What happens after new game ++ Armored Core 6?

What are New Game Plus Cycles in AC 6? Once you’ve completed a playthrough, your progression and rank in the Arena will carry over to the next cycle of the game, saving you the trouble of having to climb through the ranks from the lowest level and completing the game from scratch.

What happens after you beat Armored Core 6?

After you beat the game’s final boss and the credits roll, Armored Core VI brings you back to your mech hanger and presents you with the very first mission all over again.

How replayable is Armored Core 6?

The game offers a high level of replayability through its New Game+ mode, allowing players to alter story beats and unlock new endings.

How do you get the secret ending in Armored Core 6?

Armored Core 6: How to Get Alea Lacta Est Ending (True Ending)

  1. Choose “Accept” during Attack the Dam Complex in Chapter 1.
  2. Complete Escort the Weaponized Mining Ship in Chapter 1.
  3. Complete Prevent Corporate Salvage of New Tech in Chapter 3.
  4. Complete Eliminate the Enforcement Squads in Chapter 3.

How many endings does Armored Core 6 have?

AC6 features three endings, and by following the recommended flow of Missions listed below, you can obtain the “Stargazer” achievement (awarded for completing every mission in the game) after reaching all three endings.

Armored Core 6 new game plus differences explained

Should I eliminate cinder Carla?

Here you will want to choose ‘Eliminate “Cinder” Carla’ as Ayre deems it necessary to prevent the wanton destruction of the Coral Convergence via Carla’s plan. Upon successfully defeating Carla within the mission, you’ll be tasked with two final levels: Destroy the Drive Block.

Do decisions matter in Armored Core 6?

1 New Game ++

This is where you’ll want to be very aware of the decisions you make, as your choices will now grant you the opportunity to get the game’s “true ending.” Some of the most interesting Decisions you’ll encounter in New Game Plus ++ are alternate versions of things you’ve already done.

What is the bad ending of Armored Core 6?

Armored Core 6 Bad Ending: The Fires of Raven

To get the Bad Ending, the player must do the following Decision Missions: In Chapter 3, the player must do Mission 22: Destroy the Special Forces Craft. In Chapter 4, the player must do Mission 32: Ambush the Vespers.

How do you unlock true ending 999?

True Ending

  1. Go through Door 4. Accept the bookmark from Santa in the 2nd class cabin. Inquire about Akane’s Ice-9 story in the freezer in the Kitchen (select the “It did strike Junpei as rather odd”)
  2. Go through Door 7. Ask Seven if he knows about Ice-9 in the Operating room. Give Clover Santa’s bookmark.
  3. Go through Door 1.

How long to beat Armored Core 6?

The main story can be completed in about 15-20 hours with a rushed playthrough, but to achieve 100% completion and see all three endings, it can take around 50-60 hours.

What do you do after beating the game Armored Core?

Armored Core 6 Lets You Keep Playing After The Credits

In fact, once the credits have finished, the game immediately puts the player back into the beginning, bringing their fully-upgraded and customized mech into the first mission following the introductory sequence.

Is Armored Core 6 grindy?

You can grind money, but you can’t grind power. More money gives you more options, to make robots that are more suitable for missions or bosses, but you can’t increase your overall power or survivability or what not.

Should I replay missions in Armored Core 6?

The best way to earn money is through replaying missions. The better grade players get in these replays, the greater amount of COAM they will get. These six missions in Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon will get players a lot of COAM quickly, so it is best to spam through them.

Does Armored Core 6 have post game content?

Armored Core 6 Lets You Keep Playing After The Credits

This is more or less a replay of the game – enemies are not scaled to a higher difficulty for the second time around, but there are new missions that appear.

Is there New Game Plus in Armored Core 6?

New Game Plus, New Game +, or NG+ for Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon offers players the opportunity to start a new game after completing the main campaign at least once.

Can you replay missions in New Game Plus Armored Core 6?

You can then play through the game once again via the Sortie menu, whilst also retaining access to the full list of completed missions from your first playthrough via the “Replay Mission” tab.

What is the passcode for the hidden ending?

Open everything until the Blue locked Door is opened. Inside, enter in the code ‘467854’ in the keypad and press the green arrow, the interface should say “PASSCODE ACCEPTED”.

How do you get the pagan secret ending?

In order to achieve this ending you have to complete all 20 waves on mind level 5.

How many 999 endings are there?

In total, the game has six endings, each one providing insight into the Nonary Games and the reason why you are there. 999 encourages you to continue playing after you get an ending, but reaching the other paths may be difficult at first.

What happened to Earth in Armored Core?

The game takes place in a future Earth that has been wiped out by a cataclysm and forced humanity underground, a theme which would continue until Armored Core 4. Gameplay involves controlling Armored Cores in combat scenarios against other Cores and vehicles.

Which ending to choose Armored Core 6?

I went with Liberator for my first playthrough, but I’d probably recommend Fires if you were just going to play through the game once. I’m torn between liberator and stargazer. I like the very end of stargazer the best but I like the lead up of liberator better. Fires of raven is a pretty weak ending IMO.

How old is Cinder Carla?

Carla therefore is around 70 years old at least, probably with genetic augmentation she slowed down her aging. Remember that quote by Ayre “People say Carla has been around even before the Fires Of Ibis, but that may be some kind of doser inside joke”, well it’s true, Carla is at least 70 years old.

Do missions disappear in Armored Core 6?

You will only be able to actually play one of the two missions presented to you (the other will disappear from your Sortie menu upon your return), so investigate them fully before committing. With that in mind, some of the mission descriptions can be a little vague or confusing as to which side you align yourself with.

Can you do all missions in Armored Core 6?

To complete all Missions in the game, you must complete 3 playthroughs, making different decisions in all of them. Below you’ll find a list of all Missions, divided up into each Chapter.

Which Armored Core has the best gameplay?

A fan favorite in the series, Armored Core: For Answer is the follow-up to AC 4. It manages to improve a lot of the shortcomings found in AC 4. AC: For Answer features more polished gameplay, better graphics, and expansive levels that those who enjoy more open-world exploration will certainly enjoy.

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