What skills do you need for GameStop?

Qualified Game Advisor (Sales Associate) candidates will possess the following:

  • High School diploma or GED.
  • Must be at least 18 years old*
  • Fun and enthusiastic personality… desire to interact with customers and provide an incredible customer experience.
  • Video game knowledge preferred.

What does GameStop look for on a resume?

Sales associates at GameStop serve as game advisors for clients, which means they need to possess good customer service skills. The skill section of your resume must reflect that—it should include soft skills and job-related hard skills. The top 10 skills for a GameStop resume are: Customer service skills.

What you need to know working at GameStop?

Play the game

Employers will want to see that you not only are knowledgeable about their products but that you also use the products in your personal life. Also, customers might want to know what you think of each game and which ones you like the most.

What are the duties of a GameStop employee?

Game Advisor (Sales Associate) – Will ensure customers are greeted on the sales floor, questions are asked to determine their need, recommendations are made to provide the right solutions, and GameStop services, such as our incredible Power Up Rewards program, are explained.

Is it hard to get hired by GameStop?

The hiring process at Gamestop is fairly straightforward and usually just involves an application and one to three interviews. For most retail positions, the hiring process takes one week and includes one interview that lasts between 15 to 20 minutes.

How GameStop Fell Apart in 5 Years

How much does GameStop usually pay?

How much does GameStop in the United States pay? Average GameStop hourly pay ranges from approximately $8.14 per hour for Seasonal Associate to $23.67 per hour for Systems Project Manager.

Is a GameStop interview hard?

The GameStop hiring process is generally straightforward and informal, with most applicants reporting a positive experience. Interviews typically involve one or two rounds, either in-person or via phone or Zoom, with store managers or district managers.

How long are breaks at GameStop?

You generally get 1-2 10 min paid breaks and a 30 min unpaid break if you work 5hours or more per gamestop policy. part-time employees don’t get anything but a smoke break.

What is the dress code for GameStop?

The dress code at Gamestop is business casual for corporate and management positions and professional casual for retail workers. Although individual stores may vary, most locations allow associates to wear jeans and pop culture or gaming shirts.

Is GameStop a good job to have?

GameStop Reviews FAQs

GameStop has an overall rating of 2.9 out of 5, based on over 7,800 reviews left anonymously by employees. 32% of employees would recommend working at GameStop to a friend and 17% have a positive outlook for the business.

What do you wear to a GameStop interview?

7 answers. Wear something business casual, and bring a copy of your resume. Dress how you would for a job interview.

Do you get free stuff if you work at GameStop?

32 answers

You do not get free games if you work at GameStop. Only managers get games for free in some cases. Managers might put their games up for grabs so other associates have an incentive to meet company, store, and personal goals, but that only happens if the store manager wants to give up their game.

Does GameStop have an interview?

The first interview at GameStop

I applied via the website and got a call around 2 weeks later for an interview. What I suggest is calling a week or even a few days after you submit your application. This seemed to work for me, but … I got a call 1 week after an application and voicemail said if I was still interested.

What skills do employers look for on resumes?

Top Skills to List in Your Resume

  • — Problem-Solving Skills. …
  • — Critical Thinking Skills. …
  • — Flexibility. …
  • — Communication Skills. …
  • — Teamwork. …
  • — Organization Skills. …
  • — Creativity. …
  • — Emotional Intelligence.

Does GameStop pay for college?

The Gamer Fund, which is affiliated with GameStop Corporation (GME) brands, has established the Power to the Scholars Scholarship Program to assist employees and their children who plan to continue their education in college or vocational school programs.

What are the best skills to put on a resume reddit?

Every job posting asks for personal skills, they might just not call it that. Conflict resolution, facilitation, negotiation, servant-leadership, mentoring, etc. Those are all fantastic soft skills to put on a resume.

Does GameStop allow colored hair?

No, GameStop doesn’t care about hair color.

Why do you have to be 18 to sell to GameStop?

What restrictions are there on trading? To comply with local laws and regulations, customers must be at least 18 years of age to trade in at GameStop.

Can you have tattoos at GameStop?

They don’t discriminate with hair color, tattoos, piercings.

How much does GameStop give an hour?

Average GameStop hourly pay ranges from approximately $8.14 per hour for Seasonal Associate to $23.67 per hour for Systems Project Manager. The average GameStop salary ranges from approximately $24,000 per year for Audit Associate to $149,874 per year for Software Architect.

How long is a shift at GameStop?

6-8 hours per day. I worked 6 to 8 hour work days. On average I work 8 hours a day. Depends on your position you could be working 4-10 hours.

Does GameStop pay weekly or biweekly?

Game Stop pays biweekly.

What is the youngest GameStop will hire?

You have to be at least 16 years old to work at Gamestop. Some retail stores, however, prefer to hire associates who are over the age of 18 with a high school diploma. The average age range of a Gamestop retail employee is 23 years old.

Which Company interview is the hardest?

According to reviews on the Glassdoor site, the company with the toughest interview process for a second consecutive year is the prestigious consulting firm McKinsey & Company. The average interview difficulty rating is 3.9 out of 5.

Do you get nervous for job interviews?

Nerves are an unavoidable part of the interview process, and whether you’re going for your first or 31st interview, nerves affect us all. Common symptoms include: Heavy/fast breathing. Pounding heart.

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