What battlefield is everyone playing?

In what is an almost unheard turn of events, Battlefield 2042 even hit its all-time peak player count last month reaching 107,006 concurrent players on Steam alone. That’s more than even its launch window in November 2021 where it reached just over 100,000.

Which Battlefield do people still play?

The Battlefield franchise is one that’s been around for decades, setting a precedent for larger FPS games and battling the likes of Call of Duty for reign over the genre. Even after the release of two new Battlefield games, classics like Battlefield 4 continue to pull in thousands of players daily.

Is Battlefield 4 still active in 2023?

Battlefield 4 Multiplayer is Still Active and Worth Playing in 2023!

Is Battlefield 5 still active 2023?

How many people play Battlefield 5 2023? While this has dropped slightly compared to April’s numbers which were estimated at 1,415,204, Battlefield 5 has had a rather steady player count of between 1,300,000 – 1,400,000 players each month for the entirety of 2023 so far.

What Battlefield games are still active 2023?

What is the most fun or top 3 in your opinion to play in 2023? BF4, BF1, BFV, and BF2042 are well populated on all platforms. If you are considering purchasing one, I would recommend subscribing to a month of EA Play as it will allow you to try all of them and decide for yourself which you prefer.

Why Everyone Is Playing The 254-Player Roblox Battlefield – Battlebit Remastered

Is Battlefield V worth playing in 2023?

All in all, BFV is definitely worth buying in 2023, as you not only get to be emerged in one of the most scenic and atmospheric representations of the second World War and get to play a handfull of War Hero Stories in the story mode.

Is Battlefield 5 better than 2042?

Both 2042 and BF5 had rough launches. The difference is, BF5 actually had the potential of being a good Battlefield game. 2042 is VERY far from that potential. Players are going back to BF5 now, because they miss their Battlefield dose- since 2042 does not give you that.

What is better Battlefield 1 or 5?

Battlefield 1 is known for its immersive atmosphere and realistic gameplay, while Battlefield 5 is known for its more modern graphics and gameplay. In terms of active players, Battlefield 5 has a larger player base than Battlefield 1. This is likely due to the fact that Battlefield 5 is a newer game.

Which Battlefield to play in 2023 reddit?

BF4 and BF1 both going strong with plenty of full servers at any time of the day on PC. BF4 is probably the ultimate Battlefield game and generally considered the best one. BF1 lacks some of the depth of BF4 but makes it up in absolutely gorgeous presentation.

Is Battlefield 4 a good game?

Battlefield 4 was met with positive reception for its multiplayer mode, gameplay and graphics, but was criticized for its single-player campaign and for numerous bugs and glitches in the multiplayer.

Is Battlefield 2042 good now?

The hit reg issues have been completely fixed to the point that it often feels better then COD. Vehicles have been balanced (there is still some word to do in this aspect). Attachments actually affect weapon stat like they should. Performance is (in my case) a thousand times better it now feels buttery smooth.

What Battlefield is being played the most?

Battlefield 1 is series’ most popular game on Steam currently | Eurogamer.net.

Is BF1 more popular than bf5?

Battlefield 1 is set in World War I, while Battlefield 5 is set in World War II. Battlefield 1 is known for its immersive atmosphere and realistic gameplay, while Battlefield 5 is known for its more modern graphics and gameplay. In terms of active players, Battlefield 5 has a larger player base than Battlefield 1.

Is Battlefield 5 the best game?

This is a amazing game. The graphics, sound design, maps, gunplay, everything is amazing. It’s not without it’s flaws though. It has it’s fair share of bugs and Glitch’s but all will get better with time.

Is Battlefield better than CoD?

CoD or Battlefield – which is better? Considering all the differences, gameplay details, and realistic graphics quality, we must admit that Battlefield is better. It’s a solid title delivering high-quality graphics, giant maps, thrilling multiplayer, and accurate weapons.

Do more people play Battlefield v or 2042?

What is currently the most played Battlefield game? Steam charts say that bfV is first followed by bf, 2042, and 4 in that order. However 2042 has cross platform play, so the effective player base is roughly 3x larger than listed (assuming Xbox and ps5 have exactly the same players as steam).

Does Battlefield 5 have cheaters?

BFV is the worst from my experience. BFV has got a serious cheating problem, but it isn’t so bad – it’s just bad compared to other games. You might get a cheater every couple games, or once in a blue moon, you might get 3 games in a row with one. Overall it hasn’t been something that comes up often for me.

Which battlefield has the best campaign?

6 Battlefield Games With The Best Storylines

  • 6 Battlefield 5 (2018)
  • 5 Battlefield 4 (2013)
  • 4 Battlefield 1 (2016)
  • 3 Battlefield Bad Company (2008)
  • 2 Battlefield 3 (2011)
  • 1 Battlefield Bad Company 2 (2010)

Do people still play battlefield reddit?

There are certainly a number, but it’s totally playable on PC. I think I’ve encountered a handful over the past few month. I regularly hop between PC and Xbox (not sure of the issue on Xbox either, it’s not brimming with players but there are a fine number of servers) and they’re both active and fine to play in.

Do people still play battlefield hardline reddit?

Unfortunately not. On PC you will find maybe a handful of servers with anyone on them, but otherwise it’s dead. Which is a shame since it was actually kinda fun to screw around in.

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