What happens to Mother Base after phantom pain?

METAL GEAR SOLID V: THE PHANTOM PAIN Venom Snake goes on to make Outer Heaven or whatever. So do they just abandon mother base? Yea, Mother Base just gets abandoned and they build Outer Heaven.

What happened to the old Mother Base?

The soldiers had been members of the mercenary group Militaires Sans Frontières and had been off-site when Mother Base was destroyed by XOF in March 1975.

What happened to Diamond Dogs after phantom pain?

Diamond Dogs was ultimately suceeded by the mercenary nation of Outer Heaven, some time prior to 1995.

Where is MGSV Mother Base?

The Official PlayStation Magazine and Official Xbox Magazine confirmed that the Mother Base was near Africa, more specifically around the Seychelles archipelago.

What happened to Diamond Dogs base?

At some point, “BB” went on to command Outer Heaven. Diamond Dogs was then either abandoned or still used as a second base, with Outer Heaven being the main base. “Kept you waiting, huh?” It was destroyed.

MGSV-(Low Morale at Mother Base)

Why did Miller leave Diamond Dogs?

He leaves Diamond dogs along with the phantom sometime between TPP and the very first MG game settled in 1995. SPOILER ALERT: In the post credit conversation with Ocelot he states that he feels betrayed by BB.

Is Diamond Dogs Outer Heaven?

Diamond Dogs, and the true Outer Heaven

While Diamond Dogs battled XOF, the real Big Boss began establishing his true vision of Outer Heaven in South Africa, using Venom’s actions to expand his legend. At some point, Diamond Dogs was presumably absorbed into Outer Heaven.

Is Outer Heaven Mother Base?

Mother Base, also referred to as Outer Heaven, and later as Old Mother Base, was an off-shore plant located on the Caribbean Sea that the Militaires Sans Frontières used as a base of operations in 1974.

Where was the real Big Boss during MGSV?

This brings us to the ultimate revelation. The Big Boss who dies in the explosion of the fortress of Outer Heaven is the “phantom” born from the explosion of the chopper in Ground Zeroes. The “real” Big Boss is elsewhere, building Zanzibar Land (a specular reflection of Outer Heaven).

What is the point of Mother Base MGSV?

So why visit Mother Base? First, it’s a great place for Snake to get a Shower which keeps the buzzing flies off him during missions. Second, visiting Mother Base and bumping physically into your troops increases morale and in turn helps productivity.

What happened to Ishmael in phantom pain?

In the secret ending, it is revealed that Ishmael is the first to awake from the car crash, being pulled from the vehicle by Ocelot himself. Ishmael, who is now known to be the real Big Boss, removes his bandages and is given clothing, an eyepatch and a bike so he can leave the scene.

How is Paz alive in phantom pain?

Paz didn’t explode (THEORY) SPOILERS AHEAD In the Paz subplot in The Phantom Pain, we saw that Venom Snake hallucinated that Paz survived and was brought back to mother base. He had a flashback that showed him removing the second bomb, and saw that the explosion was apparently caused by a rocket, not her.

Is solid snake mentioned in MGSV?

Solid Snake is featured/mentioned in Metal Gear Solid V: Ground Zeroes and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Can you find quiet in Mother Base?

After completing Mission 43, Ocelot will call Snake and inform him that Quiet has left Mother Base. After viewing the cutscene of Emmerich’s exile from Mother Base, Side Ops #150 will become available, which leads into Mission 45. After Mission 45, Quiet will no longer be available for deployment.

When was Mother Base destroyed?

The incident culminated on March 16, 1975 in a Trojan horse operation on MSF’s Mother Base, carried out by Cipher’s strike force XOF, aimed at destroying the rapidly expanding group and its leader Big Boss.

How many wandering Mother Base soldiers are there?

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain

And I know they have specific names, what are they all? Seems there should be more than 7 but no guide I’ve seen goes beyond number 7. 10 Wandering Soldiers and 11 photos (the 11th found on the wall in the small interior immediately outside Paz’s room).

What happened to Venom Snake after MGSV?

Via retcon, is stated in the timeline at the end of TPP that Solid Snake killed Venom during the Outer Heaven Uprising in 1995 (during the event of MG), as Venom by that time was the commander-in-chief of Outer Heaven, disguised as Big Boss. So Venom survived to the events of TPP, but not to those of MG.

Did Big Boss respect Solid Snake?

Big Boss : [to Solid Snake] I never thought of you as a son, but I always respected you as a soldier… and as a man.

Why did The Boss defect?

The tape continues, and EVA reveals that The Boss did not defect to the Soviet Union; rather, she was under orders to pretend to defect so she could infiltrate Volgin’s ranks and find the location of the Legacy, which could be brought back to America.

What is Big Boss real name?

This article is about the legendary soldier Big Boss. You may be looking for his mentor The Boss or his phantom. Big Boss, real name John, also known as Jack, and formerly known as Naked Snake, Vic Boss, Ishmael, Saladin, or simply Snake, was a renowned special forces operative and mercenary commander.

Why is Mother Base orange?

Kojima did it on purpose, because you can customize motherbase. So he made it orange as a throwback to MGS2. In hindshight, it would spoil MGS2 if you played it after – or be an amazing twist that flew over your head since BS was a cover up to house MG Arsenal. Even the MSF Base already looked kinda similar.

Is Big Boss a villain?

Critical reception to Big Boss has been positive, due to his role as a villain and his enmity with Solid Snake. His younger persona has been praised as likeable, with critics generally enjoying the execution of his character development in the series designed to shape him into the villainous icon.

What was big bosses dream?

While still considered a group of renegades, Big Boss thought that MSF was quickly becoming his personal “Outer Heaven”: a soldier’s paradise existing free of any one global power’s political control; or a home for those shunned amidst a global cold war.

What does XOF stand for Metal Gear?

XOF. Kisses and hugs followed by a big F-U. Ocelot accurately describing XOF cold, professional nature in MGSVTPP. XOF was Cipher’s military division in the 1970s, acting as the main antagonist of Metal Gear Solid: Ground Zeroes and Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain.

Is Venom Snake a clone?

While Venom is yet another clone of Big Boss, (in more of a mental sense than a physical one) the fact that he had an entire life before becoming a clone makes him a far more interesting character as a result. In many respects, he’s The Phantom Pain’s silver lining.

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