Should you side with Auntie Ethel?

Helping Auntie Ethel in Baldur’s Gate 3 isn’t without its benefits, but it also incurs a major drawback that generally outweighs the advantages it offers. Supporting her and fighting the men will put the protagonist in Auntie Ethel’s good graces, securing an official invitation to her teahouse in the swamp.

What happens if you let Auntie Ethel live?

She offered me power (AKA, an ability point) if I let her live and gave her Mayrina. I could negotiate and offer just Mayrina’s unborn child, or persuade Ethel to give me the ability point and Mayrina while being happy I let her live.

Can you save Auntie Ethel’s victims?

Yes it is quite possible and easy to save them all. You cannot save any of the prisoners in her lair prior to the fight as removing the mask will kill them since she is actively holding the spell on everyone.

Should I tell Mayrina that Auntie Ethel killed her brothers?

Don’t tell her about her brothers – Ethel will teleport Mayrina away. Then, if you tell her about the tadpole parasite in your brain, she says that she might be able to help.

When to fight Auntie Ethel?

There are many treasures to take from Auntie Ethel, so manage encumbrance by selling down to a vendor or leaving unnecessary items back at camp. While a low-level party can “cheese” the encounter, it’s probably best to attempt this fight at level ten or higher.

Save Vanra and Mayrina or side with Ethel outcomes – Baldur’s Gate 3

What should I do with Auntie Ethel?

Once you get Ethel’s health low enough, she will stop the fight and ask to make you a deal. She will beg you to leave and let her keep Mayrina in exchange for her giving you power. This takes the form of an ability boost. You can agree, or bargain/threaten your way into leaving with both options.

What happens if you let Auntie Ethel take your eye?

First off, your character will visually get a whited out eye. This will give you the Paid the Price condition, meaning you have +1 on Intimidation checks but disadvantage on Perception checks or when you’re fighting Hags.

Should I keep Ethel alive?

There’s a skill check to get both the hair and Mayrina, but this leaves Ethel alive which dooms the Mask. Killing Ethel saves the Mask and Mayrina, but prevents you from getting the hair.

Is Auntie Ethel evil?

Ethel’s sweet and “generous” persona was merely a guise to pursue her own selfish aims, which she furthered by manipulation, outright lies, and various forms of torture. She was thoroughly evil in how she used others, exploiting their greatest desires or fears for her own gain.

Where is Mayrina after killing Ethel?

With the wand in hand (along with anything else not nailed down), head a little farther north to find a teleporting Mushroom Circle. That sends you back aboveground into the Putrid Bog. Just a little northwest of the other end of the circle, you’ll find Mayrina standing next to her husband’s coffin.

How do I save the girl from Auntie Ethel?

Mayrina’s cage will also be set ablaze, and she’ll die if the cage reaches 0 HP. So, in order to save Mayrina, be sure to send someone over to the control orb on the far side of the room to save her. Ethel may also attempt to make Mayrina seem like an illusion.

Should I give the wand to Mayrina?

If players keep the wand, they get a temporary summoned minion to command in battle. Mayrina will also hate the player. If players give the wand to Mayrina, she will return to Baldur’s Gate and try to help her husband adjust to life.

Does Auntie Ethel come back?

After Ethel escapes into her fireplace, instead of heading into her lair, she comes back to play.

Should I let Astarion bite me?

It’s okay to let Astarion bite you, just consider whether you should push him off you, unless you don’t mind dying and being revived. If you let Astarion bite you, there are a few results. You can in fact die from this, although you can come back to life and enjoy some hilarious dialogue.

What do Auntie Ethel’s potions do?

Auntie Ethel’s Potions

A Mother’s Loathing (Good): Grants the Bite attack (2d4 piercing) until the next long rest. Broken Promises: (Bad): Permanently grants +2 Strength but takes 1 Strength away after every lost rest. Faltering Will (Bad): Applies disadvantage on Wisdom saving throws until the next long rest.

Did Auntie Ethel take the sister?

Here you find Auntie Ethel and her captive, Mayrina – the sister from before. Regardless of how your interaction with the brothers played out, Ethel will offer to help with the parasite in your head. But there’s a cost. In exchange for her help she wants one of your eyes.

Is Auntie Ethel a witch?

I see her fighting with two randos and continue further the swamp. Being a warlock, I have the opportunity to reveal the swamp and then I find out that Auntie Ethel is a swamp witch of some sort.

Should I let the hag take my eye?

Whatever you do, do not agree to let her help you with your eye. Auntie Ethel cannot cure you. By allowing her to take your eye, she will grant you a decrease in Perception and Disadvantage on any attack against her. This will make fighting her later on even harder.

Can you get your eye back in bg3?

By the end, Volo will not have resolved the issue. However, he will give you Volo’s Ersatz Eye before he leaves the camp. That’s everything you need to decide whether you should let Volo perform eye surgery on you in Baldur’s Gate 3.

What kind of hag is Auntie Ethel?

Ethel is a green hag of incredible power, Not only does she have a LAIR but she also has a REGION. These are two separate things, and Lair and Regions bestow creatures with legendary effects. Powerful hags are classified as Aunties, or later, Grandmothers, depending on their power.

Can you unlock Ethel again?

In order to get the classes to be upgraded to go past level 10, each hero requires you to do a side quest with the hero in question, but Ethel’s sidequest has someone else instead. 2 people in the party die and you can revive Ethel and get her back later in the game.

Why does Ethel hate Veronica?

Ethel, along with others, had found Veronica guilty for the crimes that she and her parents had committed against the town. A couple days later, Ethel noticed Veronica’s campaign for student body president, which involved bribing the male voters with kisses and cupcakes.

Should you tell Gandrel about Astarion?

Giving Gandrel directions to your camp will displease several of your companions, who worry that you’ll give up on them easily if they find themselves in a similar plight. Giving up Astarion here will remove him permanently from your party, concluding the “The Pale Elf” questline.

How to romance Astarion?

Astarion Approval List

  1. Supporting his desires.
  2. Being supportive of his nature and condition.
  3. Aligning yourself with creatures of evil nature, such as goblins or devils.
  4. Being ruthless to people he views as weak.
  5. Demonstrating your power over others.
  6. Appreciation for the fine arts.
  7. Being cruel to others.
  8. Letting him bite you.

What happens if Volo takes your eye?

Despite how awful and shudder-inducing it sounds, Volo’s procedure actually has one benefit and not a lot of drawbacks. Yes, you will lose an eye, but it will be promptly replaced with one that has a pretty great perk: seeing invisible enemies.

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