Should I help Zoe or stay in car Road 96?

You are given the option to either stay in the car or try to save her. If you stay in the car, she is taken away and the couple will drive you to your next encounter. If you try to save her, you fail, but the cop will not arrest you. You are then left on the side of the road and have to walk to the next encounter.

What happens if you try to save Zoe at the border in Road 96?

Even if you successfully start the fire to distract the police and grab the keys, they will turn up and capture both Zoe and the player before she can be freed. Zoe will inevitably be taken and then escape with the help of the Black Brigades.

How do you save Zoe from the van?

The table the police were at should be on the right. Make sure they’re not looking and run up and grab the keys. Head back to the van. Open the front left door near Zoe to grab the HANDCUFF KEY, and then select the option to Save Zoe to earn this trophy.

How to survive Road 96?

Tips and Tricks

Keep close attention to the characteristics and history each character tells you in order to survive and/or take advantage of every situation. Alternate between modes of transportation as much as possible. Don’t be afraid to lower your karma if you have to, it’s not too difficult to regain it later.

How to save Road 96?

The game saves every time you travel, when the screen comes up that tells you how long you have until the border.

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What happens if I don’t save Zoe?

Zoe used to go to a prep school before leaving home. If you choose to sacrifice yourself at the border, Zoe will show up at the ending of the game, either dying by a cop if you choose to flee, or witnessing a teen dying if you choose to join the fight. Kaito is the one to give her the nickname “Z”, and she calls him K.

Can you save Zoe and Live Road 96?

Zoe won’t be spared at the conclusion of the story, the day of the election, even after escaping Petria, unless the young kid Alex survives as well. To make sure that Alex survives, and in turn that both John and Zoe make it out alive, the player needs to achieve the “election” ending.

How do you keep Zoe alive?

The actual path to success in Zoe’s survival begins when she tries to get over the border with the help of a player character. Many of the choices along the way are irrelevant, just keeping moving with her towards the exit on the wall and when prompted with the choice to save her or leave, choose to save her.

Is there a bad ending in Road 96?

The “Ignore” Ending

In this ending, the bleakest of the three available, several main characters will die even though the player character will escape. The player will get a choice during the riots, after the stand-off with Alex, Fanny, and John, to escape or stay and fight.

Does karma matter in Road 96?

You also have to pay attention to your karma and political disposition. Karma affects your percentage rolls, and political disposition affects the fate of Petria. Karma is either gained or reduced by your moral decisions.

Should I help Mia or Zoe?

You must decide which one to save, and this will lead you to two endings. If you choose Mia, she rescues Ethan when he’s captured by Eveline and they’re both later rescued by Chris Redfield. If you choose Zoe, Eveline kills Zoe and Ethan is forced to kill Mia later, and he alone is rescued by Chris.

Can you get Zoe to travel with you Road 96?

If you play the trumpet for her, you’ll receive a collectible casette tape. After this you can choose to travel ahead with Zoe or go separate ways.

What happens if you choose Zoe and not Mia?

For me the change was pretty light, if you prefer Zoe you won’t see Mia in the final, you’ll fight against her and see she dying. But if you choose Mia you’ll end up with her in the chopper.

How much money do you need to get smuggled in Road 96?

You can pay $10 to have the smuggler help you both, and she’ll take you up to a checkpoint where she’ll ask for another $25 to bribe the guard. Once the transaction between them is finished, she’ll lead you both to a portion of the wall that is scalable.

Do I join the fight or escape Road 96?

If you choose to join the fight, you’ll probably die in an cut scene that immediately follows — just a heads up. If you choose to escape, you’ll probably survive. Check out the full list of chapters and events you may encounter on the main Road 96 Walkthrough page.

Will Road 96 get a sequel?

The popular adventure role-playing video game Road 96 is all set to get a sequel that focuses on the friendship of two characters. Ravenscourt, the publisher of the critically acclaimed game Road 96, has announced a prequel to the game, set to expand on the beloved world of the original.

Is Zoe dead on Road 96?

If you choose to sacrifice yourself at the border, Zoe will show up at the ending of the game, either dying by a cop if you choose to flee, or witnessing a teen dying if you choose to join the fight.

What’s the best ending in Road 96?

The Election Ending provides a more hopeful outlook to conclude your road trip, especially in comparison to the Escape ending, where you flee from the consequences. After dealing with Alex, Fanny and John, you must once again choose to stay and fight rather than flee.

Who is the killer in the Road 96?

Jarod Thompson is one of the main 8 characters in Road 96. After his daughter, Lola, died during the peak collapse of ’86, Jarod became a serial killer while using his occupation as a taxi driver as a cover and a way to lure his victims.

How to free Zoe from Cops Road 96?

On the encounter where you find Zoe handcuffed to the outside of the cop van if you set off the radio antenna and then go around the right side of the gas station, the cops will find you before you get a chance to get the key from the picnic table and undo the cuffs on Zoe.

What happens if you inject Zoe?

Ending 2 – If you choose to give the Serum to Zoe, Ethan will awkwardly run off with Zoe in the boat leaving Mia behind to fend for herself. As the pair reach the Wrecked Ship, Eveline will kill Zoe, and Ethan will still be captured.

How many endings are in Road 96 Mile 0?

ROAD 96: MILE 0 – Ranking All 4 Endings From Best to Worst and How to Get them – YouTube. Road 96: Mile 0 is a Narrative-Adventure game with a musical component created by DigixArt, the French studio behind the successful Road 96, 11-11 Memories Retold and 5 Pegases Awards winner.

Is Road 96 Based on a true story?

According to the developer, the story of the game was inspired by the works of Quentin Tarantino, the Coen Brothers, and Bong Joon-ho. It was inspired by different works of fiction, from The Goonies to Porco Rosso.

Is it faster to save Mia or Zoe?

Is the fastest? always mia ending, is fast, if you choose zoe, then you have to fight mia again, and kill her, because also zoe dies, just like mia so (bad ending), choosing mia ending, she lives and zoe lives also.

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