What do I do after I beat Brock?

Once you beat Brock, you get your hands on TM 01 (Headbutt) and the Boulder Badge. Apart from allowing you to progress the story and move on to Route 3, the Boulder Badge will make Pokemon up to Level 20 listen to you.

Where do I go after defeating Brock?

As a reward for beating Brock he hands you 5 Great Balls. After some more musings, Blue leaves, leaving you free to make your way toward Route 3 to the east.

What to do after beating Brock in soul silver?

When you defeat Brock, you’ll receive the Boulderbadge and TM80 – Rock Slide, a Physical Rock-type move that has decent power and might cause the target to flinch. Leaving Pewter City through the east will bring you to Route 3 and Mt. Moon, which is covered in the Optional Areas section.

What HM can you use after Brock?

Defeat Brock to receive TM39 Rock Tomb and the Boulder Badge. Once you’ve successfully knocked out Geodude and Onix, Brock will award you the Boulder Badge—this proves that you’ve beaten the Pewter Gym, and also lets you use the HM05 Flash anytime you’d like (not just in a battle).

What is the best Pokémon before Brock?

In the Clearing you’ll find more proficient Pokémon to beat Brock, namely grass-types such as Bellsprout and Oddish, and higher level Pokémon to train your team to a decent level before challenging him.

Pokemon FireRed Walkthrough Part 2: Pewter City & Gym Leader Brock (SPEED UP!)

Who is the 1st best Pokémon?

Mewtwo is (by far) the most powerful Pokémon in the first generation of games, possessing not just a great stat line and powerful moves, but the best type in the game, Psychic.

Who is Misty’s strongest Pokémon?

Misty’s strongest pokémon is Starmie. Like Staryu and Goldeen, Misty had this pokémon prior to meeting Ash. When going to Pokémon Tech, Misty used Starmie in her battles against two of the students there.

Which is the most powerful Pokemon of Brock?


Brock’s most iconic and most powerful member of his team would be Steelix, which was evolved from Onix. Onix was Brock’s first Pokémon, which he received from his father, and has been a staple on his team ever since.

What is Brock’s weakness?

Brock is a Rock-type Pokemon Gym Leader, but his two Pokemon are both Rock- and Ground-type Pokemon, making them doubly weak to both Water- and Grass-type Pokemon.

What level is Brock in red?

In Red and Blue, Brock has a Level 12 Geodude and a Level 14 Onix.

Did Brock get a steelix?

Brock’s Steelix (Japanese: タケシのハガネール Takeshi’s Haganeil) was the first Pokémon acquired by Brock in the anime, and is his main battling Pokémon in both the anime and games. It was given to Brock by his father, Flint.

How many hours does it take to beat soul silver?

When focusing on the main objectives, Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver is about 37 Hours in length. If you’re a gamer that strives to see all aspects of the game, you are likely to spend around 213 Hours to obtain 100% completion.

What do I do after defeating Misty?

After beating Misty at the Cerulean City Gym, head north onto Route 24 and 25. Once you’ve completed your short quest up there, when you return to town you’ll encounter the Officer again, but this time she’s having trouble with a pesky Squirtle that’s misbehaving, and runs off after it.

How do you beat Brock easily?

Challenge Brock using your strongest Pokémon.

Rock-type Pokémon (like Geodude and Onix) are weak to Grass-, Steel-, Water-, Ground-, and Fighting-type moves, so start up the battle with your Pokémon that’s loaded up with one of these ability types. A few good Pokémon abilities to consider include: Squirtle’s Bubble.

What is the easiest way to beat Brock?

Fill your team with Pokémon that are strong against Rock types. The Pewter gym is led by Brock, who fights solely with Rock-type Pokémon—a Geodude and an Onix, to be exact. To take down these Pokémon, fill your team with Pokémon that know Fighting-, Steel-, Water-, Ground- and/or Grass-type moves.

Who has a crush on Brock in Pokémon?

A girl from the Pokémon anime that many can argue would fit alongside other anime characters that fell in love too-easily is Temacu from the episode, “The Heartbreak of Brock.” Having been obsessed with marriage her entire life, Temacu instantly fell for Brock after saving her from falling.

Which girl has a crush on Brock?

Holly was not only one of Brock’s best crushes in the anime, but she was also someone who left wanting to improve herself to gain Brock’s affection. In the episode “Tag! We’re It…!” Holly doesn’t like Brock at first, but when grouped with him during a competition, she starts developing feelings for him.

Who is stronger Brock or Misty?

Long Answer: In the games – Brock is a Rock-type gym leader, and Misty as a Water-type gym leader. As Water is super-effective against Rock, as well as the level matchup (Misty’s Pokemon are around 9 levels higher than Brock’s Pokemon), Brock would quickly lose.

Can Ash beat Brock?

Ash didn’t beat him. He felt that relying on the sprinklers wasn’t fair, and forfeited because he wanted to win fair and square, as opposed to relying on some lucky fluke like the sprinklers weakening Onix. However, this was exactly what convinced Brock that Ash deserved the Boulder Badge. Dudunsparce is perfection.

What is the world’s strongest Pokémon?

Arceus. By far the most naturally powerful Legendary Pokémon, with 720 points, Arceus is the closest thing the Poké-world has to a God – and as such, has powers you won’t find with any other.

What is Brock’s weakest Pokémon?

What is Brock’s weakest Pokémon? His weakest Pokémon of all in that sense is the Geodude he uses in the Pokémon Yellow gym battle.

Who had a crush on Misty?

Ash Ketchum has had numerous traveling partners during his many years of Pokémon journeying, but few are as memorable as his very first: Misty. Though the two didn’t get off on the best foot, they grow very close after countless shared adventures, leading fans to often pair them romantically.

Who has a crush on Misty?

One of the storyboarder of the animated series revealed that Misty and Ash really like each other, but they didn’t realize that. This is made clear by some unequivocal scenes from episodes and movies.

Who is Misty boyfriend in Pokémon?

A few moments and songs from the series and associated films have implied that Misty has romantic feelings towards Ash. Misty’s feelings were teased in Pokémon the Movie 2000, and the episode Misty Meets Her Match!

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