Where are Valheim dedicated server files stored?

(Windows): Your worlds are stored in [Drive Letter]:%UserProfile%AppDataLocalLowIronGateValheimworlds. This folder is used by the dedicated server tool and the Valheim game’s own system.

How do I find a Valheim dedicated server?

Toggle on “tools” in the Steam library search and look for “Valheim,” you should see Valheim Dedicated Server. Install Valheim and install Valheim Dedicated Server. You won’t run it from Steam, though—you need Steam to play Valheim itself either on another PC or on this one.

Where are Valheim cloud files stored?

Are Valheim saves on cloud? Yes, if you enable the Steam Cloud save function, the Valheim saves are on the Steam Cloud. You can follow the address here to navigate to Valheim cloud saves location: Program Files (x86)> Steam> Userdata.

Where do I put the world file in Valheim server?

Uploading to the Server

  1. Navigate to your Apex Server Panel, then stop the server.
  2. In the left-hand menu, enter the FTP File Access and log in.
  3. Here, locate the worlds_local folder, and enter it.
  4. Press the Upload button in the top-left.
  5. Drag + drop your world . zip file, then wait for it to upload.

How do I save my dedicated Valheim server?

How to force a world save on a Valheim server

  1. Ensure you have admin privileges and that the console is enabled.
  2. Launch Valheim and connect to the server.
  3. Press F5 to open the in-game console.
  4. Type save and press Enter. Was this answer helpful? Yes No.

Valheim HOW to IMPORT world save & Upload to Server (Free / Hosted) ✅

How do I copy a Valheim world file?

You CAN duplicate a world with a new name!

  1. Go to AppDataLocalLowIronGateValheimworlds and select and copy the . db and . fwl files for your world. …
  2. Rename both files to the new name of the world.
  3. Copy all those files back into the Valheimworlds folder.
  4. Run Valheim. You will see the newly-renamed copy in your list.

How much RAM do I need for a Valheim server?

Note: The official wiki says the Valheim Dedicated Server requirements are at least a 4 core CPU with 2GB of RAM and 2 GB of storage. In practice even with a relatively small world (~25 MB) and few players the server will require around 3 GB of RAM.

How do I move my Valheim world to a dedicated server?


  1. Open the DatHost control panel.
  2. Go to “Edit” -> “File Manager” for your Valheim server.
  3. Upload the world to the “SaveDir/worlds” folder (drag and drop the files from your computer). …
  4. Go to “Edit” -> “Settings”
  5. Under “World Name”, enter the name of your world (minus the file extension, so e.g. MyWorld.

Where is Valheim world database?

If this world is hosted on your PC, you’ll need to go to C:Users<<My Username>>AppDataLocalLowIronGateValheimDedicated to find it. You’ll find 2 files in the “worlds” folder – one is a . fwl file, the other is a . db file.

Where is cloud storage located?

Cloud space exists on individual servers found at data centres and server farms around the world. Data centre and collocation providers offer server space for cloud computing.

Where is cloud storage server located?

Cloud servers, located in data centers, are the backbone of cloud computing. Cloud servers work together to provide internet-based services. They store and process information, run software applications, and handle tasks like email and file storage.

How do I locate cloud storage?

Find Google Cloud Storage in the left side menu of the Google Cloud Platform Console, under Storage.

How do I access my dedicated server?

Connecting to your Dedicated Server via Terminal

  1. Open the terminal on your computer.
  2. Type ssh, followed by a space. …
  3. If you see a message stating “Are you sure you want to continue connecting” type yes, then click the Enter key.
  4. You will then be prompted to enter your password.

How do I change server settings on Valheim dedicated server?

To edit your main server settings:

  1. Go on your Valheim server’s control panel.
  2. Under Quick Options, edit the options listed there. These options include the World Name, Server Name, and Server Password.
  3. After making these changes, click Save Quick Options and then restart your server.

Can you visit Yggdrasil in Valheim?

Valheim: Can You Reach Yggdrasil? The branches of Yggdrasil can be spotted in various biomes and locations all across Valheim’s map. These branches appear to lead far away, but they do come down. Because of this, many players have tried to sail toward the base of the branches in order to climb up the tree.

How do you save Valheim multiplayer?

To save in Valheim you’ll need to quit the game. Bring up the main menu and then quit. This will save your state, so make sure you’re in a safe space, preferably away from enemies and with your base nearby.

Can you run a dedicated Valheim server?

A Valheim Dedicated Server is a Steam app that offers an alternative way of creating and hosting a Valheim world. You can run it from your PC or a remotely-hosted server (such as a dedicated server).

How does the Valheim dedicated server work?

A dedicated server in Valheim refers to a server that is specifically set up to host multiplayer sessions of the game. It allows players to connect and play together in the same game world, even if the host is not actively playing.

Is Valheim dedicated server worth it?

Forget interruptions and enjoy smoother gameplay: a dedicated server means you can avoid the connection, bandwidth, CPU, and security issues that come with a shared server. Play Valheim without lag or downtime. Increased control over the game: modify and run your game and worlds as you please.

What is the best hardware for Valheim server?

In order to host your own Valheim dedicated server, we recommend having minimal system requirements of a dual-core CPU with 4 GB of RAM. If you want better performance, however, our ideal system would be a high clocked four-core server with 8 GB of RAM.

What is the max capacity of a Valheim server?

Servers are capped at 10 players.

Can you transfer a Valheim server to someone else?

Yes. You can transfer the world data files to your friend, Have a look at C:User”Your User Name”AppdataLocalLowIronGateValheimworlds_local. Now you just have to transfer your world files to your friend.

How do I host a 24 7 Valheim server?

Make Your Own Valheim Server For Free

  1. Go to their Valheim server hosting website, select the appropriate plan, and click “Get Your Server.”
  2. Select a location for the Valheim servers.
  3. Choose an appropriate server and go to the next step.
  4. Select a server address type and click “Next.”

Is Valheim in Norse mythology?

Led only by their instincts and occasional hints from a raven, the player must prepare to fight the sworn enemies of Odin himself. The term “Valheim” denotes a fictional tenth world within the world tree Yggdrasil of Norse mythology.

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