What is the next world in Honkai: Star Rail?

New leaks from Honkai: Star Rail are teasing one of the first revealed areas from the RPG’s next major playable world of Penacony.

Will more worlds be added to Honkai: Star Rail?

Will more worlds be added to Honkai: Star Rail? The interview reveals that the next world players will visit in Honkai: Star Rail is called Penacony, rumored to be themed around 19th century France.

How many worlds are there in Honkai: Star Rail?

Currently, there are a total of three worlds in the game: Herta Space Station, Jarilo-VI, and The Xianzhou Luofu. The main story for the first two planets is already finished, but you’ll not have any more main quests after Trailblaze Level 34 in The Xianzhou Luofu.

Does Honkai: Star Rail have an ending?

What is the ending of Honkai: Star Rail? The secret ending unlocks when players choose to stay at Herta Space Station instead of boarding the Astra Express with everyone else. This act means that players basically refuse the call of any further adventure, and choose to live the rest of their life at the Station.

What is the next world after Xianzhou Luofu?

Now, the question is, after Jarilo-VI and the Xianzhou Luofu, which world is the Astral Express heading to next? Based on certain in-game dialogues, it is likely to be a world called Penacony.

The Next Honkai: Star Rail World Was Revealed

Is Luocha evil honkai star rail?

In this visual novel, Otto takes on the name “Raksha”, as Li Sushang had difficulty saying “Apocalypse”. It is notable to point out that “Raksha” comes from “Rakshasa”, a Buddhist term for an evil spirit that devours human flesh that when translated to Chinese reads as “Luocha”.

Is Dan Heng from Xianzhou Luofu?

As players go through Honkai: Star Rail’s story, Dan Heng would later reveal that he used to live in the Xianzhou Luofu, but was exiled for a still-unknown reason.

What happens if you tell Himeko you want to stay?

Letting Himeko know that “I’ve made up my mind, I’ll stay.” and “Herta and Asta both gave me the green light.” leads to the last bit of dialogue before the ending, the protagonist’s farewell through the, “So long, Himeko.” option.

What happens after secret ending Honkai: Star Rail?

What Happens In The Secret Ending. After Himeko, Welt, Dan Heng, and March 7th board the Astral Express to continue their Mission, the protagonist will stay behind at the Herta Space Station to do more research with Herta.

Is Star Rail canon to Honkai?

The HoYoverse Multiverse is Canon It’s been confirmed that the worlds within Honkai: Star Rail, Genshin Impact, and Honkai Impact 3rd are all a part of something called the Imaginary Tree, which was first featured in Honkai Impact 3rd.

What is the max level in Honkai: Star Rail?

If you have the maximum Equilibrium level, then you can level all your characters up to a max level of 80 in Honkai: Star Rail. That covers it for the Trailblaze and character level caps in Honkai: Star Rail.

What path is Kafka Star Rail?

Everything you need to know about Kafka in Star Rail. Kafka is a 5-Star Lightning character of The Nihility path who was added to Honkai: Star Rail during version 1.2.

Do choices matter in Honkai: Star Rail?

Do Choices Matter In Honkai: Star Rail? The game has plenty of dialogues where it feels like your choice matters, but Hoyoverse is notorious for giving these kinds of dialogues when they don’t really affect the story.

What is the pity in Honkai: Star Rail?

In short: pity ensures that your 90th pull will guarantee a 5-star character if you haven’t pulled one by then, but soft pity means it’ll quite likely happen a little bit sooner.

Is Honkai: Star Rail a sequel or prequel?

Is Honkai Star Rail canon to honkai impact? Is Honkai Star Rail a sequel connected to Honkai Impact 3rd? Yes, it’s the fourth in the Honkai series, so Honkai: Star Rail is technically a sequel to Honkai Impact 3rd, but it is set in an alternate universe with (mostly) alternate versions of previous Honkai characters.

Who is the red hair lady in Honkai: Star Rail?

Himeko is pretty young woman, She has a red flaming hair, her suit is a red jacket covering her shoulder and brown shorst, her battle suit is red and black armor with sword capable of cutting and cleaving through the Honkai.

How do you unlock the secret ending in Honkai: Star Rail?

Players are able to unlock the secret “bad” ending by choosing to stay at Herta Space Station after the Prologue after making their intentions clear to Herta, Asta, and Himeko.

Why was Himeko dying?

While protecting Hyperion from an attack by Benares, she was pulled into the Herrscher of the Void’s imaginary space. Himeko defeated HoV and saved Kiana by injecting the God-Slaying Spear into her, but she succumbed to her injuries sustained in the fight and from pushing the VK suit to its limits.

Are there different endings in Star Rail?

Honkai: Star Rail, on the other hand, offers players two choices and one of them leads to a secret ending. Luckily for players, achieving the secret ending in Honkai: Star Rail doesn’t require a lot of work as only completing the Prologue and unlocking the Herta Space Station is necessary.

Is Fu Xuan a must pull?

You should pull for Fu Xuan if: You don’t have a 5-star Preservation or Abundance unit. You’re tired of your team comps revolving around the same few characters. You like her as a character.

Is Fu Xuan worth it?

Objectively, yes. You should pull for Fu Xuan because she’s currently the Preservation unit with the most utility in the game. Definitely pull for her if you don’t have other 5-star Preservation and Abundance units like Gepard, Bailu, and Luocha.

Why does Dan Heng have horns?

Dan Heng’s true form from his Vidyadhara lineage carries the residual power left behind by his past incarnation, the Imbibitor Lunae. Upon accepting the majestic horns atop his crown, he must accept all the merits and faults attributed to that sinner.

Why is Otto called Raksha?

In this visual novel, Otto takes on the name “Raksha”, as Li Sushang had difficulty saying “Apocalypse”. It is notable to point out that “Raksha” comes from “Rakshasa”, a Buddhist term for an evil spirit that devours human flesh that when translated to Chinese reads as “Luocha”.

Why does Luocha look like Otto?

He is specifically based on Otto during his journey to Shenzhou during the Seven Swords Visual Novel, during which his outfit had a similar color scheme and he also carried a coffin.

What did Otto do to Welt?

Otto agrees to send Welt to the moon. This is despite the huge space race Schicksal and Anti-Entropy was either just or currently in at the time. Otto watches the rocket launch from Theresa’s bedroom. Otto entrusted the fate of humanity to Welt’s plan that had a very small chance of working.

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