What level do you have to be to finish Krokotopia?

Re: What lvl do you normally get out of kroktopia If you do all side quests, you’ll generally leave Krokotopia at level 27 or 28. If you’re level 36 and haven’t left Krokotopia, then you’re doing a lot of needless fighting and/or you’re apparently not finishing a storyline quest.

What level should you be before going to Krokotopia?

Re: What is a good level to start Krokotopia? Well, if you don’t do side quests or streets that aren’t part of the main quest, you should be there around level 8-10. Doing side streets and quests should get you there around level 16-20.

What level do you have to be to go to Azteca?

Players who are a minimum of level 75 and who have completed the Avalon quest “A Great Storm Coming” must speak to Cyrus Drake in Ravenwood (not Merle like you usually do). He will send you along to Marleybone for a very unique experience. Completing Cyrus’ quest will give you the Spiral Key to Azteca.

What level should you be at the end of Wizard City?

Re: When do quests in wizard city end? If you do all of the Wizard City quests before moving on to Krokotopia, you’ll probably be level 15 when you finish. You’ll certainly be level 15 if you do all but Sunken City; I’m not sure if Sunken City would be enough to get you to level 16.

What level should I be for Polaris wizard101?

You have to have completed Khrysalis defeating Morganthe which puts you at least at level 100. Re: What level is for Polaris? Polaris is the start of a third arc, the first two being Malistaire and Morganthe. It’s a main storyline world, so you have to finish the lower worlds before you can unlock Polaris.

Wizard101 on a Budget Day 7 – Finishing Krokotopia

What’s the max level in Wizard101?

Hobbies such as training pets, fishing, and gardening require energy; crafting instead requires various resources called “reagents”. Players can duel each other in the PvP arena and some houses. As of November 2022, players can achieve a maximum level of 160.

What happens at level 50 in Wizard101?

You start out at level 50 and ready to start Celestia for the main line quests. “The Level 50 Elixir allows you to head straight to Celestia and start your adventures in the second story arc of Wizard101! All main quests up to and including Dragonspyre will be completed.”

Should I do Celestia or Wintertusk first?

If you are unsure about which world to do first, the answer, if you take my recommendation, is Wintertusk! A lot of people have complained that Celestia is too hard… So, KI, has made Wintertusk… You can easily go from Grandmaster to Level 58, by doing all the quests and side quests in Wintertusk…

What do wizards get at level 20?

When you reach 20th level, you gain mastery over two powerful spells and can cast them with little effort. Choose two 3rd-level wizard spells in your spellbook as your signature spells.

How do you level up fast in wizard101?

Every time you cast a spell, you get 3 experience per pip used (0-pip spells are worth 3 experience). Quests give much bigger rewards. The best experience comes from quests in later worlds, so the fastest way to level up and gain experience is to finish up the main quest series as fast as possible.

What level is Avalon Wizard101?

Anywhere between levels 70 to 75.

Is Azteca a long world?

Azteca is LONG. It’s not as long as Khrysalis, but it sure is a long journey to take.

Why is Azteca off the air?

HC2, now known as INNOVATE Corp., also licensed the Azteca America brand and its logo. On October 21, 2022, INNOVATE Corp. announced that Azteca América would cease operations on December 31, after 22 years of operation as a competitor to leading Spanish networks Univision and Telemundo.

Who is the final boss in Krokotopia?

The final quest is to beat Krokopatra. Krokopatra is a thunder boss with 1,200 hp so the best spell to use on krokopatra is myth. And when you beat krokopatra the end of the quest will give you a spell card for all the hard work you did for krokotopia. I hope this helps.

How many bosses are there in Krokotopia?

Krokotopia has a total of 65 quests, with 36 bosses, 7 Defeat and Collect quests and 6 regular mobs.

How do you complete Krokotopia?

Krokotopia Main Quest Guide Line

  1. Krokotopia (explore + talk 3x)
  2. Digging in the Dirt (talk)
  3. Make Some Rubbings (explore + talk)
  4. Fragments of a Key (D&C + talk)
  5. The Final Rubbing (boss + talk)
  6. Speak to the Assistant (talk) Chamber of Fire.
  7. Find My Colleague (talk + talk)
  8. New Digs (interact + talk)

How powerful is a lvl 20 wizard?

A level 20 Wizard in 3.5, given access to splat books, is able to explode a small planet in a single attack with a bit of cheese. With a more normals spell like Apocalyse from the Sky they can topple mountains.

How strong is a lvl 20 Paladin?

How strong is lvl 20 Paladin? Unless you know of any other thing in 5e that has the potential to deal over 600 damage a turn. Yes that’s right a single Paladin at lvl 20 with two attacks has the potential to deal up to a maximum of 624 damage before modifiers a turn.

How strong is a lvl 20 barbarian?

A level 20 Barbarian could take out a dragon with a sword if he could force it to stay and fight him. Without access to some specific magic items or a friendly wizard that could prove difficult, since dragons can fly (and very fast too). A level 20 barbarian can certainly kill hundreds of men on his own, though.

Is Celestia or Wintertusk harder?

Celestia can be very hard so if you want to be prepared more then go with Wintertusk for the levels. If this is your first time around then I would definitely suggest going for Wintertusk first. Re: Wintertusk or celestia? I’d say start with wintertusk to get some levels.

Should I do Celestia or Grizzleheim first?

To be on the safe side do celestia first! In celestia when you hit 58 you have to quest for your new spell there and you might need to access an area there but if you do GH first, you might not have unlocked the necessary area to do the spell quest. Be safe and do celestia first if you want that 58 spell fast!

Should I do Grizzleheim before Dragonspyre?

I would recommend going as far as you can in Grizz then jump into DS. There are level requirements for a couple of areas in Grizz so when you get to those, go ahead and move into DS. You should get a message from Headmaster Ambrose when you are able to return to Grizz.

What is the hardest boss in w101?

Jotun, Ullik, and Grettir are extremely difficult for the intended level of 40 too. Each have about 9,000 health in the same battle which is stupiddd hard for that level, especially putting it into the perspective that Malistare, the final boss of the 1st arc, has 10,000 health with mere mobs.

What gives the most XP in wizard101?

The best experience comes from quests in later worlds, so the fastest way to level up and gain experience is to finish up the main quest series as fast as possible. The gear you have will quickly become underpowered, and there are quests you will be missing that will give you extra spells.

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