What does the pet analyzer do in Sneaky Sasquatch?

The Pet Analyzer device in the Pet Shop prints which foods the Dog likes and dislikes, which foods cause it an upset stomach, which items and vehicle it dislikes, and which tricks it learned.

What happens if your dog runs out of food in sneaky Sasquatch?

Just like Sasquatch, the dog loses 2 hunger points each night and more during the day. If the dog is starving, the progress if the current heart will reset to zero. But the dog will never lose levels and the corresponding abilities.

What to do with dog poop in sneaky Sasquatch?

It can be sold to Trash Bear at the Sawmill for 2 coins if marinated in a trash can, even though the poop is already naturally stinky. Campers at the Island Campground buy the Dog Poop from the cooler and pay 3 coins for it, but there are much more profitable foods to put there.

What is the goal in Sneaky Sasquatch?

As a charming Big Foot living in the woods, your goal in this exploration game is to stay well fed—and get into a little mischief. You’ll start simple, tiptoeing past suspicious park rangers to secretly feast on campers’ hot dogs, pilfer fruit from coolers, and rummage through garbage cans for discarded burgers.

What does the dog eat in Sneaky Sasquatch?

The Dog Food can be found in and around the camp, purchased from the Supermarket or Pet Shop, or stolen from the Port. It can be eaten by Sasquatch or fed to the Dog. However, the Dog eats almost everything, so the Dog Food can be replaced by cheaper and more abundant items (for example, apples from the Supermarket).

Sneaky Sasquatch – Pet Analyzer 3000

What is the lost dog in Sneaky Sasquatch?

The dog’s owner is outside of the Pet Shop. He will mention the location where the dog is today. Go there and following a trail of footprints and poop until you find the dog. The dog is always hiding in bushes (except when on the Ski Mountain):

How do you get a hot dog in Sneaky Sasquatch?

The Hotdog is a food item which can only be found in the car engines, or bought from the Shopping Bonanza. It should not be confused with Hotdog Bun, Sausage, or Grilled Sausage.

What is a 4 4 in sneaky sasquatch?

The 4×4 is a land vehicle which can be purchased from the 4×4 Enthusiast located on the southeast corner of the Island. The price is 25000 coins, but it can be lowered to 5000 coins if you can defeat the owner in a canoe race.

Will there be a chapter 4 in sneaky sasquatch?

Chapter 4. Multitude of animals assemble in the Ranger Station to watch news on Television. Pemberton Jr is interviewed by the News Anchor, and announces his Mayor election campaign.

How do you clean sneaky Sasquatch?

After wading in the polluted water, Sasquatch will become stinky. Humans will feel disgusted by the smell, and you won’t be able to talk to them. However, this doesn’t raise Ranger Danger. Wade in any clean water body to remove the stench (for example, at the Marina).

How do you eat Sneaky Sasquatch?

To eat, Sasquatch must find a dinner table. Then Sasquatch dumps all food from his backpack onto the table, and chooses which items to eat.

Where is the dog hiding in the town in sneaky sasquatch?

The dog’s owner is outside of the Pet Shop. He will mention the location where the dog is today. Go there and following a trail of footprints and poop until you find the dog. The dog is always hiding in bushes (except when on the Ski Mountain):

How do you steal from the stop and snack in Sneaky Sasquatch?

It is also possible to steal items. To do this, try to leave the shop with the unpaid items in the backpack. The Gas Station Attendant will stop you. If you ignore him and leave, he will call the police.

How long is a minute in Sneaky Sasquatch?

Basics. Sasquatch requires food and sleep. The game time corresponds to real time as approximately one second for one minute, so the in-game daylight lasts for around 12 minutes.

How often is Sneaky Sasquatch updated?

Since release we have been constantly increasing the scope of the game and releasing updates every 1-4 months. Updates have included major storyline developments, as well as brand new game systems and areas to explore.

What is the error duck in Sneaky Sasquatch?

The Error Detection Duck appears if Sneaky Sasquatch suffered a serious bug. It explains how to submit a bug report to game developers, at that it’s better to restart the game to avoid damage.

What is the most expensive thing in sneaky sasquatch?

Cost to buy

The Fancy Disguise is available at the Clothing Store for 25000 coins from your bank account. It’s the most expensive disguise in the game. It looks similar to Mr Pemberton’s outfit.

Can you rob the Port in sneaky sasquatch?

Sasquatch can steal various items the Port, such as coins, oranges, other food, and lumber.

What happens when you invest in the spaghetti business in sneaky sasquatch?

The Spaghetti Entrepreneur will ask you for 8 upgrades after the initial investment. After each investment, notice the visible changes to the kitchen; it becomes more neat and orderly. After making all investments, talk to the Spaghetti Entrepreneur again and you will receive a Spagooter.

What is shopping bonanza in sneaky sasquatch?

Shopping Bonanza is a Television program on channel 7. Each day, it advertises a random food (including Fish) or a mushroom (including truffles). You can purchase their goods by calling 555-7467 . It is not necessary to buy a TV to order from Shopping Bonanza.

What is dogfish in sneaky sasquatch?

Dogfish is a saltwater Fish. It can be submitted to Saltwater Fisher at the Marina for 150 coins, but only once.

Who buys food in Sneaky Sasquatch?

Any type of food can be sold to Bear near the Sasquatch House, or to Trash Bear near the Sawmill for 2x the price, or to Island Campground campers for 2.5x the price. The normal Bear will not buy inedible items, but they can be sold to the Trash Bear (if marinated in a trash can) or to the Island campers.

What is the abandoned house in sneaky sasquatch?

The Snow Cabin is located near the Hot Springs at the middle level of the Ski Mountain. This house is initially in a dilapidated state. After Sasquatch discovers it, the Construction Duck can repair it for 15000 coins and 100 lumber. Afterwards, Sasquatch can sleep here.

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