What does Ayaka focus on?

Kamisato Ayaka: Best Builds That Crit rate is further increased by 20% if the enemy is frozen; Also, make sure the goblet has Cryo damage bonus as main stat. By having Blizzard Strayer on Ayaka, you can solely focus on Crit damage (and slight crit rate here and there) to make her one of your best DPSes.

What does Ayaka want?

In other words, Ayaka is eager to associate with people capable of achieving great feats — in her eyes, friendships are dictated by fate, the same way she was destined to wield her frost-covered sword.

Is Ayaka support or DPS?

Ayaka excels as the main DPS on a team. The Ice Princess has excellent damage, and she’s easy to use too. Most of Ayaka’s kit is similar to the one in the Closed Beta Test, which makes it even more thrilling for the fans.

What is the priority of Ayaka skill?

If you’re planning on using Ayaka as your main DPS, prioritize her Normal Attack first. If you’re just going to use Ayaka for her Burst, though, focus on leveling that up instead. For a balanced character, level up both her Normal Attack and Elemental Burst together.

What is Ayaka good at?

Ayaka’s burst is the money maker of her kit. It’s the reason Ayaka is a powerful Main DPS. This summons a whirlwind that continuously deals Cryo damage. This burst deals an extremely high amount of damage, and is the main source of damage for Ayaka.

ULTIMATE AYAKA GUIDE! Best Ayaka Build – Artifacts, Weapons, Teams & Showcase | Genshin Impact

Is Ayaka a must pull?

Ayaka Is Fancy

To fully take advantage of Ayaka’s DMG and make pulling for her worthwhile, players must have at least one of Ayaka’s best weapons in Genshin Impact. As for artifacts, Ayaka’s best option is easily a 4pc Blizzard Strayer.

Is C1 Ayaka worth it?

Unlike Hu Tao, for example, who has her best Constellation at C1, Ayaka’s best Constellations are her fourth and sixth ones. For players that can’t afford to go all the way or just don’t want to, it is not worth getting Ayaka’s first and second Constellation.

Who should I pair Ayaka with?

While Xingqiu, due to his Elemental Burst, might be the best, Ayaka also works well with other good Hydro appliers, like Sangonomiya Kokomi and Mona. One of the newer characters added to Genshin Impact, Shenhe, also works great with Ayaka.

Is Ayaka the fastest character?

In terms of normal speed, the fastest characters are the ones with the longest legs: Zhongli, Childe, Diluc, Kaeya, and possibly Itto (future character). But some characters have special movement abilities that can result in a faster burst of speed: Mona and Ayaka can sprint faster than any other character.

Does Ayaka need crit rate or DMG?

Crit DMG stats recommended for Ayaka in Genshin Impact

This means that a character with 50% Crit Rate should have at least 100% Crit DMG. However, the aforementioned analysis of the four-piece Blizzard Strayer and Cryo Resonance proved that Ayaka does not need a lot of Crit Rate.

Is Ayaka better or raiden?

You should pull for Ayaka, she would fit in a freeze team with Kazuha, Mona, and Ghongli. Notably, Raiden also has a good team with Xiangling, Xingqiu/Kazuha, and Bennett. If you lack a good permafreeze team and you really want one, pull for Ayaka.

Who is stronger Eula or Ayaka?

2 Why Eula: Her Normal Attacks Are Stronger

Well, she is more powerful if that’s the case because even without the Burst, her normal attacks can still take care of any non-boss enemies.

What is Ayaka’s best weapon?

Topping the list is clearly Ayaka’s signature weapon, the Mistsplitter Reforged.

Is Ayaka Dash faster?

Ayaka’s Alternate Sprint travels noticeably faster than the running speed of most characters, and its ability to traverse water is often useful as well.

Is Ayaka worth wishing for?

Coupled with her Cryo-infused attacks forming a signifcant amount of her damage output, Ayaka is most effective as your team’s main DPS. So, if you don’t have a Cryo team yet, Ayaka is well worth your Primogems if you want to wield the power of ice to unleash hailstorms upon your enemy.

What is the best build for Ayaka?

Ayaka has a priority on building her Cryo either way, so the best set for both builds is the Blizzard Strayer set. These can be found in the Peak of Vindagnyr domain, which focuses on using Cryo opponents.

Who is stronger Ayaka or Ayato?

Damage: Ayaka

It’s usually just a perma-Freeze team for Ayaka. A lot of collated info from tier lists also place Ayaka above or slightly above Ayato when it comes to damage dealt. It’s all thanks to Ayaka’s single-target-focused attacks.

Who is better Ayaka or Xiao?

Just like Xiao, Ayaka’s damage depends on her burst; but unlike Xiao, her burst has a very short range, so if your enemies blinked away or you missed, it can be a huge problem to your total DPS. So in short, individually, I think Xiao is better. But as part of a meta team, Ayaka is a mile away a better option.

Who is Ayaka crush Genshin?

DEFINITIVE PROOF Ayaka has romantic feelings for the Traveler | Genshin Impact rambling.

Who is Ayaka most shipped with?

Popular Ships

  • Ayamiya.
  • Ayather.
  • AyaLumi.
  • Naganohara Yoimiya.
  • Thomaya.
  • Aether.
  • Xiaother.
  • Mona Megistus.

Is Ayaka or Shenhe better?

Ayaka and Shenhe have different roles in Genshin Impact. Ayaka is an excellent DPS, while Shenhe performs better as an off-field buffer. However, the two units synergize well with each other due to their shared Element.

Who is better Hu Tao or Ayaka?

The summary is that Hu Tao is a lot stronger than Ayaka vs single target content (especially non-freezable heavy enemies like bosses) while Ayaka has easier access to a lot of multi-target damage via her Frozen teams to counter smaller enemies.

How much cr is enough for Ayaka?

Usually the recommended crit rate is 30-40%.

What are the cons of Ayaka?


  • The vast majority of her damage is coming from her Elemental Burst; by missing it, she’ll be left with very little to do.
  • Requires good Energy management in order to avoid losing damage to build ER%.
  • Limited Sword options at every rarity.

Is Ayaka better or Venti?

Ayaka is ideal for the mono-Cryo/Freeze teams and she can be paired with a lot of Cryo characters like Shenhe, Rosaria, and Diona, as well as Hydro characters like Mona and Kokomi. The final spot in the team can be for a crowd controller/support like Venti or Kazuha.

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