.
  6. Appreciation for the fine arts.
  7. Being cruel to others.
  8. Letting him bite you.

Is Astarion a full vampire after killing Cazador?

Astarion mentions that the only way to become a true Vampire is to drink the blood of the master who made him into a Vampire Spawn – in this case, Cazador. However, when facing Cazador with Astarion in the party, there’s no option for him to drink his blood to become a true Vampire before killing him.

How old was Astarion when he was turned?

Astarion was 39 years old when Cazador turned him. The poems inscribed by Cazador on Astarion’s back are actually linked to the Ascension Ritual.

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