What is a good price for t1 snow minion?

Tier I Snow Minions can be bought for as cheap as 200-400k coins. Should the player decide to re-purchase a Snow Minion, they will be left with 25-125k coins in profit per minion flipped.

Why are snow minions so cheap now?

This is because apart from the 20 gifts every Jerry Festival, you can now get Gifts from Glacial Mining, Fishing, and other methods. This would cause more gifts to enter the market, leading to more snow minions getting dropped.

Is Snow Minion profitable?

In terms of profitability, the Snow Minion can generate significant returns, especially when combined with items like the Enchanted Lava Bucket and Diamond Spreading.

How do you get a Tier 1 snow minion?

The tier I Snow Minion is unlocked as a SWEET! reward from White Gifts, Green Gifts, and Red Gifts.

What minion is best for money?

Endgame Minions

While costing way more money, Tarantula Minions will make the most money from both NPC and Bazaar Sales. Therefore, they are recommended for Endgame Players instead of Snow and Clay Minions.


How much do t11 snow minions sell for?

The trade price for a Snow Minion is usually around 1,000,000 coins for a t11, but it’s often quite popular due to the very inexpensive cost of upgrading from t1 to t11 and the high market value for t11 Snow Minions. Snow Block in terms of profitability. Diamond Minion.

How much money do snow minions make?

Tier I Snow Minions can be bought for as cheap as 200-400k coins. Should the player decide to re-purchase a Snow Minion, they will be left with 25-125k coins in profit per minion flipped.

How rare is a snow minion?

The chances to get a Snow Minion from Gifts are as follows: White: 0.44% Green: 0.70% Red: 1.66%

Is Diamond spreading good in snow minions?

Place this in an upgrade slot of a Minion, and the Diamond Spreading will generate Diamonds based on the amount of items the minion collects. Meaning that minions that collect multiple items, such as Snow Minions, have a higher chance to generate a diamond.

Which is better snow minion or clay minion?

Snow minions give more money and also give mining XP. Clay gives slightly less money but are cheaper and give fishing XP.

How much does a T11 clay minion cost?

Based on bazzar prices T11 clay minions presently cost about $650,000 to craft.

What minions are better than snow minions?

Rev, tara, rabbit, sheep, gravel, cow, lapis, slime, blaze, glowstone, enderman, chicken, ghast, iron, oak, cobble, quartz, gold, zombie, jungle, coal, spider, magma, melon, cave spider, and pig are better than snow, all calced with diamond spreading and elava.

How much do t11 clay minions make per day?

With an enchanted lava bucket, it becomes 20.8s, and it generates 4 clay balls per cycle, meaning an average of 5.2 seconds per ball, and each one sells for 3 coins. The day has 86400 seconds, so the answer is 86400 × 3 / 5.2 = 49846.2 daily coins with a single tier 11 clay minion, with an enchanted lava bucket.

Are snow minions mining?

Dedicated Member. Yes snow minions are mining minions because they give mining xp..

Is Clay minion good for money?

Clay Minions produce and collect clay. Clay minions are generally used to make money from selling to NPCs. If you are still using this minion for money, put an Enchanted Lava Bucket, Super Compactor 3000, and Diamond Spreading for the most amount of profit.

Do mining crystals work on snow minions?

Sand, Gravel, Ice, End Stone, Glowstone, Snow, Clay, and Obsidian, Cobblestone minions are currently unaffected by the Mithril Crystal.

Why is ice minion melting?

The Ice Minion collects Ice, and if there is any light source (not including the sun), the ice will begin to melt. If the Ice is melted, causing water to obstruct work, the minion will not work properly.

What is the cutest Minion?

It’s Bob the Minion, also known as King Bob. You can tell Bob apart from his “buddies” because he’s short, bald, and has heterochromia (one green eye, one brown eye). Bob is the youngest of the minions (though minions are much older than all of us) and he’s definitely the cutest. By far.

Is Slime Minions better than snow?

The slime minion setup makes 3-4 times as much as any other setup like snow, clay etc! They make about 250k-300k a day whearas other setups would make 50k tops! The amount you’d make is this amount times however many setups you have up!

What is the highest tier Minion?

Minions can be crafted into higher tiers to increases their collection speed and maximum storage size, with tier XI being the highest tier for most minions, over time however, some minions received 12th tier.

Is Diamond or Clay Minion better?

Clay makes more, especially since you can add diamond spreading to it which is a minion upgrade that generates diamond along with whatever minion you are using.

How much money does a snow minion make a day?

Okay so I recently got my hands onto some snow minions because everyone was bragging about how good they are. Now here’s the thing. I don’t get it how they are any good. They produce around 30k per day.

How much money does a t11 diamond minion make?

A Tier 11 Snow Minion with Diamond Spreading generates around 2.6k diamonds per day while a Tier 11 Diamond Minion with Diamond Spreading generates around 3k per day. It is recommended to use the Revenant Minion instead of this minion because of the Diamond Minion’s low speed.

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