What are the 5 important rules in chess?

The Integral Rules of Chess Every Player Must be Well-versed in:

  • Rule 1: Pawn Promotion.
  • Rule 2: Insufficient Material Draw.
  • Rule 3: En Passant.
  • Rule 4: Three-Fold Repetition.
  • Rule 5: Fifty-move Rule.
  • Rule 6: The seventy-five-move Rule.
  • Rule 7: Touch-move Rule.
  • Bonus- Rule 8: Stalemate & Draw.

What are the 3 golden rules of chess?

4… Rh7 The Rooks and Queen are known as ‘Major Pieces’, and they shouldn’t be moved out until you complete all ‘3 Golden Rules’. The 3 Golden Rules are: 1) Control the centre. 2) Develop your minor Pieces. 3) Protect your King.

What are the 10 chess opening rules?


  • OPEN with a CENTER PAWN.
  • DEVELOP with threats.
  • DON’T move the same piece twice.
  • Make as FEW PAWN MOVES as possible in the opening.
  • DON’T bring out your QUEEN too early.
  • CASTLE as soon as possible, preferably on the KING SIDE.

What are the 5 basics of chess?

  • Attack the Center Squares. The pieces in chess are focused around the center as every piece naturally has more movement in the center. …
  • Develop Your Minor Pieces (Knights before Bishops) …
  • Don’t Move Your Queen Too Early. …
  • Castle and Move Your King From the Center. …
  • Don’t Move the Same Piece Twice. …
  • Bonus Principle: Have a Plan.

What are the 3 main rules in chess?

4 Basic Chess Rules for How to Play Chess

  • The player with the white pieces makes the first move.
  • Each player takes turns making one move at a time.
  • Every Chess piece moves in a unique way.
  • Rules of Checkmate and Draw.

London System: DOMINATE as a Beginner

What is the golden rule of chess?

GOLDEN RULE: When you are down in material, avoid by any means possible any further piece exchanges. Especially, hold on to your queen like your life depended on it. GOLDEN RULE: When your king is under direct attack, exchange as many pieces as possible.

What are 3 illegal moves in chess?

Here are some examples of illegal moves:

– Moving the King on a square that is attacked by opponent’s pieces. – Not protecting the King that was attacked by opponent’s piece. For example, leaving the King in check. – Moving a piece in a way that the piece is not allowed to move.

What are the 4 moves to win in chess?

How to Perform the Scholar’s Mate

  • Start with your king’s pawn. Moving your e-pawn forward two spaces, annotated as 1. …
  • Bring out your white-square bishop. Move your bishop to c4 (annotated as 2. …
  • Move your queen into position. Move your queen to h5 (annotated as 3. …
  • Take their f7 pawn for checkmate.

What are the secret rules of chess?

7 Special Chess Rules You May Not Know

  • Chess Rule #1: Touch move.
  • #2: The 50-move rule.
  • #3: The new 75-move rule.
  • #4: Three-fold repetition.
  • #5: En Passant.
  • #6: Castling.
  • #7: Pawn promotion.

What is illegal 1 in chess?

An illegal move is a move that isn’t permitted by the rules of chess. It may be anything from moving your piece into check, jumping over pieces with your bishop, or moving a knight five squares forward.

What is the number one rule in chess?

Chess Rule #1: Touch move

We cannot emphasise how essential it is. Games are won and lost at a stroke with this rule. So here goes… the rule states that when a chess player intentionally touches one of his pieces, he or she must make a move with this piece (of course, if there is a legal move available).

What is the rarest chess rule?

Underpromoting to a bishop must be the rarest move in chess. We can easily think of some famous examples of rook promotions (such as the brilliant Saavedra study), and by comparison knight underpromotions happen every day – just think of this opening trap in the Albin Countergambit.

What is the only way to win in chess?

Since the object of the game is to capture the king, the king is not allowed to be moved to a square where he would be liable to be captured by an opposing piece. To win the game of chess, a player must capture the opponent’s king. This is known as “Checkmating” the king.

What not to do in chess?

For new players who need some guidance, here are a few common beginner mistakes to avoid.

  1. 1 Becoming Frustrated At Slow Progress.
  2. 2 Playing Too Many Pawn Moves. …
  3. 3 Focusing Too Much On Opening Study. …
  4. 4 Neglecting Endgame Study. …
  5. 5 Playing “Hope Chess” …
  6. 6 Only Thinking About Attacks. …
  7. 7 Moving The Queen Out Too Early. …

What is not allowed in chess?

– Moving the King on a square that is attacked by opponent’s pieces. – Not protecting the King that was attacked by opponent’s piece. For example, leaving the King in check. – Moving a piece in a way that the piece is not allowed to move.

What are the 2 special moves in chess?

Special Chess Moves: Castling, Promotion, and En Passant.

Can I castle while in check?

Both the king and the rook you are castling with can’t have moved. Your king can NOT be in check- Though castling often looks like an appealing escape, you can’t castle while you are in check! Once you are out of check, then you can castle. Unlike moving, being checked does not remove the ability to castle later.

How to get good at chess?

29 Jan A Dozen Ways to Be a Better Chess Player

  1. Play a lot of serious chess. …
  2. Start by memorizing a few famous games- Memorize your games! …
  3. Remember to review and analyze your games! …
  4. Practice tactics – and then practice some more! …
  5. Conserve your energy for wars, let go of battles wisely. …
  6. Balance your time.

What are the king moves in chess?

The king can move only one square horizontally, vertically, or diagonally. Once in the game, each king is allowed to make a special double move, to castle.

Do you have to say check in chess?

You don’t have to say check. If you don’t see the check your king can be captured, and you lose the game. If you move into check your king can be captured, and you lose the game. The player who is behind in points will be declared the winner if the game ends in stalemate.

What is the illegal trap in chess?

The Légal Trap or Blackburne Trap (also known as Légal Pseudo-Sacrifice and Légal Mate) is a chess opening trap , characterized by a queen sacrifice followed by checkmate with minor pieces if Black accepts the sacrifice.

What is the queen pawn rule in chess?

On white’s turn, when they move the pawn forward to the 8th rank, the opposite side of the board, they will get an option to choose their new piece: White gets to choose a queen, knight, rook or bishop to replace their pawn!

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