What defenders should I get in R6?

Meta – Castle, Solis, Kapkan, Bandit, Thorn, Kaid, Aruni With her gadget, Thorn can kill her enemies. Although her traps aren’t the best in the game, her Deployable Shield and the recent addition of the x1. 5 sight to her primary weapon makes Thorn one of the best defender operators in the game right now.

What are the best defenders to buy in siege?

Best Gunner defender: arguably Warden, Alibi. Best most useful defender: Mute. If you dive into these three you’ll discover why they’re good at what they do (Warden kek) and how versatile they are at every situation (mute).

What is the best defender for beginners in r6?

  • Thermite (Attack) …
  • Zofia (Attack) …
  • Bandit (Defense) …
  • Castle (Defense) …
  • Frost (Defense) …
  • Lesion (Defense) …
  • Rook (Defense) Rook is probably the best Operator for beginners. …
  • Mute (Defense) Mute is the essential defender for preventing reinforced walls from being breached by remotely detonated gadgets.

Who is the best defender in r6 2023?

Ubisoft Mira, Jäger, and Aruni make up our best Defender picks.

What is the best AR defender in r6?

The ranking

  • Oryx’ T5 SMG.
  • Warden’s MPX.
  • Smoke’s FMG-9.
  • Bandit’s MP7.
  • Kaid’s AUG A3.
  • Echo’s MP5SD.
  • Kapkan’s 9x19VSN.
  • Lesion’s T5 SMG.

Do you think like an R6 Champion? – Part 2

Is alibi a good defender?

Due to her loadout, players often use her as a roamer. Despite the nerfs she has gone through recently, Alibi is still one of Siege’s favorite defenders. Her aggressiveness is very important to make the attackers lose time.

Is Caveira a defender?

Caveira is a Rainbow Six Siege defender from Brazil who was introduced to the game with Operation Skull Rain, which was released on Aug. 6, 2016. Caveira brings a different ability to Rainbow Six Siege’s defenders. Individually, she is the best roamer in the game, as she is very difficult to track.

Who is the number 1 R6 player?

1. Stéphane ‘Shaiiko’ Lebleu. Shaiiko is often considered to be the best R6 player of all time. Once upon a time, he was actually banned from competing following allegations of using macros, and for a while, people thought he’d tossed away a lucrative career.

Who is the best attacker in R6?

Iana. Iana currently stands as the best attacker in Rainbow Six Siege. Her loadout is very strong and she still has two fragmentation grenades, which are very important in the game. A few years back, Iana was presented as Ash’s alternative.

Who is the best first attacker in R6?

As of now, Iana might be the best operator to bring to the battlefield while attacking. It’s also an operator that can be used without having great knowledge of the map. Her loadout is very strong and it includes two fragmentation grenades, which are very important for today’s meta.

What is the best weapon in R6?

Rainbow Six Siege: The 20 Most Powerful Weapons, Ranked

  1. 1 ALDA 5.56. Damage. Rate of Fire. 800 RPM.
  2. 2 M870. Damage. 60 (x8) Rate of Fire. …
  3. 3 M762. Damage. Rate of Fire. 730 RPM. …
  4. 4 9x19VSN. Damage. Rate of Fire. 750 RPM. …
  5. 5 MP5. Damage. Rate of Fire. …
  6. 6 AK-12. Damage. Rate of Fire. …
  7. 7 Vector . 45 ACP. Damage. …
  8. 8 416-C Carbine. Damage. Rate of Fire. …

Which grip is better R6?

Angled is 100% the better grip if you have good recoil control, but vertical is better for starting players as they still need to learn the recoil control. Slowly change from vertical to angled a few guns at a time, starting with ones with low recoil and eventually you wont need a vertical grip to control recoil.

What sensitivity do pros use R6?

There are a few exceptions, but in general, you’ll find that most Rainbow Six Siege professionals use lower mouse sensitivities. This is true for pros of many varieties of shooters as it allows for greater control of your reticule. Supr plays with a 10/10 horizontal and vertical sensitivity and uses a 400 dpi mouse.

What operators should I buy in r6?

Getting kills is important, so operators with good weapons are always a good pick. We are talking of Finka, Zofia, Iana, Nomad, or Lion in attack, and Thorn, Jäger, Azami, Smoke, or Bandit on defense. Bringing good gadgets to the battlefield is also important to differentiate an operator from the rest.

Is Aruni a 1 speed?

Aruni is a two-speed, two-health operator. Her Surya Gates are a pivotal part of the current defensive meta, so mastering her gadget and loadout is a must.

Is Nomad a defender in r6?

Nomad is a Rainbow Six Siege attacker who was added to the game with the launch of Operation Wind Bastion. She can deploy a gadget called Airjab, which will push back any defender, disorientating and exposing them to attackers. Nomad is arguably one of the best attackers in Rainbow Six Siege.

Who’s the worst operator in Rainbow Six Siege?

Clash is Rainbow Six Siege’s worst operator in the game because her loadout and her traits are off-meta, making her the lowest picked operator in the game. The majority of players in Rainbow Six Siege tend to play quick roamers and entry operators as these have the best guns in the game.

Who is the thickest op in r6?

Sledge is by far the thiccest Operator in terms of size.

Is NOKK good r6?

Nøkk’s loadout

Undoubtedly, Nøkk (or, Nokk) is now one of the best-attacking operators in Rainbow Six Siege. She has access to the FMG-9 Submachine Gun, a weapon known for its high fire rate, which can also be equipped with a 1.5x scope.

What is the average KD in R6?

The general average is about 1.0 to 1.2, but K/D is often lower when you’re in a higher rank since the players are more skilled and tougher to kill. A K/D lower than 0.8 is often seen as too low.

Who is the oldest R6 player?

Zero is the oldest operator in R6. He is 63 years old.

Why did Beaulo retire?

Unfortunately, yes. Days before TSM’s departure from Rainbow Six Siege, Beaulo retired from Rainbow Six Siege. The 21-year-old decided to focus on his content creation career, with his main channels being on YouTube and Twitch.

Who is immune to Dokkaebi?

Mute: If Caveria stays near one of Mute’s Signal Jammers, she becomes immune to Dokkaebi’s Logic Bomb and Lion’s motion scan. If a Logic Bomb has already begun, moving into a jammer’s radius will cancel it out instantly.

Who is caveira dating?

In the new Ghost Recon missions it’s pretty firmly implied that Caviera is a lesbian and that Twitch is her lover. In the new Ghost Recon missions it’s heavily implied that Caviera is a lesbian and Twitch is her lover/girlfriend.

Who hacks phones in R6?

When Dokkaebi is on the Attacking team, Defenders will drop phones upon death. Dokkaebi can hack these phones by interacting with them, giving all Attackers access to all Defender cameras.

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