Should you pull the knife out of Ryan?

Upon running away, players must not PULL KNIFE out of Ryan’s body as he’ll die from blood loss, and the knife can be used later as a weapon.

What happens if you pull the knife out of Ryan The Quarry?

Pulling the knife out doesn’t kill Ryan, but it makes a decision for you by removing the knife from the situation. If you survive the hiding section and still have the knife, Ryan has the option to stab Bobby.

What happens if Ryan doesn’t stab Bobby?

If Bobby was not stabbed, he will protect his family from Chris and will be able to get out of it alive, leaving Chris to attack Ryan instead. If he was stabbed, he will get his throat mauled, leaving his parents If he survives this encounter, he is not seen again for the rest of the game.

Is Ryan bad in The Quarry?

In a game with nine playable characters, Ryan is one of two characters that can be declared the main protagonist. Brooding, sarcastic, stubborn, and pedantic, Ryan plays an essential role in The Quarry. Just like the other characters, Ryan has his admirable moments alongside his unsavory ones.

What happens if Ryan pulls the trigger?

If Ryan pulled the trigger on Laura, she will call him a psychopath, as it is a big no-no to shoot someone at point blank with a sawed-off shotgun.

The Quarry: How to Save Ryan?

What happens if Ryan kisses Dylan?

Unfortunately, the kiss decision does not impact story choices that lead to different endings. Keeping characters alive is usually determined by the player’s success with Quick-Time Events and life-or-death choices towards The Quarry’s ending.

Does Ryan survive getting stabbed?

In the finale, Ryan is able to smear his face with blood to protect himself from Silas. While confronting the Hackett family at their mansion, Ryan gets mortally stabbed in the side by Bobby. Reunited with Laura, he can agree to be bitten by her to heal the wound.

Who does Ryan have a crush on The Quarry?

Later in the game, Ryan will be asked if he prefers Dylan or Kaitlyn. If you made choices that were meant to advance their relationship, Ryan will admit that he’s closer to Dylan than he is to Kaitlyn.

Does Kaitlyn have a crush on Ryan The Quarry?

As early as Chapter 1, it is established through dialogue with Jacob that Kaitlyn has a thing for Ryan, citing a catty line in which she sarcastically comments on Ryan’s “sexy, brooding, loner” personality doing “nothing for her, at all”.

Did Ryan have a crush on Laura The Quarry?

Later in the game, Ryan tells Laura that he knows they’re both interested, but he isn’t sure he’s interested in either of them. Cutting back to Kaitlyn and Dylan, the two express that Ryan is interested in Laura. Despite having a boyfriend, Laura and Ryan share some great chemistry.

Does Ryan live if you bite him?

He is the only character you will need to get infected in the game. When given the option, do not pull away from Laura when she’s about to bite you. Towards the end, he will get cured and live. If you refuse the bite, Ryan will die.

Should you shoot Bobby as Ryan?

If Ryan takes a shot at Bobby, the big guy will run away, dropping a vial in the process. This vial contains wolf’s blood, and is an essential item needed in chapter 10. The blood will mask the human scent as a way of protection when Ryan, Laura, and Travis go out to find Silas.

Who kills Ryan in The Quarry?

Devoured By Werewolf Chris

If Ryan shoots a lycanthropic Laura and subsequently fails to shoot Chris, he will eventually be mauled, mashed, and murdered by werewolf Chris inside the Hackett house.

How do you make Ryan survive?

Preparations To Make Ryan Survive

In chapter nine, after being stabbed and running away, DON’T PULL THE KNIFE or else Ryan will die from blood loss. Additionally, the knife can be used later to stab Bobby Hackett, so he doesn’t kill Ryan after the latter shoots Travis.

Should Max swim to shore or stay?

Players can either jump in the water and swim, or they can choose to Stay. To keep Max alive, do NOT jump in the water. Walking through the forest guarantees Max’s survival. If he tries to swim, he’ll get his throat ripped out by Caleb, making all that effort in keeping him alive through other characters for nothing.

What happens if Ryan kisses Kaitlyn The Quarry?

If he kisses Kaitlyn, it will be very brief and no one will cheer. A message reading “Dylan is a little disappointed” will appear. Regardless of who he kisses, Ryan will comment that he’s “always happy to please” after the kiss.

What happens if Abi doesn’t kiss Nick?

If we kiss him, the exchange between Nick and Abi will end, starting the next part of the scene (you can skip to it here). However, if we don’t kiss him, we’ll get a little more dialogue that fleshes out Abi and Nick’s relationship while still getting the option to kiss him later.

Does Kaitlyn freeze to death in The Quarry?

Kaitlyn can potentially freeze to death in two different playthroughs, the first coming as she accidentally locks herself inside the freezer while alone. The second comes when she accidentally traps herself inside the freezer along with werewolf Caleb. If playback doesn’t begin shortly, try restarting your device.

Did Kaitlyn hook up with Jacob The Quarry?

Picking the former will have her say truth no matter what and here, Ryan can ask two different kinds of questions: Mischievous: Ryan asks Kaitlyn if she ever slept with Jacob, to which she answers no. She only practiced kissing with him in seventh grade and realized he’s like a brother to her.

Who is Emma’s boyfriend in The Quarry?

Jacob is Emma’s former summer fling that she ended the day before the end of camp.

What happens if Jacob picks up Emma’s bracelet?

Emma’s Bracelet

While this item is not a clue or potential evidence, it will have a significant impact on the story, should you end up on said path due to your choices and decisions made throughout the game. Picking up this bracelet will also unlock the 15th path, Keepsakes.

What is Ryan’s real name in The Quarry?

Justice Smith: Ryan Erzahler

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Which werewolf do I shoot in The Quarry?

To do so, you have to kill Silas, the White Wolf, at the end of The Quarry. This event will lift the curse and most of your infected characters will be healed. To kill Silas, you need to keep Laura alive and make her work with Travis. They will find Silas and you’ll be able to shoot him.

Who bites Dylan The Quarry?

During Silas’ attack on the radio hut, Dylan gets his left arm bitten, which prompts Ryan to possibly amputate it. It will then be bandaged by Kaitlyn. Alternatively, Dylan can be bitten in the forearm and/or arm by werewolf Emma and Silas, respectively.

What happens if you don’t break into the cabin The Quarry?

If the bags are left behind, the cabin door remains locked for the rest of the game, blocking access to the items and collectibles inside.

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