What is the deal with Zack and Cloud?

Zack fair was one of the original first class soldiers along side angele, genesis and sephiroth long before cloud joined the ranks. Zack Fair was a SOLDIER, and Clouds best friend when they were both working for SHINRA.

What happened between Cloud and Zack?

Zack died in the weeks leading up to the opening of Final Fantasy VII, to protect Cloud from Shinra’s army after they had escaped from imprisonment; a mentally shaken Cloud’s memories of the events were heavily affected, and he forgot Zack entirely.

What is Cloud and Zacks relationship?

Cloud became good friends with Zack during the Nibelheim mission due to both coming from small villages with big dreams and Cloud was never (not very sure) jealous of Zack. After breaking out of cryogenic sleep, Zack ‘dragged’ Cloud everywhere, trying to escape from Shinra, all the way to Midgar for nearly a year.

How is Zack connected to Cloud?

Zack is known for being an integral part of Cloud’s story. After Zack loses to the soldiers, he entrusts his Buster Sword and his legacy to Cloud. When Zack hands him his sword, the Jenova cells in both of their bodies react and Cloud gets some of Zack’s memories, merging them with his own.

Why is Cloud acting like Zack?

Cloud doesn’t take Zacks personally or tries to be Zack or anything like that. He simply took Zacks place in his memories for it to be consistent with his persona he created. The way Cloud acts in the beggining of the game is what he believes to be a badass SOLDIER turned mercenary to act.

Cloud meets Zack again and defeats Sephiroth

Did Cloud love Aerith because of Zack?

Understanding the whole plot, it is clear that Cloud and Tifa love each other. Aerith and Cloud was only a thing because Cloud believed and acted as though he were Zack. This is why in the beginning of the game, he’s a cocky, cool-headed, hotshot mercenary only in it for a buck.

Why can’t Cloud remember Zack?

Zack died in the weeks leading up to the opening of Final Fantasy VII, to protect Cloud from Shinra’s army after they had escaped from imprisonment; a mentally shaken Cloud’s memories of the events were heavily affected, and he forgot Zack entirely.

What does Zack say to Cloud before he dies?

In his dying breath, Zack gives the Buster Sword to Cloud, telling him to be his living legacy. As Cloud stumbles off towards Midgar, Zack is pulled into the sky by Angeal, and wonders if he has become a hero.

Who was stronger Zack or Cloud?

As far as pure physical strength goes, Zack has a sizable advantage over Cloud. He is taller and more muscular, while Cloud is leaner and smaller. He was also a SOLDIER first-class trained by Angeal. Cloud, on the other hand, was just an infantryman till the Nibelheim incident.

Is Zack A clone of Sephiroth?

Cloud Strife’s status, had Zack Fair not intervened and rescued him from the Shinra Manor, is debatable. Zack, also a Sephiroth-clone, was a complete failure: he was not mentally affected by the experiment due to previously being unaffected by the identical SOLDIER procedure.

Is Cloud actually Zack?

Cloud later realizes that some of his memories and even aspects of his personality were actually Zack’s, and not his own. Flashbacks reveal that both Zack and Cloud battled Sephiroth after he burned the town of Nibelheim upon discovering he was the result of a scientific experiment.

How old was Cloud when Zack died?

Zack is 23 while he dies, that is the beginning of FF7 when Cloud is 21.

Who does Aerith love Zack or Cloud?

The FF7 Love Triangle: Zack, Cloud, and Aerith

In the original compilation, there’s a bit of a clear throughline that Zack was Aerith’s first love and she eventually grows to love Cloud too. Her feelings aren’t necessarily complicated by that, especially as Cloud grows to deal with his PTSD and Zack manifestation.

Where did Cloud go after Zack died?

Where did Cloud go after Zack died? Tifa found Cloud next to the trainyard on the floor, during the meeting the Mako/Jenova experiments snap his mind into the ‘new’ Cloud. Tifa finds him suspicious and decides to look after him. He then joins the Avalanche job as a merc (Zack was going back to Midgar to become a merc).

Why is Sephiroth so obsessed with Cloud?

If we’re talking about Advent Children Sephiroth, he wants Cloud to suffer. If we’re talking about FF7Remake Sephiroth, he wants Cloud to join him. For context, FF7 Sephiroth is the Sephiroth that has delusions of Godhood, and sees Cloud as an inferior clone of himself that he can control/manipulate.

Does Cloud love Tifa?

Cloud has no choice to make. His love of Tifa helps him recall why he loves Aerith; loving Aerith healed the affectations that prevented him from loving Tifa. The girls never compete over him — they love each other, too.

Does Cloud end up with Tifa?

Once cured of the Stigma however he goes back to living with Tifa, and raising their adopted children Denzel and Marlene together. Even later by the events of Dirge of Cerberus Cloud and Tifa are still living together.

Was Aerith in love with Cloud?

According to the Novel called Case of Life Stream – White which is officially written by Nojima said Cloud is the lover of Aerith. Lovebirds, Sweet hearts, Power couple, and Badass couple according to FF7 remake. Square Enix officially release an artwork in Hinamatsuri event confirming Cloud and Aerith are lovers.

Did Tifa and Cloud sleep together?

The creators off the game confirmed that they did have sex in the chocobo ranch and Cloud has feelings for Tifa.

Why did Sephiroth turn evil?

Learning of his status as the greatest monster ever produced by Shinra and the knowledge of how his seeming race was betrayed was the last straw for Sephiroth and he finally falls into insanity, becoming extremely ruthless and destructive, falling from the greatest hero to the single greatest threat to the planet.

Did Zack ever tell Cloud about Aerith?

Cloud doesn’t know Aeris because he was never told about Aeris. Only to say Hi to a female. Since Cloud only has spotted memories of his past, he can only assume that in the 4 years blanked, he became First Class SOLDIER because of his uniform. Tadah, his memories aren’t Zack’s, they are scattered and altered.

How much older than Cloud is Zack?

Cloud is 15 in Modeoheim, Zack and Aerith are both 16 when they meet in Midgar. That leaves Cloud at 21 in the OG and Zack and Aerith at 23.

Why does Cloud hate Sephiroth?

Final Fantasy 7’s late-game segments confirm Cloud hates Sephiroth because he is a reminder of his failure and weakness, which nearly cost Tifa’s life, the person who motived him to join SOLDIER in the first place.

Is Cloud a clone of Sephiroth?

But he was not a clone clone. No, Hojo just tried to replicate the process used to create Sephiroth on Cloud.

Were Zack and Aerith dating?

Aerith asks if she would see him again and Zack assures her positively. She also hopes that Zack’s friend (referred to Angeal), whom he talked about in his sleep when he crashed down, is okay. Aerith comforts Zack. The two go on date periodically thereafter and become intimate with each other as lovers.

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