Was Mallorie pregnant in GTA 4?

Later, Mallorie calls Niko to tell him that Roman was kidnapped, and Niko manages to rescue him. At the end of the game she marries Roman at a church in Suffolk and reveals that she is pregnant.

Does Niko Bellic have a kid?

Depending on the ending chosen, Niko is later informed by Mallorie or Roman that the former is pregnant. He either vows to protect the child and become a father figure for them, or is told by Roman that the couple have decided to name their child in Kate’s memory, should it be a girl.

Who is Psycho girlfriend in GTA 4?

Kiki Jenkins

She can be a bit obsessive, though, and will stalk you if you go on dates with other women while you’re dating her.

Who are the dateable girls in GTA 4?


  • 1.1 Michelle. 1.2 Kate McReary.
  • 2 Internet Girlfriends. 2.1 Carmen Ortiz (SoBoHoe) 2.2 Kiki Jenkins (LawChick) 2.3 Alex Chilton (LiberatedWoman)
  • 3 Ballad of Gay Tony.
  • 4 Damageproofing Vehicles.

Who is Niko Bellic mother in GTA 4?

According to the Fandom GTA Wiki, Niko’s unnamed father is implied to be an abusive alcoholic, and his mother, Milica Bellic, regretted her son’s rough upbringing but was unable to prevent it.

What Happens To GTA Characters After You Beat The Game? (2001-2023)

What does Niko Bellic suffer from?

Niko’s biggest weakness is his inability to let go of the past – which causes him much aggression when the issue of finding his betrayers comes up; Niko is criticized by many of his friends and most notably Roman, for this weakness. However, Packie knows his feelings and often show compassion, as well as Kate.

Who killed Niko Bellic?

Niko Bellic is dead and Trevor killed him in a bar fight.

Did Michelle really like Niko?

Michelle always showed her affection towards Niko, and Niko began to set aside his insecurities and told her stories that he wouldn’t tell anyone else.

Who is CJ first girlfriend in GTA?

Seeing as Denise is the first girlfriend in the game, she acts as something of a tutorial for the romance mechanic and isn’t picky about CJ’s appearance or the activities she does with him. During driving dates, take her around the streets by her house.

Who is the female MC leak in GTA 6?

Historically, the GTA franchise had mostly male protagonists, with only two exceptions in the first two games. But GTA 6 is rumoured to introduce Lucia as its first playable female character, alongside a male lead named Jason. Both characters are related and may journey through the story together.

Who killed Kate in GTA 4?

If “Revenge” is chosen, she is killed by Jimmy Pegorino (who was aiming for Niko) at Roman’s wedding. Later, after Niko has killed Pegorino, Roman says that he and Mallorie are expecting a baby and if it’s a girl she will be named after Kate.

Who is the serial killer in GTA 4?

Throughout Grand Theft Auto IV, Eddie Low’s crimes are reported on the radio, although the police are unaware of his true identity, and are unable to come up with a nickname for him. His crimes include murdering and beheading joggers.

Who is Niko Bellic’s wife?

Mallorie Bardas-Bellic is a character in Grand Theft Auto series who appears as a main character in Grand Theft Auto IV.

What age is Niko B?

Tom Jonathan Austin (born 7 December 2000), better known by his stage name Niko B (short for Niko Bellic), is an English rapper from Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire.

Will Niko Bellic be in GTA 6?

Niko Bellic (1978-Determinant) is the quarternary protagonist and one of the seven playable characters in Grand Theft Auto VI.

Is CJ Franklin’s dad?

No, Franklin is not the son of CJ, as each game is set in alternate timelines according to Rockstar Games. However, the voice actor for Franklin, Shawn Fonteno, is the cousin of rapper, Young Maylay who voiced CJ.

How old is CJ in GTA 3?

3 Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

San Andreas focuses on Carl “CJ” Johnson, who returns to Liberty City following his mother’s death after leaving the gang life behind years prior. He is 24 during the events of the game, while his brother Sweet is 27.

Was CJ in GTA 3?

Speaking of GTA III, CJ unknowingly meets the protagonist of that game in Claude when they race each other, in which CJ is able to pick up the win. The garage in San Fierro that CJ acquires as a business originally belonged to Claude after Claude leaves San Andreas with Catalina.

Is Johnny scared of Niko?

Johnny is somewhat scared of Niko Bellic. When he sees the amount of bodies he has left dead saying something like, “I wouldn’t want this Niko Bellic coming after me.”

Can you kiss Kate GTA IV?

I played through the game but never had the interest of calling up Kate and i assumed that shes was easy because Packie was saying she was a nun so i thought it was some R* humor or something…then i heard you cant so can you or not? No, no matter how hard you try, you never get more than a kiss…

How many GF does Niko have?

Girlfriend Profiles. There are five different girls which Niko can date, two of which are unlocked automatically during the storyline, and the rest of which are available via the in-game internet.

Was Niko Bellic a human trafficker?

After the war, Bellic couldn’t find a steady job so he began working for Russian mob boss, Ray Bulgarin as a worker for his Adriatic Sea human trafficking ring.

Who killed the most in GTA?

As far as the main protagonists go, nobody has killed more named characters than Niko Bellic. Other characters can go on rampages or optional murder sprees, but Niko has to kill at least 40 named characters in GTA 4.

Does Niko Bellic exist in GTA 5?

Niko Bellic is the most powerful GTA protagonist, but Rockstar cut ties with the voice actor and thus he is not featured in the GTA 5 campaign and the online mode.

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