Should I pull for Ganyu or Nahida?

Nahida. Doesn’t matter what roster you have, she’s better than Ganyu. Nahida’ll probably do more damage with a 3* weapon (Magic Guide) than Ganyu would do with Skyward Harp. Though Ganyu is a better comfort character as far as world map stuff goes, but Ganyu isn’t the best in that regard these days.

Is pulling for Ganyu worth it?

Ganyu is one of the best DPS characters in Genshin Impact. Her versatility and ease of use put her among the most favored Genshin Impact units. However, many players found her straightforward playstyle “boring”, and thus choose to skip her banner despite the large damage potential she has.

Should I pull Nahida?

To summarize, players should pull for Nahida if they: Don’t want to bother with finding the best weapon. Have a strong set of Deepwood or Gilded Dreams, or are ready to farm them.

Is Ganyu still the strongest DPS?

Combined with a few Cryo buffs and Melt reaction, she can easily deal over 150,000 damage on every charged attack. Even without any reactions, Ganyu is the most stable DPS character who can deal massive damage at any point and any range.

Should I pull for Ganyu or wait?

To summarize, players should pull for Ganyu if they: Have Amos’ Bow, Blackcliff Warbow, or Prototype Crescent. Have Wanderer’s Troupe or Shimenawa’s Reminiscence artifacts.

Did Nahida Just Buff Ganyu in Genshin Impact!?

Is Ganyu hard to use?

One big reason that Ganyu isn’t for everyone is that aiming in Genshin Impact is one of the worst feelings in the game. It’s clunky and doesn’t have many options for adjustment. That’s why playing Ganyu on a controller automatically means lower DPS output.

Should I ascend Ganyu to 90?

You can simply get her to 80/90 and just keep her at that LV, or make her 81 if you want to show that you fully ascended her. I wouldn’t suggest going to lv90. The exp requirements are too high and as you said, the upgrade isn’t that great either.

Who is the top 1 DPS in Genshin?

Hu Tao and Raiden Shogun are considered the best DPS characters in Genshin Impact, as they can trigger multiple elemental reactions with their Pyro and Electro abilities. DPS stands for Damage Per Second, and these characters will be responsible for the majority of damage dealt in your combat rotations.

Who is the top 1 DPS in Genshin Impact?

At the moment, Eula still holds the current highest record for the single biggest attack damage done in Genshin Impact.

Who is the strongest Dendro character?

At number one, we have Genshin Impact’s strongest Dendro character – none other than the Dendro Archon herself, Nahida. Sumeru’s Archon wields a Catalyst, and is the best Dendro applicator in the game, as all of her attacks deal Dendro damage.

Why is Nahida so weak?

Why is Nahida weak? Venti once quoted, “The more people worship archons, the more powerful they’ll be,” and since Rukkhadevata’s demise, the people of Sumeru abandoned Nahida and rejected her as their god.

Who should I pair Nahida with?

This Nahida team comp in Genshin Impact focuses on triggering Hyperbloom. Nahida, Kokomi, and Dendro MC will create the Dendro Cores, while Raiden Shogun will be the one triggering them. In this team, players can use Raiden and Kokomi to act as the Main DPS.

What is Nahida best for?

Nahida is a Dendro DPS that will fulfill nearly all of your Dendro application needs, whether she is played on-field or off-field. Her Elemental Skill damages and applies Dendro on up to eight enemies multiple times with just a single Skill use.

Is Ganyu worth it in 2023?

Besides being a character that applies Cryo pretty well, which is a strong element to use, Ganyu has great damage potential thanks to her kit. Her ability of charged attacks that can hit groups of enemies makes her one of the best characters in the game.

Who should I pull Zhongli or Ganyu?

Players who have no issues with high levels of investment should pull for Ganyu – who is one of the best Cryo characters in Genshin Impact – as she requires plenty of support characters to maximize her potential.

Should I skip ganyu banner?

It’s because of her ease of use and overall versatility that we recommend pulling on the Ganyu banner rerun. However, if you’re aiming to save all your Primogems for the new Sumeru characters or Kokomi, then you can always skip the Ganyu banner.

Who is the best DPS at C0 Genshin?

Genshin Impact Best Characters Tier List

  • C0. Alhaitham. Main DPS. C0. Kazuha. Support. C0. Kokomi. Support. C0. …
  • A. C0. Albedo. Sub DPS. C0. Ayaka. Main DPS. C0. Baizhu. Support. …
  • B. C0. Ayato. Main DPS. C0. Cyno. Main DPS. C0. Ganyu. Main DPS. …
  • C. C0. Dehya. Support. C0. Diluc. Main DPS. C0. Eula. Main DPS. …
  • D. C0. Aloy. Sub DPS. C0. Qiqi. Support. C6. Traveler (Anemo)

Who are the top 3 DPS in Genshin?

Noelle, despite being known for her healing abilities, can be a main DPS character due to her wide range of Geo Damage and high Defense stat. DPS characters like Lyney, Neuvillette, and Ganyu offer powerful elemental abilities and are considered some of the best in their respective elements.

Who is the most underrated DPS Genshin?

Heizou is one of Genshin Impact’s most underrated 4-star characters simply because of how strong he can be and how little of that is actually shown in his character preview sessions. His Anemo DPS can rival the damage output of some superstars like Wanderer and Xiao, despite needing an advanced Constellation.

Who is the weakest 5 star DPS in Genshin Impact?

As a result, Qiqi is now considered one of the worst 5-star characters in the game. When it comes to dealing and applying cryo damage, Qiqi is also mediocre. Her skill and burst both have long cooldowns, making them impractical and clunky. Moreover, Qiqi has no Energy generation, so she’s generally unreliable.

Who is the best hydro DPS in Genshin?

Ayato is one of the Hydro element’s best Main On-field DPS characters due to his great damage output and ability to set up great Elemental Reactions.

What weapon will lyney use?

Bows that enhance Elemental DMG, Charged Attack DMG, and Crit DMG are the ideal weapons for Lyney in Genshin Impact. The combination between Pyro and Bow is not unfamiliar to Genshin Impact players. The literal first playable character Travelers meet, Amber, also has this combo for her gameplay.

What boss drop does Ganyu need?

Defeating Childe at his weekly boss fight is a necessary step in leveling up Ganyu’s talents, as you need the Shadow of the Warrior item that he can drop.

Does Ganyu sleep a lot?

Due to her dedication at work, she works as the General Secretary for Liyue Qixing. Because of her special status as half-qilin Adeptus, she can sleep for a few days to ensure everything is in order, making her sleepy constantly.

What talent to prioritize on Ganyu?

When leveling up Ganyu’s talents, you’ll want to prioritize her Normal Attack first, since this will affect her Charged Attack as well. After that, focus on her Burst and then her Skill.

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