What is the best food for frost in Tower of Fantasy?

Salmon Sashimi (Lake Bass x1): Regenerates 20 Satiety and increases Frost Attack by 150 +2% for twenty minutes. Lake Bass is common in The Crown and Warren. Purple Yam Pie (Brown Rice x3, Purple Yam x1): Regenerates 20 Satiety and increases Volt Attack by 150 +2% for twenty minutes.

Why do I keep getting awful stew in Tower of Fantasy?

Awful Stew is a craftable food in Tower of Fantasy. While Awful Stew has no recipe, Awful Stew is created during the Creation process when the player fails the Creation process. This can usually occur when the Creation process is not at 100%.

What do volt buffs eat in Tower of Fantasy?

For VOLT, best food is the Purple Yam Pie. Recipe: 1 purple yam (can be found on warren) 3 brown rice (can be found on navia). Defense buff foods !!

How do you get better food recipes in Tower of Fantasy?

If players place their ingredients into the Creation menu while by a cooking pot, there is a slight chance they can unlock a recipe, relying on luck. Players need to only place one necessary item and then add 15 other ingredients to have a better chance of getting a new recipe.

How do you increase cooking success in Tower of Fantasy?

In the Creation menu, the Wanderer can choose to input ingredients to create a recipe. Each ingredient will add 7% to the total success rate, up to 100%, for a total of 15 ingredients. Depending on the ingredients used, a random recipe will be unlocked that utilizes the ingredients input.

Best Frost damage Food Tower of Fantasy Cooking Recipe

What is the easiest food to make in Tower of Fantasy?

Snail Baked Rice (Carrion Snail x1, Rice x2): generates 20 Satiety and increases Physical Resistance by 675 +15% for twenty minutes. This is the easiest high-tier resistance food to make, as you can find several Snails in the western corner of Navia Bay.

What is the best hp food in Tower of Fantasy reddit?

Best healing food is either snow lotus soup or caterpillar fungus noodles. Both give 20% health + 60k hp. The only difference being the former gives 800 endurance and the latter gives 20 satiety. Both are the best because of how easy it is to get the materials needed.

What is roasted chicken legs with vegetables Tower of Fantasy?

Roasted Drumstick with Veggies is a craftable food in Tower of Fantasy that can be made during the Aida Cafe event. After defeating Apophis and Rose Queen, it may also drop from password chests during the Aida Cafe event. This food can no longer be cooked once the event is over.

What is the strongest character in Tower of Fantasy?

So, for those in need of more knowledge, here are 10 of the strongest characters in Tower of Fantasy.

  1. 1 Samir. Any established fans of Tower of Fantasy will not need an introduction to the legendary powers of the game’s main character and lead role, Samir.
  2. 2 King. …
  3. 3 Huma. …
  4. 4 Meryl. …
  5. 5 Shiro. …
  6. 6 Crow. …
  7. 7 Cocoritter. …
  8. 8 Cobalt-B. …

What is the best main weapon in Tower of Fantasy?

Tower Of Fantasy weapon tier list

  • Top tier: Dual EM Stars, Absolute Zero, Scythe Of The Crow, Venus.
  • A tier: Thunderblades, Molten Shield V2, Chakram Of The Seas, Icewind Arrow.
  • B tier: Negating Cube, Rosy Edge, Pummeler, Thunderous Halberd.
  • C tier: Nightingale’s Feather, The Terminator, Staff Of Scars.

Is Tower of Fantasy easier than Genshin?

Tower of Fantasy is better than Genshin Impact in player freedom, simpler style, and quality of life improvements as it launches globally. Comparisons are bound to happen between newcomer Tower of Fantasy and action-gacha king Genshin Impact, but some things Tower of Fantasy simply does better.

Why Tower of Fantasy is better than Genshin?

While Genshin Impact is an action RPG, Tower of Fantasy is marketed as an MMORPG. The genre difference is what makes Tower of Fantasy stand out from its competitor Genshin Impact, as the two games might have otherwise been too similar without some tweaks in the feature set.

How to do a lot of damage in Tower of Fantasy?

How to do more damage?

  1. Replace Saki with Lin if you have her. …
  2. Try to maximize your helicoptering time. …
  3. Use radish soup to replenish stamina.
  4. Use stamina or volt buff food.
  5. Get 20k volt atk and 12k crit.
  6. Use highest gold matrices on Saki/Nemesis even if they are from different sets.

What is the max level in Tower of Fantasy per day?

It’s because of a hard-coded limit: the daily max level cap. Simply put, on the player’s first day playing, they can only reach Wanderer Level 18. On their second day playing, they can only reach Wanderer Level 24. This continues up until day 88 when they can reach Wanderer Level 70.

How long does it take to get to the max level in Tower of Fantasy?

Tower of Fantasy’s overall Wanderer Level cap is 70. It’s impossible to reach that level, however, for at least 88 days. This isn’t due to the breadth of content, although Tower of Fantasy does offer plenty to explore. It’s because of a hard-coded limit: the daily max level cap.

How do you get the king in Tower of Fantasy?

How to Obtain

  1. Obtain from Weapon Special Orders.
  2. Open corresponding SSR Weapon Boxes.

What is the best healer in Tower of Fantasy?

That’s where Cocoritter comes in, as she is the best support character in Tower of Fantasy right now. She’s an excellent healer, with her Sanctuary and Swift Deliverance abilities generating healing auras for nearby allies.

What should I use vitality on Tower of Fantasy?

It is used to redeem rewards from Adventures, and is generally consumed upon opening chests or once an Adventure has been completed, including using Quick Battle system. As of Version/2.4, Vitality can only be used on Joint Operation, Dimensional Trials and Interstellar Exploration.

What are the secret codes for the Tower of Fantasy?

Tower Of Fantasy codes

  • TOFBRVIP: x50 Dark Crystal, Gold Nucleus,
  • MYTOFYEAR: x50 Dark Crystal, Gold Nucleus, x5 Weapon Augmentation Box II.
  • TOFHAPPYBDAY: x50 Dark Crystal, x5 Random Weapon Augment Kit, Gold Nucleus.
  • TOFHBD: x50 Dark Crystal, x5 Random Weapon Augment Kit, Gold Nucleus.

Can you play Tower of Fantasy without spending money?

Tower of Fantasy Is Free To Download But Has A Gacha System

However, one caveat is that there is no pity system or counter for banners that use Black Nuclei in Tower of Fantasy.

How do you get dragon fruit in Tower of Fantasy?

Farming Firedragon Fruits In Tower Of Fantasy

  1. Transmit to the Spacerift in the Seventh Day Forest.
  2. Cross the lake to the southeast and grab the first few clusters of Firedragon Fruit.
  3. Follow the southern bank westward, picking up the fruit along the way.

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