What is the bad ending of Dying Light?

If players are looking to get the game’s “bad” ending, or are looking to avoid it, then the following choices need to be made: Hakon needs to have died by this point, the VNC Tower needs to have been given over to the Peacekeepers (either Juan or Jack Matt), and the player needs to decide to save Lawan.

How many endings does dying light have?

Dying Light 2 follows the original in having multiple endings. There are essentially five outcomes in Dying Light 2 – but depending on certain story choices leading up to this point, you might see some differences in how Aiden concludes his journey.

What’s the worst ending in Dying Light 2?

On the flipside of this, if you’re a true completionist, here’s how to get the worst possible ending in Dying Light 2: Kill Hakon, don’t give the VNC Tower to Frank, and save Lawan. To be honest, the only choice that really matters here is saving Lawan. The city is destroyed, and Mia dies anyway.

Which ending to choose dying light?

Lawan Ending (Best Ending)

It’s possible to leave Villedor alongside Lawan, which is generally considered the best ending. This is how you get it: Spare Hakon In Old Villedor. Give The Radio Tower To Frank.

What is the second ending of dying light?

Generally speaking, there are two major endings to Dying Light 2, based on your immediate choice during the final mission: Let the missiles get detonated and destroy X13, or stop Lawan from detonating them and let the missiles hit Villedor.

“My Eyes Deceive” Bad Ending is Actually Shocking…

Who actually killed Lucas Dying Light 2?

While players might feel a little betrayed when Hakon reveals he is the one who killed Lucas, they’re probably going to want to help him out and keep him alive. If players decide to let Hakon live in Dying Light 2 he will show up multiple times throughout the game and influence the story greatly, and if…

Which ending of dying light is canon?

Dying Light 2 strongly implies that the Infected Option is canon, because the Nuclear Option would have presumably prevented the spread of the virus.

Who should I side with in dying light?

If players prefer offense to traversal upgrades, the best faction to side with in Dying Light 2 is the Peacekeepers because they add useful things to the map like canons, car traps, electrical fencer traps, and lanterns that can be used as Molotovs.

Should I leave Frank or stay with him?

Without Frank, leadership in the city will crumble, and Lawan will prefer revenge to becoming a Nightrunner, and you won’t be able to get the best ending. If you choose to help Frank, Juan will suggest that Margaret, the healer, might be able to help (this will only happen if she’s still alive in your game).

Is Mia actually Aiden’s sister?

Upon finding Waltz inside the facility, Aiden will finally learn the truth: Mia is alive, but she’s not his sister; she’s actually Waltz’s daughter. All those years ago, Waltz tried to find a cure for whatever disease Mia had.

How old is Kyle Crane in Dying Light?

Crane appears to be a Caucasian male in his early 30s, with dark brown hair, hazel eyes, and a dark brown beard.

Should you side with Peacekeepers or survivors?

In short, Survivors are best if you would rather avoid fights, and prefer to explore the rooftops of Villedor. On the other hand, Peacekeepers are for those who prefer to decimate everyone who gets in the way, be it crowds of infected or bandits.

Did Kyle Crane spread the virus?

In a recent Dying Light developer stream, it was confirmed by Dying Light 2 lead level designer Piotr Pawlaczyk that Kyle Crane did become an Infected and spread the Harran Virus to the rest of the world. Crane’s intentions may have been good, but they ended up costing all humankind.

Is Kyle Crane The Night Hunter?

Crane becomes the apex predator, sentient during the day and a monster at night, not a sentient volatile. he’s not a volatile though. he mutated into the Night Hunter which is a unique mutation exclusive to only Kyle Crane.

Can you play Dying Light 1 after ending?

You can. You can change to any difficulty level and keep your gear. Once you beat the game it just sets you back in the world, with all story missions complete. At that point you can start a new game +, or even use same save to restart from mission 1 with your current gear and level.

Can you romance in Dying Light?

In short, no, you cannot romance Lawan in Dying Light 2. While a romance system doesn’t exist in the game, your choices determine whether you get a good or bad outcome.

Who should I give the water tower to?

If you give the Water Tower to the Survivors, you’ll officially be on their side in the Old Villedor region. This will begin the Revolution Main Story Mission to blow up the Peacekeeper’s Windmill as you attempt to gain access to the metro to reach the Central Loop.

Can you romance anyone in Dying Light 1?

As for the romance thing, no. There is no way to increase your relationships with characters, and the story is linear.

Does Kyle Crane turn into a volatile?

Midway through the battle, Crane begins to turn, using volatile abilities to kill the mother and escape the settlement. He returns to Harran with the cure, only to realise, as night falls, that he’s fully transformed into a volatile.

Is Spike in Dying Light 1?

In-game Information

Rudolph, nicknamed Spike, is a character featured in Dying Light and Dying Light 2 Stay Human.

Why is Aiden special?

Aiden Caldwell is an infected survivor in an infected world. He has agility reminiscent to an Olympic athlete, and brutal combat skills that make him a powerful ally and a valuable commodity in this dangerous world. He can achieve things no one else can, enter places no one else dares.

Why does Aiden leave dying light?

Aiden must choose to either try and save Mia, or save Lawan. If Aiden goes to save Lawan, he takes her out of X13. However, Aiden fails to stop the missile strike, which destroys Villedor and kills a majority of the population. Aiden then leaves the city due to his infection, continuing his journey as a Pilgrim.

Why does Aiden need UV light?

At night, these locations have UV lights that almost instantaneously get Aiden back to full immunity. They cost nothing, so this is the most efficient way of building up immunity. A word of warning; grey safe zones sometimes need to be unlocked first, which can take time.

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