What is the best beginner weapon in Armored Core 6?

SG-026 Haldeman Shotgun I’d highly recommend you try out a pair of these. You won’t find anything much stronger until after Chapter 1. Those are the top early game weapons in Armored Core 6.

What is the best early Armored Core 6 weapons?

Best Early Armored Core 6 Build. Out of all the weapons available to players early in the game, the Zimmerman Shotgun and Songbirds Grenade Launcher are arguably the most powerful. Players can wield two of each of these weapons and absolutely steamroll through almost every mission in the game.

What should I upgrade first Armored Core 6?

The Weapons Bay is the best early game OST upgrade that players can unlock. This System Unlock feature allows players to switch their ACs’ shoulder-mounted weapons with hand-held ones that they normally equip for their AC’s left and right arms, respectively.

What is the most powerful weapon in Armored Core 6?

1 VE-60SNA (Stun Needle Launcher)

The strongest weapon in Armored Core 6 is also the only weapon on this list that is gifted to the player.

What parts to buy first Armored Core 6?

The DF-GN-02 Ling-Tai, VP-20D, and DF-GN-06 Ming-Tang are all excellent choices to pick from during the first collection of missions in Armored Core 6. While the AG-J-098 Joso is a perfectly acceptable starting Generator you have unlocked from the beginning, these parts allow you to branch out into specialized builds.

Armored Core 6 | 10 Best Weapons To Get Early – Get POWERFUL Quickly! Destroy Bosses

Is weight control worth it Armored Core 6?

Purchase the OS upgrade “Weight Control”.

This allows you to sortie on missions while overencumbered, as well as drop weapons in the field so that you’re not too slow. Still, this is a drastic measure, and it’s probably better in most cases not to be overencumbered in the first place.

How long to beat Armored Core 6?

The main story can be completed in about 15-20 hours with a rushed playthrough, but to achieve 100% completion and see all three endings, it can take around 50-60 hours.

What is the best sword in Armored Core 6?

The Ashmead Pile Bunker melee blade is ludicrously powerful, and the best weapon in Armored Core 6 right now as long as you have the guts to consistently get up close and personal with the big bosses of the game.

What is the best dual wield in Armored Core 6?

10 VP-66LH Laser Handgun

If you’re going for a dual-wield setup, the Laser Handgun stands out as an excellent choice for handguns in Armored Core 6. It’s remarkably accurate, has an impressive range, and, being a laser weapon, it has no recoil. This means it’s effective at all distances.

Is the laser cannon good in Armored Core 6?

VP-60LCS Laser Cannon

They do decent damage, but the real usefulness comes in their staggering ability. Their rate of fire is essentially as fast as you can pull the trigger, and without a need to reload, you can rely on them whenever you need to so long as you don’t overheat.

How many endings does Armored Core 6 have?

AC6 features three endings, and by following the recommended flow of Missions listed below, you can obtain the “Stargazer” achievement (awarded for completing every mission in the game) after reaching all three endings.

Is Bazooka good in Armored Core 6?

In the Armored Core series, each weapon is designed to have its own unique feel, quirks, and role in the game. As such, Bazooka-type weapons have their own place in combat, but they are somewhat of an expert’s weapon, requiring more skill to be used efficiently.

What is the best Bazooka in Armored Core 6?

The Majestic is a medium-sized Bazooka that embodies all the properties of explosive weapons you might expect in Armored Core 6. Efficient and easy to use, this gun fires a single explosive round that deals massive damage to any enemy’s stagger or health meter.

How do you get Gatling guns in Armored Core 6?

2 Gatling Gun – DF-GA-08 Hu-Ben

Just like the Ashmead, it can be bought after completing Watchpoint Delta. It costs 170,000 COAM from the shop.

How do you get more weapons in Armored Core 6?

As players progress through the Armored Core 6 campaign, they’ll gradually unlock more aftermarket guns, body types, and internals for their mechs. More advanced parts will be unlocked in the later stages and themed parts will be unlocked once players finish missions for certain factions like Balam and Arquebus.

How many weapons can you have in Armored Core 6?

An Armored Core unit can equip a maximum of four weapons, provided the player skillfully manages the overall weight of the AC.

What is the best melee weapon in Armored Core 6?

The Pile Bunker is the best melee weapon, dealing high impact damage and staggering bosses with its fast charge attack.

What is the strongest gun in Armored Core?

1 VE-60SNA (Stun Needle Launcher)

The strongest weapon in Armored Core 6 is also the only weapon on this list that is gifted to the player.

Are shotguns good in Armored Core 6?

A certain shotgun in ARMORED CORE VI FIRES OF RUBICON, has been rising in popularity among players for its outstanding performances, increasingly becoming a go-to choice for many, but it also seems to be somewhat of a source of mixed feelings due to its sheer strength.

Is Armored Core 6 a Soulslike?

Ideally, Armored Core 6 is simply a mech shooter, and while the game does take inspiration from other souls titles, its in a class of its own.

Which armored core has the best gameplay?

A fan favorite in the series, Armored Core: For Answer is the follow-up to AC 4. It manages to improve a lot of the shortcomings found in AC 4. AC: For Answer features more polished gameplay, better graphics, and expansive levels that those who enjoy more open-world exploration will certainly enjoy.

How do you get moonlight armored in Core 6?

Armored Core 6 Moonlight Blade Location

The Moonlight Blade can be found on Mission 34: Reach the Coral Convergence. It’s tucked away inside a chest under the broken bridge. There are a number of mono-wheel MTs guarding the chest, and they can be tough to en masse.

How many times should I play Armored Core 6?

You should beat Armored Core 6 three times—both NG+ and NG++ have new missions, parts, and some of the game’s spiciest twists.

How well did Armored Core 6 sell?

The game surpassed the sales of previous entries in the series by a substantial margin.

Will Armored Core 6 have DLC?

Will Armored Core 6 get DLC? FromSoftware Armored Core 6 DLC could add even more content to the game. Fromsoftware has yet to confirm whether Armored Core 6 will receive any DLC or post-launch content. However, this doesn’t mean that we won’t get any in the future.

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