What is the electric spell in Noita?

Electric Charge is a projectile modifier spell that causes a projectile to gain an electric damage effect. Projectiles will electrify liquids and stun enemies, it will also deal slightly more damage. The wand itself becomes electrically charged as well, causing it to act like a less extreme version of a Thunderstone.

What is the thunder spell in Noita?

Thunder Charge is a slow-moving projectile spell that resembles ball lightning. It carries huge destructive potential via both electrical and explosive damage. The explosion released upon impact is of a large radius and can do more explosive damage than the description implies.

What is the always cast spell in Noita?

Always Cast is a perk that adds an Always Cast spell to your currently held wand. Taking this perk is always a gamble, as many spells can be detrimental as an Always Cast. When applied to the starter bomb wand it may create a powerful rapid fire wand in early games.

What is the chain bolt spell in Noita?

Chain Bolt is a projectile spell that casts a bolt of energy which jumps forward in a few steps until it encounters material or a creature. It will change direction towards a creature if one is within range, but will not seek the same enemy more than once.

How do I find a specific spell in Noita?

Individual spells can be found in chests as well as purchased in some shops. There are many different spells and effects, including modifier spells, which do not create an effect on their own, but rather modify another effect. For non-shuffle wands, the order of spells matters.

Coolest Noita Modifier: Electric Arc

What is the random static spell in Noita?

Random Static Projectile Spell summons a single Static Projectile Spell of any kind, even ones you haven’t unlocked yet. Although it ignores the mana cost of the spell it casts, it does still have the cast delay of whatever spell it casts.

What is the best spell in Noita?

Noita: 10 Best Spell Combos

  • 7 Spark Bolt + Vertical Barrier: A Quick and Effective Trap.
  • 8 Summon Rock + Homing: A Deadly Boulder Projectile. …
  • 9 Chainsaw + Spark Bolt: No Cast Delay Means Constant Sparks. …
  • 10 Unstable Crystal + Homing: An Enemy-Seeking Explosive. …

What is the egg spell in Noita?

Summon Hollow Egg is a Spell that creates a hollow Egg and flings it in an arc. The egg will crack open when it hits an enemy or surface with anything above a very gentle impact. Upon breaking, it triggers (casts) the next spell in the wand.

How do you get the nuke spell in Noita?

Obtaining the Spell

Will spawn from the Orb of True Knowledge in the cave at the bottom of the lava lake on the rightmost site of the Mines the first time you collect the orb. Collecting the orb also unlocks the spell permanently, and it will start appearing on wands and in shops.

What is the black hole spell in Noita?

Black Hole is a somewhat uncommon projectile Spell which summons a dark orb that travels slowly, attracting objects and consuming any terrain in its path. Despite its similarity to Giga Black Hole, this more contained version does no damage to enemies or the player.

What does Mina mean in Noita?

“Noita” is the Finnish word for “witch”, and “Minä” is Finnish for “I” or “me”. The term ‘Minä’ referring to the player’s avatar can be seen when they die to their own slicing weapon.

Is unlimited spells good in Noita?

The Unlimited Spells perk is also great with Vampirism, since spells which produce blood (such as the Blood material spell) will have unlimited uses. Also synergizes well with slice damage spells. Anti-synergistic with Eat Your Vegetables as blood can no longer be used for that.

What is the bubble spell in Noita?

Bubble Spark is a spell in Noita. A bouncy and inaccurate spell, Bubble spark explodes when hitting an enemy or after a 2 second duration.

What is the Omega spell in Noita?

A group of spells designed to copy other spells and effects. Ignores both mana drain and charges of copied spells, and are unlocked by killing Ylialkemisti. Omega is one of the most powerful of the Greek letter spells, copying all the other spells, including modifiers, in the wand at once for 300 mana.

What is the meteor spell in Noita?

Meteor is a powerful late-game spell which will call forth a destructive meteor. It behaves like a Fireball, but is much more damaging. The explosion won’t normally harm you.

What is the refresh spell in Noita?

The Wand Refresh spell is a Utility Spell that can be used to force a wand to enter the recharging state when it is cast, ensuring that any spells after it in the wand are effectively ignored.

What is the toxic spell in Noita?

The only spell that can reliably stain enemies with toxic sludge is Toxic Mist. Since toxic effects are quite dangerous to the player if left unchecked (especially at high HP-max levels), the Toxic Sludge Immunity perk is recommended. Toxic sludge can be found in most biomes, but is very prevalent in The Vault.

What is the petrify spell in Noita?

Petrify is a Spell. Any enemy wounded by a spell using this modifier will be turned into a stone upon death.

What does unlimited spells do in Noita?

Unlimited Spells is a perk that removes the limited-charge from many limited-charge spells. It synergizes with the perks Bombs Materialized (for the 7 spells that improves) and Vampirism (for use with Blood (Spell) and Blood Cloud).

What is the explosive spell in Noita?

Explosion is a static projectile spell that creates a small, high-powered explosion at the point of casting. It will damage you if you do not have the Explosion Immunity or Exploding Corpses perks.

What does the chainsaw spell do in Noita?

Spawn Probability per Tier ⓘ

This spell spawns a very short ranged projectile of sparks at the tip of the wand. This spell will cause the creature or piece of meat hit to quickly bleed a great amount of liquid of the type the creature uses as blood, producing blood, slime, lava or other material.

What is the magic guard spell in Noita?

A spell that summons rotating glowing lights around you, similar to the spell Spiral Shot. These will damage enemies and knock away projectiles, both outgoing and incoming, for the duration. The lights of the big version orbit much further away from you and deal more damage compared to the normal one.

What is the rarest enemy in Noita?

The Swampling (in-game name Märkiäinen or the Shaman in the game’s files) is a rare enemy encountered in the Mines, Collapsed Mines, and Underground Jungle.

What does more love do in Noita?

More Love is a passive Perk that reduces enemy aggression and infighting, such as making most enemies passive to Rats. Useful for reducing unfavorable situations that result from infighting, such as flasks getting broken, nukes being fired, etc.

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