What is Ralsei’s default weapon?

The Red Scarf is Ralsei’s default weapon. It does not give any AT and can only be equipped by Ralsei. The Red Scarf is very similar to the Dainty Scarf, except the Dainty Scarf boosts magic.

What weapon does Ralsei use?

The Ragger is a weapon that can be used by only Ralsei. It’s located in the Forest by taking the northern path in the room with the spinning line(s) of diamond bullets. The Ragger will increase Ralsei’s attack by 2.

What is the strongest weapon in DELTARUNE?

The Twisted Sword has the highest attack boost in the game as of Chapter 2.

What weapon does Spamton give you?

The Puppet Scarf is a weapon item obtained after defeating Spamton NEO through fighting. If Spamton NEO is defeated by ACTing, the Dealmaker is obtained instead.

Does Ralsei have a gun?

Ralsei pulls out a sniper rifle and does a 360 no-scope.

Deltarune | Ralsei with a gun Reference During Poppup Battle

What items does Jevil give you?

Upon defeating Jevil, the party is awarded either the Jevilstail (armor; +2 Attack, +2 Defense, +2 Magic) if pacified or the Devilsknife (weapon (axe); +5 Attack, +4 Magic, Rude Buster: -10 TP cost) if defeated through violence.

Is Sans or Jevil harder to beat?

To counter the other dude, Jevil. Sans is super easy as soon as you remember his patterns, and while it’s extra hard to do that, beat him once and you can beat him consistently. Conversely, Jevil has a much greater reaction time aspect to him.

Is Jevil stronger than the King?

Jevil being stronger than King may be a reference to the Joker card, as it acts like a wild card that can overpower any other card played, including the King and Queen card. A deck of cards always has two Joker cards in it, meaning there may be another being like Jevil in the Dark World.

Who is Ralsei’s crush?

The point isn’t whether or not Ralsei is literally Asriel or a darknerfied version of Asriel’s dust or whatever, the point is Ralsei is supposed to be a parallel of Asriel, Kris’s brother. Which makes it super weird that Ralsei has a crush on Kris, like, why?

Why does Ralsei turn black?

The reason he appeared to be black was because he was in the shadows of his hat and tunic… thing. It was supposed to hide the fact that he bears a striking resemblance to Asriel and the other Boss Monsters, then reveal it at the very end.

What is Ralsei smoking?

Character Icons

Ralsei smoking a fat blunt is a joke mod that has you going up against Ralsei from Deltarune, but he is smoking a MASSIVE blunt. The theme of the mod consists of a meme with the new release of Deltarune chapter two.

Why does Lancer call Ralsei Toothpaste Boy?

Ralsei is not intimidated by Lancer; he finds his antics amusing and sometimes “a bit anticlimactic.” In an attempt to make fun of Ralsei, Lancer calls him names like “sweet basket of eggs,” “toothpaste boy,” “Sweet Little Peas We Love to See,” and other names along those lines.

What is Kris’s sword in Deltarune?

The Wood Blade is Kris’s default weapon in the Dark World. Wood Blade does not give any AT and can only be equipped by Kris.

How tall is Ralsei Plush?

This Ralsei plush was designed by Saber Murphy and prototyped by Eyes5. Ralsei is about 12 inches tall (with his hat!) when seated and comes with removable scarf, hat, and glasses.

What is the strongest sword in Deltarune?

The Twisted Sword has the highest attack boost in the game as of Chapter 2.

What race is Ralsei?

Ralsei is one of the three prophesized Delta Warriors, along with Kris and Susie. He is a Darkner, a mysterious species of creatures seemingly unknown to Humans or Monsters.

Can Jevil be killed?

There are three ways to defeat Jevil: Fully deplete Jevil’s HP. Cast Pacify after sufficiently tiring Jevil (can be done before the end of Phase 4, ending the fight early, requires Jevil’s tiredness to be at least 9)

Can you pacify Jevil?

Victory Conditions. There are two different ways to defeat Jevil like with the majority of Deltarune battles. He can be defeated by whittling down all of his health or by using Ralsei’s Pacify on Jevil after tiring him out.

Why is Jevil insane?

Before the events of Deltarune, Jevil was the court jester of Card Castle and was friends with Seam, the court magician. They performed acts together for the kings until one day, Jevil came across a strange someone; ever since Jevil met this person, he had descended into insanity.

What creature is Jevil?

Jevil is a short, pudgy imp with a round gray face, elven ears, clown-like eyes with small yellow pupils and black sclerae, and a large smiling mouth with yellow, sharp teeth. He has a long, purple tongue which can be seen either when he laughs, or during some of his attacks.

What is Jevil wearing?

Appearance. Jevil takes the appearance of an imp wearing a black and purple jester cap with black eyes that reveal yellow pupils when he’s laughing. He has grey skin and yellow sharp teeth, and also has a black cape with a yellow and green collar.

Is Jevil a guy or a girl?

Jevil is a boy, T.M. is a girl.

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