What is super effective against Cynthia’s Spiritomb?

Annoyingly, Spiritomb’s only real weakness is to fairy-type attacks, though players can simply use brute force to take it down if need be.

What is Cynthia’s Spiritomb weak against?

Spiritomb is a Ghost/Dark-type Pokemon which means it only has one weakness: Fairy.

What is super effective against Cynthia’s Pokemon?

There are few common weaknesses across her team, but Grass-type attacks will be really useful, dealing 4x damage to Gastrodon and likely knocking it out if you’ve got a half-decent attacker using them. It’s also super-effective against Milotic which helps.

How do you beat Cynthia’s Spiritomb in platinum?

Spiritomb doesn’t have a weakness, this Generation, but it is also not super-offensively threatening, so you should be able to deal with it with any of your strong attackers (which is basically your whole team, in your case); in fact, you could do like many do and use it as setup fodder, using X Items (that augment …

What Pokemon is most effective against Spiritomb?

The best Pokemon Go Spiritomb counters are Mega Gardevoir, Mega Rayquaza, Mega Diancie, Shadow Gardevoir, Shadow Granbull & Xurkitree.

Spiritomb on the loose! | Pokémon: DP Battle Dimension | Official Clip

What move is super effective against Spiritomb?

As a dual Ghost and Dark-Type Pokemon, Spiritomb is weak against only one type: Fairy. Spiritomb’s highest Stats are Defense and Special Defense. To defeat it, you have to make sure to have a Fairy-type Pokemon with Fairy-type moves in your team if you want to take Spiritomb down fast.

Why is bug not super effective against Spiritomb?

Top Voted Answer. Nope. Until the introduction of the Fairy type, Ghost/Dark Pokemon like Sableye and Spiritomb actually have no weaknesses. (Bug is not among them since Ghost resists Bug.)

How do you counter Cynthia’s Spiritomb?

Cynthia will start with Spiritomb, so, ideally, players will lead with a Pokemon that knows Dazzling Gleam or another strong fairy-type attack. They’ll want to try and take it out in a single hit if possible, as otherwise, Cynthia will withdraw it and throw out Lucario.

What is the best team to beat Cynthia?

10 Best Pokémon You Can Play To Beat Cynthia In Brilliant Diamond and Shining Pearl

  • Togekiss. …
  • Snorlax. …
  • Roserade. …
  • Electivire. …
  • Infernape. …
  • Gardevoir. …
  • Magmortar. …
  • Weavile. One of the best glass cannons in Pokémon, Weavile is incredibly fast and able to strike with great force using its Attack stat.

Who is stronger than Cynthia?

Leon is just stronger. We only think of Cynthia being the “strongest” of all champions, because before Leon all champions were basically featless, or had pretty bad showings overall (Diantha vs Ash-Greninja). Cynthia was the champion who had more than 2 appearances and was consistent in her strength.

What is Cynthia’s weakness in platinum?

Bertha, Flint, and even Cynthia are all quite vulnerable to Water-type Pokemon, meaning that having a team filled with Water-types can carry you to victory through most of these battles. If you don’t have many, you’ll likely be able to find most Pokemon capable of learning Surf or Waterfall regardless of their type.

Can Cynthia defeat Ash?

“Our boy Ash finally defeated the undefeated Sinnoh Champion Cynthia.

What level Pokemon to beat Cynthia?

You should be fine with the 50s Pokemon since she only has 3 Pokemon that are Level 58 but it’s possible you could have issues with the 2 Pokemon that are Level 60 and her most powerful Pokemon; Garchomp which is at Level 62 however there’s a good chance of possibly having an issue with her Level 58 Spiritomb since …

Does Cynthia have rayquaza?

In Malice In Wonderland!, Cynthia appeared to own a Rayquaza, but it was only an illusion created by Mismagius. Whenever Mismagius fuses with Rayquaza, it becomes the same color as the Mismagius, making it look like a Shiny Rayquaza. Rayquaza made its physical main series debut in Where No Togepi Has Gone Before!.

Is Cynthia the hardest champion?

Cynthia from Pokémon Diamond, Pearl and Platinum is often called one of the most difficult Champions of the series.

Who are the top 4 in BDSP?

The Elite Four Guide for Pokemon BDSP covers how to prepare for, and how to beat, the Elite Four – Aaron, Bertha, Flint, and Lucian, and the Champion, Cynthia.

Why is Cynthia so tough?

Cynthia is known far and wide as probably the toughest Pokémon battle in existence. Her Spiritomb has no weaknesses (Fairy was introduced after Cynthia’s games), her Garchomp is insanely strong, her Togekiss is like a brick wall, and she uses Full Restores faster than you can blink.

What Pokemon has zero weakness?

The Eelektross line (Tynamo, Eelektrik, and Eelektross) all lack any weaknesses. The reason for this is that they are pure Electric-type Pokémon that can only possess the Levitate ability. Levitate makes the user immune to Ground-type moves, which is the primary opponent to Electric-type users.

Why is Spiritomb so weak?

At one point Spiritomb did have no weaknesses technically it is weak to Fighting-type attacks but because it’s also part Ghost-type, they can’t land unless they have a move or an ability that allows them to hit Ghost-types however as of Pokemon X and Y, this issue was dealt with due to the introduction of Fairy-types …

Who did Cynthia lose to?

Ash Ketchum makes history after defeating Sinnoh champion Cynthia in ‘ Pokémon Journeys ‘ Ash Ketchum has achieved a new milestone in the anime “Pokémon Journeys” by defeating the legendary Sinnoh champion, Cynthia.

Has Cynthia ever lost?

Despite her opponents’ accolades, Cynthia never loses a single battle, even winning televised matches against Aaron (“Aiding the Enemy”) and Flint (“Memories Are Made of Bliss”).

Can Misty beat Ash?

Warning: SPOILERS for Episode #2 of Pokémon – Aim To Be a Pokémon Master. Misty returns in the second episode of Pokémon – Aim To Be a Pokémon Master and defeats Ash, proving that even after becoming World Champion the boy from Pallet Town is still not an unbeatable trainer.

Who can defeat Cynthia’s Garchomp?

Weavile and Froslass are great options being strong and fast ice type pokemon, both can outspeed Cynthia’s Garchomp, and OHKO with Ice Punch and Ice Beam respectively.

What does Cynthia’s egg hatch into?

Elm’s assistant; he will give you an egg which will hatch into Togepi! FireRed/LeafGreen: Go to the Water Labyrinth and make sure the Pokémon that is first in your party has high happiness. At the end of the Labyrinth, an old man should be there, talk to him and he will give you the egg!

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