What do spirit gems do in gems of war?

New Heroic Gem: Spirit Gem Spirit Gems when matched with their color or destroyed, will drain 2 Mana from Enemies. Spirit Gems will occasionally (but rarely) drop like regular Gems during the Window of Spirits Campaign. Some Troops and Weapons will also be able to create them.

What do wish gems do in gems of war?

Wish Gems cannot be matched with other Gems and must be destroyed either by spells that target them or from being exploded (either from a spell or Doomskull). When destroyed Wish Gems will do one of five things: Completely fill the Mana of one random Ally.

What do dragon gems do gems of war?

New Heroic Gem: Dragon Gems

Dragon Gems when matched with their color or destroyed, will explode all Gems in the column below them. They exist in all 6 Mana Colors. Dragon Gems will occasionally (but rarely) drop like regular Gems during the Dragon’s Totem Campaign.

What does glory do in gems of war?

Glory can therefore be used to open Glory Chests after all Glory Keys have been spent, and it offers a selection of resources you can trade for Glory in the Shop in the Resources and Weekly Event screens. 20 Glory will open one Glory Chest.

What is the rarest troop in gems of war?

Mythic troops The most powerful and incredibly rare Troops are called “Mythic” Troops.

Gems of War Spirit Gems! What They Are What They Do & How To Use

What is the highest level in gems of war?

The maximum level you can achieve is 10,000. Therefore, as you hit level 50 and continue to level-up your Skill point gains will be less frequent. Every level up to 1,501 will earn Gem Mastery.

What is favored troop gems of war?

Favored troop is the one that you use (or used ) the most on pvp (ranked and casual) and Guild Wars teams to attack. That is displayed based on how many times that one is/ was in your team.

How do you increase your income in gems of war?

You can increase your Gold income by:

  1. Completing all Quests in a Kingdom.
  2. Reaching Kingdom Power Level 1 increases your Gold per day to 100 Gold.
  3. Reaching Kingdom Power Level 3 increases your Gold per day to 200 Gold.
  4. Reaching Kingdom Power Level 6 increases your Gold per day to 400 Gold.

What is a legendary troop on gems of war?

Legendary Troops represent the majority of the strongest Troops found in Gems of War and come with an average mana cost of more than 15.

What are Uber Doomskulls in gems of war?

Uber Doomskull

Uber Doomskulls can be matched with Skulls and Doomskulls causing a large explosion (see image on the right for the explosion shape and size). Uber Doomskulls do 10 attack damage to the first enemy Troop when matched or exploded.

What are cursed runes for gems of war?

Shards are also rewarded in Dungeon battles, completing Guild Tasks and defeating a Jewel Gnome to name a few. Cursed Runes, used in upgrading the Forge from levels 11+ and crafting, are dropped from defeating Cursed Gnomes or available to purchase in the Dungeon Shop.

What to spend Gold on Gems of War?

TIP: You can spend the Gold you earn at the beginning of the game to level all your Kingdoms to Level 10 giving you an increased stat bonus on all Troops. Gold can then be prioritized to go to your Guild where it is used to earn higher value rewards in Guild Tasks.

What is the gold chest in gems of war?

Gold Chests

They contain Common & Rare Troops, Minor & Major Traitstones, Gold, Souls, Glory and Gems. Find Gold Keys by purchasing them with Gold (1 Chest costs 300 Gold), collecting Tribute, earning battle rewards, completing Daily Tasks, completing Guild Tasks and playing Treasure Hunt.

What do pets do gems of war?

Pets can be equipped to provide a cosmetic difference to your character. Some pets also provide a bonus, such as increased XP from battles or buffs to certain troop types. Pets, once rescued, provide their bonus regardless of whether they are currently equipped; equipping a pet is purely cosmetic.

What is the adventurer’s chest in gems of war?

The Adventurer’s Chests will contain a small pool of troops designed for a new players. These troops will also be available in regular chests for existing players to find and add to their collections. After level 25, the Keys will be either Gold, Glory or Gem Keys.

What is the best way to get troops in gems of war?

Chests are the most common way to earn Troops. Chests are opened using Keys which are one of the most common and widely accessible resources in the game. Opening a Chest provides a random chance to earn Troops of various Rarities.

What is the fastest way to get gold in gems of war?

The easiest way to earn gold is by fighting battles in Ranked PVP and collecting Gold Income and Tributes from other Kingdoms. The more difficult the opponent in PVP, the higher the Gold reward will be. Some Armor, an increased Difficulty Level and a higher VIP level can earn more Gold.

What is the best way to earn glory in gems of war?

Glory is the easiest to earn from Ranked PVP and Guild Wars Battles. It can also be earned from Kingdom Tributes, Adventure Board Tasks, Treasure Hunt, opening Glory and Gold Chests and for reaching PVP Tiers 1-10. Some Shop packs also contain Glory. Ranked PVP battles will award more Glory than Casual PVP Battles.

How do you increase team score in gems of war?

The further into the game a player gets, the more their team score will increase. Once a player reaches end game, then they may see their team score doesn’t increase as much as they have achieved many of the caps for each part (kingdom levels or troop progress, etc).

What is the difference between rarity and base rarity in gems of war?

Base Rarity shows all mythic troops, Legendary, Epic, etc. regardless of how you’ve ascended them. Rarity does it based on what ascension they are at now.

What does enrage do in gems of war?

Enrage Afflicts enemy Troops 1.5x extra attack Damage when matching Skulls and ignores Traits. What does it look like? A red spiral pulsates over the Troop’s art and the Attack Skill is red.

What is the best armor in gems of war?

The most sought-after sets are the Celestial Armor (+50% Gold, +100% Souls, +50% Experience) and Dragon Armor (+100% Gold, +50% Souls, +50% Experience) for 500 Gems each. There is also Deathknight Armor, a set that can only be purchased with real money.

How do you farm Gems in gems of war?

Earn Gems by collecting your Tribute from multiple Kingdoms, playing Treasure Hunt, playing Weekly Events and collecting the rewards from Guild Tasks. The easiest way to earn Gems is to purchase them from the Shop. Gem Sales are run occasionally through out the year.

How do you farm jewels in gems of war?

Shards and Diamonds can be obtained from completing Guild Tasks, Dungeon Battles, rewards in Raid Boss, Invasion and other Live Events, and by purchasing Dungeon Offers for real money or Gems in the Dungeon game-mode. Jewels are also found in Dungeon battles, the Dungeon Offers and from Pet Rescue Events.

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