Where do I go after rebreather in sons of the forest?

How to get out of the Rebreather cave in Sons of the Forest. After finding the Rebreather, you need to dive into the nearby pool of water to escape back into the wilderness. However, be careful about jumping right in, as there is a hostile shark swimming around.

How do you progress in Sons of the Forest?

Once you have established a base and obtained all the necessary prerequisites needed to complete the main storyline – Rebreather, Rope Gun, Shovel, Maintenance Keycard, VIP Keycard, Golden Armor – you’ll be ready to make your way to the final bunker, where you’ll encounter a mysterious Golden Cube within a nightmarish …

How do you finish Sons of the Forest?

Sons of the Forest ending walkthrough

  1. Get the Rebreather. …
  2. Get the Rope Gun and Cross. …
  3. Get the Shovel. …
  4. Get the Maintenance Keycard. …
  5. Get the VIP Keycard. …
  6. Get the Guest Keycard. …
  7. Get the Golden Armor. …
  8. Find the Surveillance Room to unlock the Bunker.

How do I get out of the rebreather cave?

To escape the cave, with the rebreather equipped, jump into the large body of water and swim to the left. A shark in the water may attack, so try to avoid it as much as possible and dive in when it is facing away.

What can you do with a rebreather?

Rebreather technology may be used where breathing gas supply is limited, such as underwater, in space, where the environment is toxic or hypoxic (as in firefighting), mine rescue, high-altitude operations, or where the breathing gas is specially enriched or contains expensive components, such as helium diluent or …

SONS OF THE FOREST Stun Gun & Rebreather Location – Full Cave Walkthrough

What does the rebreather do in Sons of the Forest?

The rebreather is an essential piece of equipment that is used to help you swim underwater for longer periods of time. Locating the Rebreather can be a little tricky, though, as it is located deep within a dark cave that’s found along the northern coastline.

Where is the scuba gear in sons of the forest?

The rebreather is in a cave on the northern beach which should be very close by if your helicopter crashed at the beach. Take a look at the map down below for the exact location of the cave entrance. You can also use this interactive sons of the Forest map to help locate it.

What is in the Rebreather cave Sons of the Forest?

This cave can be found on the northern most shore of the island and contains the Rebreather and the Stun gun. In order to explore the underwater sections of caves, the rebreather is required.

What is the mask for Sons of the Forest?

The mask is a utility item for camouflaging. Wear it near Cannibals to blend in. As long as the mask is equipped, enemies do not become hostile and remain passive. Do not use masks on Cannibals who’re already aggressive.

How do you clear the caves in Sons of the Forest?

Sons Of The Forest

You simply go in with enough resources to make a couple of fly swatter traps. So stock up on rocks, sticks and rope. When you are in the cave, find a narrow part where only one mutant can get through at a time and use your blueprints to build a trap. Then simply pull each mutant towards the trap.

Is there 2 endings to Sons of the Forest?

In total, there are three endings to Sons of the Forest, with two of them being the normal endings and an extra secret ending. Although there are multiple endings for Sons of the Forest, it doesn’t really affect the main story in any major way.

Can you beat Sons of Forest?

Entering the cube will trigger the final cutscene, after which players get to decide on one of two endings. They can either leave the island with the once-missing billionaire or continue exploring the mysteries the island holds. With that, players have not only survived but beaten Sons of the Forest.

Does Sons of the Forest have two endings?

There are multiple endings in Sons of the Forest. Though the companions present at the end depend on who you bring with you to the finale, in general, the story remains the same depending on one of two decisions made at a key point in the game.

How many endings does Sons of the Forest have?

In total, there are three endings to Sons of the Forest, with two of them being the normal endings and an extra secret ending. Although there are multiple endings for Sons of the Forest, it doesn’t really affect the main story in any major way.

What is the goal of Sons of the Forest?

It’s a survival game that throws players into the wilderness and tasks them with staying alive for as long as possible. You play a member of a special forces team sent to track down a missing billionaire and his family on a large, forested island.

How do you beat cannibals in Sons of the Forest?

The best weapons for defeating cannibals in Sons of the Forest are the ranged weapons found around the island: the slingshot, the shotgun, and the pistol. The pistol can be found on an orange lifeboat floating by the western cove. Players must swim to the raft and avoid the deadly sharks.

Should I wear the Golden Armor in Sons of the Forest?

If you’re after actual armor, consider using the Tech Armor instead. However, it is still essential, as you must use the Golden Armor to reach the ending of Sons of the Forest. This takes place in a bunker on the East side of the island, within which you’ll find a strange arm door.

Does the Golden Armor break in Sons of the Forest?

Can Golden Armor break? While the Golden Armor doesn’t offer much protection, it is indestructible against enemy attacks. This means you don’t need to worry about it breaking before you reach the end of the game.

Do you need the Rebreather to beat Sons of the Forest?

Sons of the Forest ending requirements

To complete Sons of the Forest, you must first get the following items in order: Rebreather. Rope Gun. Cross.

Is there anything at the helicopter in Sons of the Forest?

As you approach the Littlebird Crashsite, look for a Helicopter covered in ivy, surrounded by supply crates and 2 open briefcases. Grab the Pistol Rail and the Silencer from the open briefcases and you’re all set to modify your Pistol in Sons of the Forest.

Can you get the Shovel without the rebreather in Sons of the Forest?

Before you can get the Shovel, though, you’ll need to grab two essential pieces of equipment before you can even attempt to get it – the Zipline Rope Gun and the Rebreather.

What to do with rebreather mask Sons of the Forest?

Sons Of The Forest has a huge map to explore, but you can’t see all of it without the Rebreather. The Rebreather allows you to dive underwater and explore without drowning, and it’s key to finding some of the more important items, such as the Shovel.

Is there anything underwater in Sons of the Forest?

A Shark sometimes spawns in the water here, but it can be easily dispatched with the crafted bow. If you’re lucky, it won’t spawn at all. There is an underwater path here that exits a short ways north of the beach in the ocean.

Can you refill the rebreather in Sons of the Forest?

To refill the rebreather with another Air Tank in Sons of the Forest, open your inventory using ‘I’. Navigate over to the Air Tanks, which you’ll find on the right of your inventory by the rebreather. Simply right-click to use one, and your rebreather will be automatically refilled!

How do you get a wet suit in Sons of the Forest?

You can find the Wetsuit just past the first flooded area of the Shovel cave, surrounded by a group of Mutants, but before you can go for the Wetsuit you first need to get the Rebreather and Zipline Rope Gun so you can access the location.

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