What happens if you sacrifice Arcadia Bay Life is Strange 2?

Consequence Of Sacrificing Arcadia Bay And in Life Is Strange 2, David Madsen reveals that nearly all of the residents die. However, Max and Chloe survive, and the next day they drive through the ruins and into the sunset together.

Is it better to sacrifice Arcadia Bay?

This is the most important choice in Life is Strange, but the only correct option is to pick whichever ending players feel is right. Although sacrificing the whole of Arcadia Bay just for Chloe might seem like the “bad” ending, Episode 5 makes a compelling case for why both options are viable.

Who survives if you sacrifice Arcadia Bay?

If you choose to sacrifice Arcadia Bay to save Chloe… many or all of the people in Arcadia Bay are dead except for Max and Chloe.

Can you save Arcadia and Chloe?

In the ending of Life is Strange (2015), the effects of the rewind power finally come to fruition and the player is left with a choice. You can either sacrifice Arcadia Bay to save Chloe or sacrifice Chloe to save Arcadia Bay. Saving Arcadia Bay does seem like the more logical choice but many players did save Chloe .

Is David in Life is Strange 2 if you sacrifice Chloe?

If Chloe was sacrificed

Later, the police raid the Away camp and David was not arrested. During the epilogue pictures of the “Redemption” ending, David is seen drinking at the campfire along with Chris Eriksen, Daniel, and another friend.

Life is Strange 2 Episode 5 – WHAT IF You Save Chloe vs Save Arcadia Bay (David Life is Strange 2)

What happens if you tell David Chloe died?

An important choice occurs here, where you can tell David the truth about Chloe or lie to him. If you reveal the truth, he will kill Jefferson, if you lie then he will think everything is okay and Jefferson goes to jail. Max will now be back in town, amidst it’s annihilation by the tornado.

What if I kiss Chloe?

Chloe is still recovering from the disappearance of Rachel Amber but players see how her reunion with Max helps her through the fog. Max has the option to kiss Chloe, if she does this then the two of them will begin to develop a more romantic relationship and if not then it will continue as a platonic friendship.

Is it possible to save Chloe’s dad?

It might not seem obvious at first, but the best place to hide the keys in order to save William in Episode 3 of Life is Strange is the sink full of water in the kitchen. Chloe’s father can no longer hear the locator beeper going off, so he won’t take the fatal car journey in this reality.

Is it better to help Chloe or stay hidden?

Choices and Consequences

Staying hidden will make Chloe a little upset, and she won’t show Max her new toy. Meanwhile, putting the blame back on Chloe will make her furious and she’ll storm out of the room.

What is the best ending of Life is Strange 2?

It’s tough because Redemption is arguably the best moral ending to the story as Daniel gets a nice, normal upbringing, and Sean gets his freedom after serving 15 years, but I feel like the cost was just too great. Prison broke him and he lost his young adulthood.

What happens if you save Arcadia?

If you chose to save Arcadia Bay in LiS1, this bad memory will be the deaths of Rachel and Chloe. If you chose to save Chloe, it will be the destruction of Arcadia Bay, and the deaths of countless inhabitants including Steph’s mother.

Does Max appear in Life is Strange 2?

In Life Is Strange 2 (2018), Max is mentioned by David while talking to the game’s protagonist Sean Diaz. If Arcadia Bay was sacrificed in the first game, Max is seen in a photograph kept in David’s trailer, which shows both her and Chloe sometime after 2013.

Do Chloe and Max end up together?

Chloe will say that being together was the best farewell gift she could have hoped for. They will kiss each other if Max supported Chloe on all occasions throughout the game. Chloe says that she will always love Max and will never forget her. Max promises to never forget about Chloe as well.

What percentage of people save Chloe or Arcadia Bay?

According to the game stats 47% picked to sacrifice Arcadia Bay while 53% sacrificed Chloe. I have to admit that I had to pause the game during the final choice before I could decide. No matter the choice you pick you feel terrible for it because you end up losing anyways.

Will there be a Life is Strange 4?

It seems that Square Enix has not forgotten about Life is Strange at all, and while there has been no official announcement, signs suggest that a new entry may be on the way. With how beloved the games are, it will be hard for Life is Strange 4 to surpass expectations.

Can Max date Warren?

Warren is one of two love interests for Max. Within the fandom, their relationship is known as Grahamfield and Marren.

Should I answer Kate or go with Chloe?

Although she can be convinced without taking her call, it is hard to do so without knowing the correct decisions in advance. To help guarantee Kate’s happiness, players should answer her call. Those who want to see Chloe and Max develop feelings for each other should ignore Kate’s call instead.

Is it better to kiss Chloe?

Depending on the player’s choices they can have a romantic or platonic relationship and all are fine. The kiss you say happens after discover what Rachel done is the sacrifice Chloe ending. In that ending if you’re romantic enough when sacrificing Chloe they kiss, otherwise they just hug.

Can I save Chloe from being shot?

You can’t prevent her death. It’s the same for everyone, whatever choices you make.

Is Chloe paralyzed for the rest of the game?

Unfortunately, one day while Chloe was driving this vehicle, an SUV cuts her off. She then crashes into a ditch and severely damages her spine in the process. From that day onwards, she spends her life during this alternate timeline in a wheelchair.

Can you stop Chloe from getting paralyzed?

No. Unfortunately at the point of the game you are at, Chloe is already paralysed and there is nothing that Max/You can do to prevent or change this.

What happens if I don’t save Chloe’s dad?

Nope if you let Chloe’s dad walk out the door the game will not progress and all you do is stand there as Max at 13 years old, no game ending.

Should I give the gun to Chloe?

The fight with Frank will be more difficult for players who don’t have a gun, though taking it results in Chloe being the one to kill Frank and possibly his dog. Many players care deeply for Chloe and don’t want this to be something that she has to deal with, so tend to leave the gun to protect her.

What happens if you steal the money in Life is Strange?

On one hand, letting Chloe take the money will let her pay Frank immediately and get him off her back. But on the other hand it could have farther reaching consequences. Chloe could get busted by David with all that money and create more problems.

Should I delete the message Life is Strange?

If you delete the message, you can save Chloe getting in trouble.

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