What happens when you get reprimanded in sneaky sasquatch?

Reprimands. If you write 3 false tickets, you are called to the police chief, and receive an official reprimand. Your progress towards the next promotion will decrease, but you are never demoted.

What happens if you don’t eat in sneaky Sasquatch?

If Sasquatch stays with a completely empty stomach for several minutes, he falls unconscious and is dragged back to the house by the raccoon as well. The raccoon feeds Sasquatch 2 hunger points, so Sasquatch pays 20 coins or all coins if Sasquatch has less than 20 coins.

Is there a way to sneak out of jail in sneaky Sasquatch?

The Dog Handshake Glitch is a glitch which allows you to enter locked areas like secure warehouses at the Port, or escape a locked area like the jail in the Police Station.

What do you do after detective sneaky Sasquatch?

After you reach the rank of Detective, you get a new mission – to investigate the pollution of the Lake. To do this: Scuba dive into the polluted Lake and take a picture of the pipe polluting it; the pipe is on the left side of the lake.

How do you get the police outfit in Sneaky Sasquatch?

The Police Outfit is received when hired into the Police. It is required to write traffic violation tickets, which is the main part of the Police job. It is one of the outfits which allows Sasquatch to safely pass by rangers or police (the other being the Ranger Outfit).


What job in Sneaky Sasquatch pays the most?

Selling food

Bear (Sawmill) (known as Trash Bear) – pays 2 times more than the Bear. Limited to 1000 coins per day. Food must be marinated in trash containers. Island Campground campers – pays 2.5 times more than the Bear (rounded up).

What happens if you call 911 in sneaky sasquatch?

If you call an emergency number, it will trigger Ranger Danger, but sometimes they will say that they were unable to determine your position, and wish you luck.

How many secret caches are in Sneaky Sasquatch?

Find All 28 Secret Caches in Sneaky Sasquatch.

Can you open the illegal crates in sneaky Sasquatch?

Opening. To open a crate, bring it by a Forklift or a Pickup Truck to the Construction Duck workshop, and park in the unloading area. The ducks will open the crates, and you receive the contents. Empty crates, Traffic Cone crates, “Illegal” crates, and Dynamite crates can’t be opened.

How long is one hour in sneaky Sasquatch?

Many activities in the game are tied to time of day. It is estimated that one minute of in-game time passes for every ⅔ seconds in real life (so one hour of in-game time passes in the span of 40 seconds).

Where is Mr Pemberton hiding?

Location. The Pemberton Hideout is a secret underground area, located mostly below the Secure Area 3 in the Port.

Is Sneaky Sasquatch OK for kids?

Latest Critic Reviews

Sneaky Sasquatch was a pleasant surprise. It’s not a game-changer by any means and I wish it was expanded upon a bit (maybe for a full console release), but it’s a great family experience. Come into it with an open mind.

What happens if you eat the talking fish in sneaky sasquatch?

The Talking Fish cannot be eaten, sold to Bear, or submitted to the Fishers.

What is the goal of Sneaky Sasquatch?

You play as a Sasquatch and your park is in danger of being sold. There is a rumor that there is treasure buried somewhere in the park. Scattered around the park are eight pieces of the treasure map. You need to find all eight pieces, put the map back together, and find the treasure to save the park!

What is a 4 times 4 in sneaky sasquatch?

The 4×4 is a land vehicle which can be purchased from the 4×4 Enthusiast located on the southeast corner of the Island. The price is 25000 coins, but it can be lowered to 5000 coins if you can defeat the owner in a canoe race.

How do you scare 5 townsfolk in Sneaky Sasquatch?

Scare 5 townsfolk

Tips: Run around humans without any disguise, and avoid being caught by the police. Try to start in crowded areas like the Cafe. You can hide in washrooms in the Cafe, Supermarket, and Stop and Snack to wait until Ranger Danger disappears. Reward: 500 coins.

What number do you put on the billboard in Sneaky Sasquatch?

Sasquatch-made billboards

The billboard will be automatically cancelled if you don’t have enough money in the bank. The numbers are: 555-2450 for the billboard on the Western Highway to the Town. 555-2451 for the billboard on the Eastern Highway to the Ski Mountain.

What is the number for money in Sneaky Sasquatch?

376-7278. Lake. Go to the north pier, and look for a camper paddling a green canoe. The number is on the back of the canoe’s front bench, so you’ll have to wait until the canoe turns making it visible.

What is the door code in sneaky Sasquatch?

The code for the door in the Port sewers is random. It is written down in a tablet laying on the table nearby. You need to enter through the manhole in the restricted area of the port to reach it. One digit is unreadable, and you have to guess it.

How to get a job at R Corp in Sneaky Sasquatch?

After the start of the second chapter of the Storyline, you can walk in and speak to the Receptionist to get an interview with HR. Wait until she opens the gate and invites you in.

Can you rob the Port in sneaky sasquatch?

Sasquatch can steal various items the Port, such as coins, oranges, other food, and lumber. The coins and oranges are located in the high security area, and involve more effort to steal; the lumber can be a bit more difficult to escape with.

What is the best car in sneaky sasquatch?

The Super Car is a land vehicle. It is the fastest car in the game, but slower than the Sport Bike. It can be bought at the Car Dealership at the Race Track for 2500 coins. The mechanics at Garage can upgrade it twice: first for 1000 coins, then for 2000 coins.

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